5 Small Kitchen Ideas for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen Design

At ‘The Kitchen Broker’, our experts have compiled a list of some handy kitchen ideas to help you get maximum style and efficiency for your small kitchen. If you’ve a limited budget, the best decision you can take is collaborate with a professional kitchen planner in Sydney. Their experience and skills allow them to get you the most efficient kitchen designs and top quality products at the lowest possible prices. So, a small investment can help you save some serious money in the long run.

  1. Lighting: You can make your kitchen appear much bigger than it actually is by using a clever lighting scheme and some white cabinetry. While completely white kitchens are not a bad idea, the design can get a bit bland at times. So, try to use some artwork to make your kitchen look more interesting. You can also consider glass front cabinet doors and an open shelving system to keep the kitchen atmosphere airy and spacious.
  1. Use Reflective Surfaces: Make use of reflective surfaces at strategic locations to make any space appear larger. In case, you prefer a contrasting look, use dark cabinetry with white walls.
  1. Make Your Kitchen Clutter-Free: Try to eliminate or reduce unnecessary clutter in your kitchen. Just keep the items that are needed on most days. This simple step will do a world of good to your small kitchen, and make it efficient beyond your expectations. A crowded kitchen always looks messy and small no matter how large it is. Hire a good designer to optimize storage in your kitchen so that you don’t have to keep everything on your benchtop.
  1. Utilize Vertical Space As Much As Possible: A good design that uses the vertical space will actually increase the storage in your kitchen while making it look less busy at the same time.
  1. Allow Natural Light: In addition to adequate lighting, allow natural light in the kitchen. Also clever lighting such as under cabinet lights will enhance the ambience of your kitchen.

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Image Source: pixabay.com

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