3 Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Value

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Designing a kitchen for your own needs and designing to increase the resale value of your property are two different things. So, how do you design a kitchen that can actually attract more buyers to your home? The experts at The Kitchen Broker have some helpful renovation design ideas for you to achieve this goal. Let’s have a look:

      1. Remove Unappealing Elements: First of all, choose kitchen designs by keeping the needs of potential buyers in mind. Get into their shoes and try to ascertain what in your house could possibly turn them off as soon as they walk in? Chipped or stained wooden cabinets, worn out rugs and outdated fixtures are just some of the problems in most old kitchens in Sydney.
        Fortunately, you don’t have to substitute everything with high-end components. A better way is to follow a minimalistic contemporary approach with just a little investment.  Clean, minimalistic and functional kitchen designs in Sydney can deliver a very high return on investment.
      2. Depersonalise: With depersonalisation, your goal should be to make your kitchen suit a wide variety of tastes. So, get rid of your favourite brightly coloured wallpaper. Aim to attain a neutral, minimal environment that can be easily modified according to the needs and preferences of the buyer.
        If you want to remodel your kitchen to attract more buyers, keep in mind that neutral colours and stainless steel appliances are some of the most versatile choices to target a large number of buyers.
      3. Refresh Your Kitchen: Most homeowners believe that they have to shell out a huge amount of money to make any significant improvement to their existing kitchens. Well, that’s not true; at least not when you choose an experienced kitchen planner and kitchen design company such as The Kitchen broker. In fact, spending a lot of money on something that you want to sell can be quite risky. After all, you cannot possibly know the needs of your potential buyers before meeting them.

If your kitchen renovation project needs the vision and skills of expert kitchen professionals, just give the specialists at The Kitchen Broker a call today!


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