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How to Avoid 3 Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes?

When it comes to kitchen renovations, getting custom kitchens in Sydney is the most popular option among homeowners. Getting a new custom kitchen is a wonderful idea especially if you’re bored of your existing kitchen and the way it functions.

However, a kitchen renovation is a kind of project that requires careful planning and attention to detail. There are a number of issues one can encounter while renovating their kitchen.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to know about such mistakes so that you can avoid them in your kitchen renovations. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of these pitfalls and some effective tips to deal with these problems.

Kitchen Renovation Mistake #1: Buying appliances that do not suit your kitchen design

Appliances play an important role in any kitchen, and they can make or break its functionality. To perform at their best, appliances should fit flawlessly in the kitchen. That’s why; it’s recommended to buy most of your appliances before you even start the design process. Decide on the placement of these appliances before planning for other components like cabinets and benchtops.

Kitchen Renovation Mistake #2: Insufficient Storage 

Sometimes, poor planning can result in insufficient storage space. This can make your kitchen look messy and cramped regardless of how large your kitchen actually is. On the other hand, with some clever storage, you can make even a small kitchen look spacious and clutter-free with ease.

For instance corner storage units can help you utilize the unused corner spaces of your kitchen and choosing drawers for utensils and pans is a better option than cabinets. To utilize the wall space, you can install upper cabinets. Vertical storage can be used to store rarely used items.

So, think carefully about your requirements right at the start of your kitchen renovations project, and you can rest assured that you’ll be able to maximise the space beyond your expectations.

Kitchen Renovation Mistake #3: Cluttered Working Area

The working area should be free from any unnecessary traffic. Your guests should be able to access oven, sink and fridge without causing any disturbance to the person who’s working at the benchtop. In addition, you’ll need to ensure that children do not come near sharp utensils and hot food. A secluded working area can be achieved with properly planned custom kitchens in Sydney.

Sometimes, common kitchen mistakes are simply unavoidable especially if you’re inexperienced in kitchen renovations. If it feels too complicated, don’t fret! Let the experts from The Kitchen Broker handle everything instead. We’re aware of the all the common issues and how to prevent them when it comes to custom kitchens in Sydney. For more information, visit The Kitchen Broker or simply give us a call at (02) 9484 3464 now!

Top 6 Inexpensive Kitchen Design ideas for Affordable Renovations

Congratulations that you’ve finally decided on getting bathroom or kitchen renovation for your home. The only glitch is you’ve no idea about how to get spectacular results with limited budget. So, how can you make your bathrooms and new kitchens stunning and practical without spending thousands of dollars on purchasing high-end accessories? Our top bathroom designers and kitchen design experts share their six best kitchen to enable inexperienced home owners get most impressive results without burning a hole in their pockets.

  1. Keep it simple – The most affordable and visually appealing cabinet arrangement consists of deep and wide drawers and floor mounted cupboards. However, make sure to keep cupboards and drawers separate from each other, otherwise the whole arrangement will appear like a mess. Regardless of whether you need kitchen makeovers to get modern kitchens or classic kitchen, keep in mind that symmetry is the most important thing in all types of renovations.
  1. Paint it instead of complete remodelling – When it comes to kitchens in Sydney, simple doesn’t always mean functional. At the same time, full makeover is beyond the budget of many families. The best results can be attained by simply removing the cabinets or any other removable components, repainting them and then reinstalling them again. You can also add new, more attractive items, such as new backsplashes to change the look and feel of your kitchen even further. In bathrooms, you can refine almost anything, including floors and sink fixtures, by using high quality paint.
  2. Buy energy efficient appliances – When shopping at kitchen showrooms for your appliances, make sure to invest in energy efficient appliances instead of energy guzzlers with useless features. If you are short on budget, forget about the appearance of appliances as long as they have high energy efficiency. You can simply conceal these appliances behind kitchen cabinet to match the existing décor of your kitchen.
  1. Conceal the cheap components – Concealing your cheap components of unknown brands is probably the best ways to attain minimalist and luxurious kitchen plans at affordable prices. For instance if you have a non-branded stainless steel sink in your kitchen, you can conceal it by under-mounting it into your kitchen countertop. This design will look more expensive and stylish.
  1. Shop online – Many people spend a lot of time in picking the best appliances and components for their kitchen and bathroom renovations. Unfortunately, they rarely get lucky in doing so. The trick is to shop online for your kitchen appliances and take a look at a plethora of designs available online to pick the one that fits your budget perfectly.

For more affordable idea for your kitchen visit The Kitchen Brokers Today

  1. Spend money on highly visible areas – One of the most visible areas of your kitchen is your worktop. So, it makes sense to spend a major chunk of your budget here. Depending on whether you want country kitchens or luxury kitchens, there are plenty of choices available in materials in the market. If you are looking for stylish, durable and affordable options, granite is your best bet. To save money, you can keep the top of your worktop relatively thinner than the edges. To attain a uniform look, opt for the same material for your splashbacks. These were elegant yet affordable ways to renovate some of the most functional rooms in your home.

Custom Kitchens in Sydney – A Brief Guide to Choose an Efficient Kitchen Layout

When it comes to well-designed custom kitchens in Sydney, a number of factors are needed to be considered to attain satisfying results. It depends on how it will be used and what are the appliances and accessories you want to keep in it. There are many reasons why homeowners opt for custom kitchens in Sydney. One of the main benefits of going for custom designs is that it allows you to build your cabinets and other kitchen essentials according to your convenience, needs and choice. For instance cabinets are an important aspect of any kitchen design. One of the best kitchen ideas in Sydney is to start with standard size cabinets and add anything you want according to your requirements.

Whether you are completely remodeling your kitchen or just making a few updates, the first thing you’ll need to is to plan the overall layout of your kitchen that can help you attain the maximum efficiency and aesthetic appeal for your kitchen. Nowadays, kitchen plans fall into several categories, and therefore, you have to make up your mind before opting for a plan that perfectly suits your needs. Let’s have a look at four different types of layouts that can give a new look to your kitchen.

The L-shaped layout is long from one end and short from the other. It is the most common type of layout because it offers a large central island and much larger space, making the kitchen look clutter-free and organized.

U-shaped layout is the most versatile type of kitchen plans for both large as well as small kitchens. A U-shaped kitchen provides continuous countertop and sufficient amount of space to the cook to store all the ingredients at a convenient reach.

G-shaped layouts are similar to U-shaped, offering a similar amount of storage and counter space surrounding the cook from three sides. The major difference between the two is that G-shaped kitchens come with a partial fourth wall for extra cabinets.

If you don’t have enough space to have a stylish kitchen layout then one walled kitchen can be the most suitable option for you. Due to the limited amount of space available, all the appliances and cabinets in this category are placed along one wall, making sure ample amount of space is left for the chef to cook.

To learn more about kitchen ideas in Sydney, visit The Kitchen Broker today. If you are investing in your kitchen renovation, The Kitchen Broker has the skills and experience to make the whole project worth the time and effort.

4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself While Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

“You can achieve any kitchen style by choosing top-notch kitchen design services”. If you happen to live in Sydney, this is something that you’ve probably heard hundreds of times either on your TV or via online ads. When you have a plethora of choices at your disposal to renovate your new kitchen in Sydney, picking an ideal style from various kitchen renovation options can leave you confused and overwhelmed. For some, finding the right kitchen style is just a matter of checking out a kitchen design gallery and picking a style that best suits their needs. For others, the process of choosing a perfect style in their kitchen makeovers takes a lot of self-analysis and exploration. Let’s have a look at some important questions you should ask yourself while planning your new kitchen in Sydney.

  1. What’s your budget?

 When it comes to taking design services for kitchen or bathroom renovations, budget is a crucial factor for most homeowners. The cost of important kitchen components, such as countertops and sinks, varies widely and the overall cost is largely dependent on your builders as well as local suppliers. The best way is to choose the highest quality material first and then focus on selecting options that fits your budget perfectly.  Whether you like country kitchens or modern kitchens, it is completely acceptable to spend reasonably more than you’ve initially planned. After all, you’ll be using your kitchen everyday for many years to come.


  1. What are your needs and requirements?

While taking design services for your luxury kitchen, consider the main purpose of your kitchen. Of course, cooking is the most important function of any kitchen, but these days, a truly functional kitchen means different things to different homeowners. It doesn’t matter if you opt for classic kitchens or designer kitchens, you should follow triangle design theory while designing your kitchen. According to this theory, there should be ample space between cook-top, sink and fridge, and a natural pathway between these elements to attain maximum efficiency.


  1. How much time and effort you are willing to put into care and maintenance?

While many options in the materials require a lot of maintenance and care after installation, there are other choices that are more durable and resilient. At the time of choosing material, try to get the realistic view of how much maintenance you can actually handle. You should also take into account the care and maintenance procedures while shopping for your appliances at any kitchen Showroom or online at Kitchen Direct. The key is to fully analyse the demands of using your kitchen components before investing in them. 

  1. What are your options in storage and cabinetry?

These days, you’ve a number of choices in storage and cabinet materials, and wood is perhaps the most popular one. If you are looking for easy-to-clean and more durable options, you can opt for vinyl-coated or laminated cabinets. When it comes to storage, people with small kitchens should be extra careful while choosing their kitchen design. The design should be practical enough to offer sufficient space to store small appliances, cookware and food. Ordinary kitchen designs can offer you basic drawers and cabinets below and above the countertops, but renowned kitchen design firms, such as Kitchen Brokers, can offer you more storage options with innovative kitchen design ideas.

For more information, contact Kitchen Broker Today !

How High Up Is the Microwave In the Best Custom Kitchens?

Open kitchen design


Most kitchen designers forget about the microwave when it comes to designing their kitchens. Microwaves have become necessities in every kitchen in Sydney. But to make the most out of the design, the microwave has to be placed in the right spot. You can use a few points for making the most out of how well you are getting the microwave installed in your kitchen.

The General Height

Most kitchen renovations Sydney homeowners plan will have a microwave incorporated about 65 to 70 inches from the floor. The height should be enough to allow an average person to access the microwave and its controls. This includes being able to look directly inside the microwave to see how well the appliance is cooking foods.

Either way, you should consider the heights of the people who will access your microwave. Those who are shorter or physically handicapped will need their microwaves placed lower in their custom kitchens.

Check Near the Stove

You can get any microwave from the kitchen shop of your choosing, but that does not mean that you can install a microwave anywhere. You have to look at how well kitchen designers can help you with getting a microwave installed near a stove.

While the stove area is ideal for microwave placement needs, your microwave has to be at least two inches above the backsplash space behind the stove. You could damage both appliances if the microwave is placed too low at this point. Stick with the 65-inch rule for how you’ll set the microwave over the stove so you’ll have more than enough room to work with.

Review the Power

You must look at the power produced by your microwave so you can get an idea of what to get out of your microwave. A microwave that is rated at less than 60,000 BTUs should be safe for use on a countertop. Anything more powerful than this needs to be installed over the countertop.

All custom kitchens should be planned with microwaves that will be placed at the appropriate height. Talk with the Kitchen Broker if you need extra help with making the most out of your planning efforts.


Make Your Kitchen Remodels and Renovations Smart, Affordable and Superlative with Professional Designers



A number of Australians want their kitchens to be swanky and visually appealing. They also want kitchens that offer superior levels of functionality. Besides this, many of these individuals will want kitchens that can last them for several years to come. Remodelling or renovating a kitchen can be quite disruptive. Hence, the less frequently that you need to upgrade or remodel your kitchen, the better it can be. However, remodelling or renovating a kitchen will never be easy for various reasons.


Even if you happen to be a DIY expert, the fact remains that the kitchen remains a specialist space in the house. It needs a proper design and layout. Only then will it be convenient to work in. Similarly, a kitchen will not merely comprise the details that can be most apparent such as the cabinetry, the pantry, the appliances etc. It also comprises various concealed aspects such as the plumbing lines, electrical & gas connections etc. Unless you integrate all these elements together perfectly, your kitchen renovations will not be perfect. In many cases, only a professionally qualified designer can help you accomplish this.


A professional kitchen designer can help make your kitchen renovations simple. Their involvement can help you feel assured about the final kitchen that you will obtain. In addition, kitchen designers know the materials to purchase and the places that offer the best deals. Hence, they will be able to maximise your budget with minimal fuss. Their expertise can help you:


  • Examine your kitchen objectively to determine the aspects that work and those that need change
  • Prune your wish-list of changes required in the new kitchen based on your budget and their expertise
  • Obtain the best materials and finishes at cost-effective rates
  • Negotiate the best deals with the tradespeople and suppliers to achieve the desired outcome at budget-friendly prices
  • Ensure that the quality of the renovation remains at the desired levels and,
  • Acquire your new kitchen in the desired timeframes with minimal delays, if at all


When you need to revamp your kitchens, don’t look beyond The Kitchen Broker. We’re an award-winning team of interior and kitchen designers in Sydney. Over the years, we have built ourselves a formidable reputation in the industry for our cost-effective and peerless kitchen plans and designs. We can not only design your kitchen to suit your needs. We can help you select the best finishes as well. Unlike other designers, we do not merely end our involvement with designing your kitchen. Instead, we focus on managing the overall project too. Hence, you need not bother with the progress of the renovation when you engage us. This approach does not only save you time and effort. It goes a long way towards highlighting the confidence our clients have in our abilities and expertise.


We can design your kitchen in any style or layout of your choice. If you want to have a custom kitchen, we can help you plan your kitchen effectively. Similarly, if you prefer modern or rustic kitchens, we can help you acquire those as well. With us managing your kitchen remodel, you can rest assured about achieving the kitchen of your dreams at affordable prices. We will leave no stone unturned towards maximising your budget. Among other things, we have a well-equipped design studio showroom as well. This features all the finishes available in the market. Moreover, it also consists of a large sample selection centre. Based on our consultations, we can simulate what your final kitchen will look like even before the renovation commences. Not surprisingly, we’re among the leading kitchen designers in Sydney. For more information, contact us at (02) 9484 3464.

What Trends Have Caught the Imagination of Homeowners When it Comes to Kitchen Remodels?

modern kitchen design


Renovating or remodelling a kitchen can be a tough exercise. It will inevitably consume a lot of your time, effort and money. In many cases, planning all the details you want your new kitchen to have might seem like a lot of fun initially. But, as the list of changes you propose to make in your new kitchen begins to increase, the sense of reality asserting itself will manifest itself as well. For starters, you will realise that you might not have the budget for making all the changes on your wish-list. Similarly, it might also occur to you that not all the details specified on the wish-list will be feasible or doable. Therefore, you will eventually end up focusing on the elements that you cannot do without.


Oftentimes, homeowners consider kitchen renovation projects in their Sydney homes because working in the kitchen has become a problem. In some cases, the kitchen might not be offering the functionality that suits the owner’s working style. Alternatively, the kitchen might be looking shabby or dated. Kitchens that look obsolete could end up marring the overall look of the home interiors. Thus, incorporating certain new details into your kitchen could end up enhancing its functionality. However, it doesn’t pay to focus solely on the functionality of the kitchen during a kitchen renovation. You must pay some attention to giving the kitchen a makeover in terms of its look and visual appeal as well. For this, considering the latest trends in kitchen designs and plans might be worthwhile.


Some of the top trends in kitchen designs these days include:


  • The Concept of Open Space: Some homeowners might feel more comfortable with the idea of an open space kitchen. Such kitchens integrate the space of the kitchen and the living room perfectly. The open space helps facilitate socialising and interaction even as you work in the kitchen. In addition, open space kitchens can make smaller spaces appear much larger. To accomplish this, you will simply need to tear down the walls.


  • Sleek and Modern Appliances: These days, kitchens have become the centrepieces of homes. People do not merely use their kitchens for preparing meals. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that kitchens have become multi-purpose rooms nowadays. Because of this, no kitchen renovation remains complete without a few upgrades to the appliances. And, if you happen to entertain frequently, having appliances such as built-in coffee machines and microwaves could be quite convenient.

The Use of Darker and Bold Colours: All-white kitchens continue to remain quite popular throughout Australia. Many kitchen designs and plans in lifestyle magazines and television shows highlight the versatility and timelessness of these kitchens. These kitchens remain an eternal favourite of those who love modern and minimalist kitchens. However, if you want your kitchen to look unique and stunning, consider adding a dash of colour. Embellish your cabinetry with darker finishes or wooden veneers. Alternatively, pick a countertop such as black granite. These could complement the lighter-coloured elements in the kitchen perfectly.

For more information, contact us at The Kitchen Broker today.

Some of the Most Essential Elements in Australian Custom-Designed Kitchens

kitchen designs


If you have made up your mind about renovating your kitchen, you will inevitably have settled on a budget for the project. You might also have compiled a list that prioritises various elements based on their overall costs. Clearly, you will not be able to incorporate all the elements on your list in the same renovation project. But, with an experienced designer helming your project, you can expect to maximise your budget. Certified designers will not only be able to plan the layout of the kitchen in a way that suits your working styles and requirements. They will be able to help you pick the best materials and finishes in your budget too. Among other things, they could take a load off your shoulders by overseeing the entire renovation to your satisfaction. Hence, it comes as little surprise that many Australians have taken to engaged quality designers for their kitchen remodels.


When it comes to custom kitchens, you will invariably have planned out some vital details and elements. However, given the plethora of options available, you might have omitted considering certain elements that might be handy. Some of these elements and details could include:


  • Harnessing Natural Light Solutions: No one likes working in dark kitchens. If your kitchen does not have many windows, consider installing a skylight. The natural light that enters indoors can make your kitchen brighter. The use of natural light could reduce your power bills too.



  • Incorporating a Kitchen Island Sink: You might already have a sink in your kitchen. But, in some cases, having an extra sink in your kitchen island could be beneficial. During the food preparation process, the kitchen island can become messy. With a sink installed in the island, cleaning up the counter can be easier. In addition, wiping away crumbs and food particles will be easier as well. Some kitchen designers feel that having an island sink can facilitate better levels of mobility. The extra sink can hasten the food preparation process too.


  • Installing an Induction Cooktop: Investing in an induction cooktop could be useful. These cooktops utilise electromagnetic fields for heating pots and pans. In addition, they can fit perfectly into the countertop. In terms of energy efficiency, these cooktops easily surpass gas stoves and traditional cooking tops. Moreover, the surface of these cooktops does not become hot to the touch either. Hence, if you have children in your kitchen frequently, the induction cooktop can be a safer alternative to the regular cooktops.


  • Installing Ample Lighting Solutions: Kitchen and interior designers can make any space bright with a variety of lighting fixtures. For kitchens, a combination of functional and decorative lights could create a compelling effect. To balance your functional lights, consider installing under-cabinet lights. These could make your kitchen benchtops or countertops look nice. At the same time, they could make it easier to prepare meals and perform the necessary clean-ups thereafter.


For more information, contact The Kitchen Broker today.


How Can You Go About Making Your Dream Custom-Designed Kitchen a Pleasant Reality?

Kitchen Planners



In many homes, the kitchen has become the centre of the home. People do not merely use kitchens solely for preparing food any longer. Instead, the role of the kitchen has witnessed an increase in recent times. Some people use their kitchens as secondary dining spaces. Fitted with some benches or stools, these kitchens can be handy for having a quick snack, while preparing food. Alternatively, they can be useful for overseeing other activities while you prepare meals. For these reasons, having a functional kitchen that also looks good can be important.


Professional designers can help in making your dream kitchen a reality. These professionals will usually have a vast knowledge of kitchen ideas and layouts. They could use these to superb effect when making your dream kitchen a compelling reality. It goes without saying that a custom kitchen will make your home look unique. Because it features a myriad of elements that you’ve selected, it will suit your requirements perfectly. At the same time, it will complement the look of the rest of your home interiors as well. Custom-designed kitchens offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. These aspects have made them immensely popular throughout the country.


With a certified designer helming your kitchen renovation, you will invariably end up accomplishing your objective. But, in some cases, homeowners might not be able to hire designers for their remodelling projects. In this scenario, heeding some fundamentals might be important such as:


  • Taking the time to go through several design and layout possibilities that help you determine how to make the best use of the space available
  • Ensuring that the kitchen plans drawn up provide ample space for your shelves, cabinetry and pantries
  • Building your modern or custom kitchen designs with timeless pieces that will neither look outdated or go out of style
  • Designing and embellishing your kitchen based on your tastes and the manner in which they might change over time and,
  • Ensuring that each detail of your kitchen design solves a requirement, which will enable you to utilise that space optimally


In many cases, it can be useful to visualise yourself using all the features that you plan to include in your new kitchen. Oftentimes, homeowners include various elements in their kitchen renovations that do not come into use frequently. Thus, they end up wishing they had invested that money in another, more useful feature. For more information on custom-designed kitchens, contact The Kitchen Broker today.

The Three Parameters to Heed When Acquiring New Cabinetry for Your Kitchen

Open kitchen design


Kitchen and interior designers know the value that cabinets offer in kitchens. However, they also know that cabinets can be quite expensive. In almost any kitchen renovation, the cabinetry will end up consuming close to half the overall budget. The cost and utility factors of cabinets necessitate making the right cabinetry decisions. The slightest misjudgement or carelessness could end up giving you cabinets that don’t look good or don’t fit perfectly in the space assigned to them. In addition, cabinetry that doesn’t suit your needs could also lead to the wastage of your hard-earned money.


When homeowners decide to acquire new kitchens, they often look for kitchens that suit their specific needs. Kitchen designers can certainly tweak the designs and layouts of standard-style kitchens to suit the homeowners. But, having a kitchen that offers a superb fusion of functionality and visual appeal can be a temptation too hard to resist. Custom-designed kitchens do not just suit the working styles and preferences of the homeowners. Built to suit the space available, these kitchens exude a unique and attractive look. These traits have made custom-designed kitchens quite popular among Australians. Naturally, it goes without saying that a custom kitchen will invariably feature custom-made cabinetry.


When you shop for materials to use in your new cabinetry, don’t forget to focus on aspects such as:


  • The Grain of the Wood: Custom cabinetry suppliers typically use different varieties of wood for making cabinets. Regardless of the wood you choose, always consider the grain of the wood for your new cabinets. Not only does the grain influence the texture of the cabinets. It can also affect the overall look of your kitchen design. Wood with rougher grain will always suit the cabinets in a rustic kitchen. Similarly, contemporary or traditional kitchens will always feature cabinetry made from wood with finer grain.


  • The Colour: In many cases, the colour used in a kitchen can highlight the style of the kitchen. Because of this, many homeowners attempt to change the colours in their kitchen to give these spaces a makeover. Quite a few people like having white cabinets in their kitchens. This colour can complement the other colours used in the kitchen. The use of pine, ash or hickory wood in your cabinets could give your kitchen a light-coloured look. Similarly, you can even change the look of your kitchen by altering the wood stains or paints used in the cabinetry.


  • The Build or Construction of the Cabinets: It goes without saying that your cabinetry can provide clever storage options in the kitchen. But, not many people realise that the construction of the cabinets can affect the overall look of the cabinets. To cite an example, suppliers often build cabinets with dowels, rabbets or dovetails. To the end user, the use of any of these might not seem to be anything worth pondering over. But, cabinets built with dovetails can offer superior levels of durability. They will also require additional amounts of wood. Hence, going through the construction of the cabinets with your supplier could be useful.

For more information, contact us at the Kitchen Broker today.