4 Tips to Void Common Pitfalls in Modern Kitchen Designs

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It’s not possible for anyone to understate the importance of a kitchen in a household. Modern kitchen designs are all the rage now because of their ability to beautifully combine style, comfort and functionality.

A kitchen is not just the place where a person cooks, it is also where people socialize, and create memories. This is why the design is important, and why you have to make sure that the appliances you’re using are also effective.

With the help of a kitchen planner, your kitchen can be anything that you want. However, there are some pitfalls that you should be very careful about.


How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Modern Kitchen Designs?

  1. Do Not Obstruct The Flow: The three most common areas you go to in your kitchen include your refrigerator, sink and the stove. For a more efficient workflow, you should make sure that these three areas are unobstructed, regardless of the size and shape of your kitchen.
  1. Plan Your Storage Space Practically: You will need space for a lot of storage in your kitchen- from the appliances to the storage jars, and everything else. Here’s where a kitchen planner will come in handy- in planning the kitchen to such an extent that no square inch of storage space goes wasted.
  1. Do Not Overlook The Design Elements: Whether it is the splashbacks or the lighting, these aspects of your kitchen are important design decisions with a lot of practical implications (imagine the amount of grime and dirt you’d have to clean off the walls if you didn’t have a backsplash). However, we will advise against going for short-term trends. Your kitchen will stay the way it is for a very long time, and trends will certainly move out. Instead, go for the modern kitchen designs, ones that will last the test of time.
  1. Pay Attention To The Ventilation: If you don’t have a good ventilation system, it can damage your kitchen and the rest of the household as well. A good ventilation system might be an investment, but it will have an overreaching impact.


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Image Source: Steve Larkin / Flickr

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