5 Clever Storage Tips You Can Use In Your Kitchen Right Now

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When space is at a premium, make the most of every inch with some clever storage tips. Our experts have compiled a list of some smart storage ideas that will help you optimize your kitchen storage and achieve a more organised, clutter-free kitchen. Let’s take a look:


1. Maximise Your Pantry Space with Clever Storage

You can attain a lot more space in your pantry by simply organising your items in a better way. Get your dry foods, spices and cereals on rotational basis so that you can keep your shelves clean and free from unnecessary items.

To store non-perishable items, baskets and bins are ideal solutions, but make sure that you use proper labelling for each basket and bin. Use airtight containers to store sugar, coffee and flour. Make use of pantry organizers like dispensers and can-racks for a more efficient storage.


2. Clever Storage: Choose Open Shelves

An open shelving system is probably the most clever storage ideas for any kitchen anywhere. Not only are open shelves in style now, they can also help you make your kitchen more spacious and functional instantly.

A great way to achieve a minimalist clean design, open shelving can solve most of your storage issues. It is more flexible and can be installed at odd spaces with ease. Lastly, open shelving is a budget-friendly solution. A trusted kitchen planner in Sydney can help you choose the most suitable open shelving system for your needs.


3. Don’t Ignore the Narrow Spaces

If you look closely, you’ll discover a number of unutilized spaces in your kitchen. Fortunately, you can get the best out of these underutilized spaces by using some clever storage solutions. For instance the narrow space behind appliances like refrigerator can be used to store canned products.


4. Choose Drawers for Important Ingredient

Make sure that you keep important ingredients such as spices at an easily accessible place. Installing drawers is a wonderful way to ensure that. Keeping these ingredients in drawers instead of wall mounted storage can also protect them from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.


5. Organize Your Drawers

Use dividers to neatly organize your drawers with separate sections for knives, utensils and spoons etc.  Drawers with separate deep sections can be used to store cookware. Tilt-down drawers can be installed at your sink to store smaller items.

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