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How to Design the Cook’s Triangle in Your Kitchen

  Few homeowners would be aware that the concept of the cook’s triangle emerged during the 1940s. At the time, kitchens used to be very small. In addition, the appliances used in kitchens were usually quite large. As such, people only used their kitchens for cooking meals. To make this activity easier, builders used the… Read more »

Tips for Picking the Kitchen Planner in Sydney Who Can Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality

Dozens of service providers offering kitchen planner services abound in major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. This is because the kitchen has acquired immense importance in modern houses. People do not use kitchens only for preparing meals these days. Instead, they use the kitchens for a number of different activities too. Whether you have… Read more »

3 Steps to Attain Well-Planned Custom Kitchens in Sydney

Whether you want to make minor additions to your existing kitchen or you want to take help from a professional kitchen planner in Sydney to design your kitchen from scratch, there are some crucial elements to an efficient kitchen. Design of your kitchen is more important than that of the rest of your home as… Read more »

Kitchen Planner Sydney – 3 Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Classy Look

Kitchen is one of those areas in our home which have evolved significantly in the recent years. With the development of new technologies and materials, kitchen plans in Sydney continue to push the limits. Nowadays, you’ll find kitchens in many renowned properties that feature classic kitchen design coupled with modern appliances. Whether you want a… Read more »