Approvals and Requirements for Kitchen Renovations

When planning for kitchen renovations, there are a lot of administrative matters to deal with, including planning, approval, and ensuring you have employed the best tradespeople. This can often make the task overwhelming at the start and lead people to give up on their kitchen designs Sydney. A quality kitchen renovations service can help with many of these hassles, by meeting the licensing and insurance policies, providing adequate contracts and warranties if needed. They can also assist with council approval matters.

Many local council planning policies will allow for minor changes in kitchen renovations without approval or inspection, but this has certain limits. These minor changes can only include the layout of the kitchen, appliances inside, counters, or cabinetry. For kitchen designs Sydney, any of the following changes will likely require inspection, planning, and approval to be permitted:

  • Alterations to wall placement, such as expanding a room or adding new walls.
  • Changes to plumbing or sewerage like a new sink placement.
  • Changes to gas or electrical services which need to be done by professionals.
  • Moving or resizing any doors or windows.

It is important to note that there will be variations in requirements for kitchen designs Sydney based on the council area that you live in. It is always best to check before commencing a project. There could be fines and other penalties for failing to get the appropriate inspections and approvals.

The Kitchen Broker is experts in kitchen renovations, and can handle many stages of the planning process and complete all work to inspection and approval standards. Contact The Kitchen Broker today to bring your kitchen designs Sydney to life!

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