A Hardwood Backsplash Offers a Brilliant Choice Among Modern Kitchen Designs in Sydney

While Sydney homeowners can find many backsplash choices for their modern kitchen designs, some of the more intriguing options to incorporate entail hardwood. The same hardwood surface that is used on the floors of many Sydney kitchens can be utilized as a backsplash as well.

A Good Design

Hardwood backsplash surfaces can include attractive colours. You may find a darker brownish tone that matches up well with your floor. A dark style can fit in well alongside lighter cabinets, particularly ones with a white tone.

Meanwhile, a lighter brown colour with a slight hint of yellow may be used on your backsplash. This is for use around darker cabinets and countertops. Many custom kitchens Sydney residents have include backsplashes that feature colours that contrast with the other surfaces in a space; this can surely be done for hardwood materials on your walls. You also have the option to add a stain of your choosing to the surface.

A Natural Style

Hardwood backsplashes are great for custom kitchens Sydney  homeowners can use thanks to the natural appearances they come with. Your hardwood surface can feature the same knots, stress lines, and other artistic points that a floor may include. The backsplash works best when the panels are aligned seamlessly and without gaps.

Watch For a Sealant

You would have to look for how a sealant can be applied over the hardwood backsplash. This choice lasts longer than many other modern kitchen designs, but it will last for even more time when the surface has a sealant added onto its body. A sealant will provide the backsplash with a barrier that prevents moisture from getting into the surface.

A hardwood backsplash is an intriguing feature that modern kitchen designs can incorporate. Talk with the Kitchen Broker to see how well a hardwood surface can be utilized for your backsplash needs and how you can get it designed.


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