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Design Outdoor Kitchens that Embody Your Kitchen Ideas to the Fullest

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Lots of people have a number of ideas that they would like to incorporate in their current homes. Similarly, homeowners often have a number of kitchen ideas as well. Incorporating these ideas in your kitchen renovations could make your kitchen more functional. In recent times, the concept of outdoor kitchens has been increasing in popularity. These kitchens can transform some part of your yard into an outdoor workspace. In addition, if you entertain often, these kitchens could be a neat way to elicit looks of envy from your visitors.


What Kitchen Ideas Should You Consider Implementing in Your Outdoor Kitchens?

Many people will feel that grills and barbecues are the focal points of outdoors kitchens. To an extent, this is true. But, outdoor kitchens have become more detailed over the years. No longer will they feature simple barbecues on the patio. Instead, some of the more elaborate outdoor kitchens feature ovens, grills, countertop space for food preparation etc. They feature separate dining and seating areas as well. Creating outdoor kitchens is not very expensive. Outdoor kitchens can suit any kind of budget.

You could use a kitchen planner for designing your outdoor kitchen. To create an open-air dining area, you will need to:

  • Install an assortment of functional and decorative lights that make it easy to cook in the evenings
  • Keep your kitchen well sheltered from the rain, the wind etc.
  • Study the direction of the wind to ensure that your oven and grill do not fill your dining area with smoke
  • Match the design of the kitchen so that it complements the rest of the house and,
  • Protect your home exteriors from heat damage by providing ample ventilation space for your ovens and grills


The Kitchen Broker – The Experts Who Can Give You Superlative Custom Kitchens in Sydney

If you want a professional kitchen designer who can bring your kitchen ideas to life, simply consult The Kitchen Broker. Based in Sydney, we’re a team of independent designers. We work in a manner similar to that of an architect. You will typically pay an architect to design your house. Thereafter, the architect will find a quality builder to complete the project within your budget. Similarly, our kitchen designers will design your dream kitchen. Then, we will help you secure the best outcome in terms of look, quality and finishes. For more information, click here.


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Eliminate Costly Mistakes by Using the Best Kitchen Planners

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Marvellous and visually appealing kitchens can be a delight to work in. However, not all kitchens in houses across the country are ideal. Therefore, homeowners often consider revamping their kitchens to suit their tastes. Some homeowners prefer renovating their kitchens by themselves. These individuals typically rely on online kitchen planners for designing their kitchens. But, you might not be handy with tools and equipment. Thus, you would do well to hire experienced kitchen designers. These professionals often use state-of-the-art software to plan your kitchen to perfection. In addition, their expertise will enable you to avoid the mistakes that can typically affect kitchen renovation projects.


Kitchen Planners Can Help You Avoid a Number of Renovation Mistakes

Kitchen planners refer to computer software packages. These packages enable homeowners to map out each detail in their planned kitchen renovations, to give them an idea of what their finished kitchen will look like. For instance, homeowners could consider moving their appliances around to optimise the space available. Or, they could even consider what their kitchen would look like with an entirely new layout and design. Thus, if you had a custom kitchen in your Sydney home, you could use a kitchen planner to transform it into a modern kitchen online before you even commence the remodelling work.

Even people who are not computer savvy can use online kitchen planners. By using these planners, homeowners can avoid making various mistakes that could cost them a lot of money such as:

  • Not rethinking the layout of the kitchen to utilise the space effectively
  • Not installing sufficient (or the right kinds of) lights
  • Purchasing appliances of the wrong size and,
  • Not providing yourself with sufficient working space


Infuse the Best Modern Kitchen Designs in Your Kitchen in Sydney

The Kitchen Broker is a team of award-winning kitchen and interior designers. Based in Sydney, we can help you design your kitchen to perfection. Our kitchen planners and computer design packages offer 3D views and walk-through presentations. These applications enable us to offer superlative design services, even before the renovations commence onsite. Thus, you will be able to view what your finished kitchen will look like on the computer. The use of software enables us to weed out kitchen ideas that might not be viable or that might detract from the overall look of the kitchen. Check out some of our design tips here.


How Are Kitchen Renovations Different from Kitchen Remodelling Projects?

Kitchen designs sydney

Using two terms interchangeably is one of the most frequent errors that people make. For instance, many people use the terms ‘kitchen remodelling’ and ‘kitchen renovations’ interchangeably. However, both the terms refer to completely different things. When you renovate something, you are restoring or reviving something to a good condition. In contrast, if you remodel something, you will likely be making significant changes to or altering the structure of something.


The Difference Between Kitchen Renovation and Kitchen Remodelling Projects

Renovations typically accomplish two objectives. They aim to restore the style and functionality of a room. In addition, they aim to freshen up a dull or old room. This will usually involve fixing or replacing broken objects. It might also involve giving the room a fresh coat of paint, refacing old cabinets, updating old hardware etc. However, none of these alterations will end up changing the layout or the function of the room. In other words, a kitchen renovation will make your kitchen just like new again.

Remodelling a kitchen will usually involve making changes that are more drastic in nature. For instance, you might have come across exquisite kitchen images of kitchen islands. These images might compel you to add this feature to your kitchen. But, adding this feature might mean that you might start cooking over a new induction stove built into the island rather than using stoves placed elsewhere in the kitchen.

Kitchen remodelling projects enhance the functionality of your kitchen. This is why they will usually be more expensive too. If you are planning to put the house up for resale soon, a renovation might help you get a better price. In contrast, if you want to stay in the house for years to come, remodelling it might be worthwhile.


The Kitchen Broker – Expert Kitchen Designers Who Can Give Your Shabby Kitchens a Sleek Makeover

Whether you want to remodel your kitchen or start a kitchen renovations project, you will need The Kitchen Broker. We are team of independent and award-winning kitchen and interior designers. We specialise in designing kitchens to suit your needs. More importantly, we oversee the entire project too. Unlike other designers, we will not leave you to manage the implementation of the project. Thus, we will save you stress and worry. At the same time, we will extract optimal value for each dollar you spend. Check out all that we do here.



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Does Your Kitchen Plan Make the Best Use of the Space Available?

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Visual images of large, spacious and organised kitchens can be very alluring. This is especially so if you’re stuck with a tiny or a cramped kitchen. Unfortunately, most kitchen plans are not so perfect. Thus, some homeowners will have tiny kitchens, which don’t meet all their requirements. Alternatively, some homeowners might have large kitchens with inefficient layouts that can raise frustration levels. It is worth highlighting that large kitchens do not necessarily score highly in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Invariably, kitchens that make effective use of the space available will be ones that homeowners are happy with.


How to Ensure that Your Kitchen Plans Utilise Space Effectively

Homeowners will inevitably have various renovation ideas. But, they will need to plan each detail to perfection. Firstly, they will need to consider the space they have and the manner in which they would want to use it. Fitting in popular elements such as kitchen islands and breakfast bars might be attractive. But, only include such renovation design ideas in your plan if you feel that you’ll benefit from such features. Instead, consider other practical requirements such as in-built eating areas etc.

Thereafter, consider the design aspects that comprise the bigger kitchen plan. These aspects could include walls of cupboards that make the most of the height of the ceiling. Or, they could feature innovative inserts that eliminate the possibility of having to rummage through cupboards to locate something. Complement these with open plan shelving, display drawers and pot racks that hang from the ceiling. You could add concealed shelves that open at the touch of a button. Aspects like these would easily enhance the functionality of your kitchen, while making your kitchen more elegant and appealing.


The Kitchen Broker – The Kitchen Shop that Project Manages Kitchen Renovations to Your Satisfaction

The Kitchen Broker is a team of award-winning kitchen and interior designers. Based in Sydney, we have immense experience in designing and buildings kitchens that are a delight to work in. We know that a dream kitchen needs a detailed kitchen plan. That is our area of expertise. We will take your requirements, enhance them with our knowledge and give you kitchens tailored to suit your needs. We will manage the entire project too. Thus, you won’t need to haggle with salespeople or visit innumerable showrooms. Click here to see why we’re the designers of choice for clients across Sydney.



Custom Kitchens Enhance the Value and Functionality of Your Home

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When homeowners feel that their homes are looking shabby, they will invariably want to give it a makeover. However, not all homes require extensive renovations. In some houses, it is likely that the kitchen will be the room that troubles the homeowners the most. It might be inefficient to work in. Or, it might have a unique shape that doesn’t utilise the space on offer effectively enough. In such situations, you might want to consider the merits of a custom kitchen. These kitchens offer a number of advantages. Besides, working in a kitchen that has everything built-to-fit based on your unique needs could making cooking a lot more fun.


Why You Should Consider Getting Custom Kitchens

When you shop for a new kitchen, you’ll likely visit many local stores. In these facilities, you will come across various standard kitchens that are quite inexpensive. The low prices might get you thinking about why some homeowners would want to spend hundreds of dollars in acquiring custom-designed kitchens when such inexpensive alternatives exist. However, custom kitchens:

  • Suit you perfectly – so you won’t have to deal with cupboards beyond your reach or awkwardly low countertops
  • Can blend in seamlessly with the décor and layout of the rest of the property
  • Enable you to pick any layout that appeals to you instead of sticking to contemporary or modern kitchen designs
  • Enable you to get the best value for your money while remaining within your budget
  • Can easily accommodate unusual appliances
  • Last for longer as they feature high-quality materials and superior artisanship
  • Offer tailored kitchen cabinetry that will meet your storage needs and,
  • Meet your lifestyle needs


Engage Leading Kitchen Designers to Get Superlative Custom Kitchens in Sydney

To get the custom kitchen of your dreams, simply contact The Kitchen Broker. We are a team of independent and award-winning kitchen and interior designers based in Sydney. We help you design your kitchen to perfection. In addition, we guide you in selecting the finishes that will make your vision a reality. Unlike other kitchen designers, we will not sit content with merely designing your kitchen. Our experience and knowledge gives us the ability to acquire the best outcome in terms of both price and quality. Thus, we will oversee the entire project until it concludes to your satisfaction. Check out the comments left by our previous clients here.



Pointers For Getting a Sink and Faucet Ready For a Classic Kitchen

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As you look to add a special sink and faucet set into a classic kitchen that you are preparing, you have to look at how well you are making it fit into your space. Several ideas have to be put into consideration as you are getting such a plan ready for this part of your house.


Check Your Plans For Dishes

Start by looking at how you’re going to be using dishes. All kitchen designs Sydney should be designed based on how often they are to be used. For a kitchen that is used often and entails many dishes being used, a larger sink might work. A sink with a larger basin will be able to handle a greater number of dishes at a time.


What Functions Do You Want?

A sink can be prepared with a series of sections. The basin can include two separate spots with one being for cooking and the other for washing. You could even find a sink that features a slanted area for draining or drying out dishes. Check on what you plan on doing with your dishes in your sink to get an idea of what you could be using.


How Will the Faucet Be Designed?

The faucet is a very versatile part of any classic kitchen design to look into. A quality faucet can come with a fine metallic finish that fits in with the rest of the sink. Meanwhile, it can come with one or two knobs depending on its design. You could even pair it with matching hot water tap or soap dispenser features. A disposal trigger button could also be added next to the faucet provided you have the wiring for making it work.

You will need to look at how well a great kitchen design can be organized with the right materials in mind. Custom kitchens should feature the best possible sink surfaces and faucet designs to add a proper look that fits in well. Make sure you plan out a great sink organization to make it easier for you to get the most out of your work in general.


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Add a Kitchen Island Bench Fits In Perfectly

kitchen benchtops

One of the newer renovation design ideas that people are using in their kitchens entails the use of an island bench. A kitchen island bench is a popular addition to have in your kitchen for how it can offer a beautiful look while being functional.


How a Bench Works

A kitchen island bench works with a rectangular body like any other bench. It will go along the long end of a kitchen island. It is typically placed a few inches away from the island base to ensure that there is enough space for a person to sit on it.

The bench will feature a flat surface with a top whose color matches up with the rest of the counter. This adds a clear and beautiful look all the way through to establish a nicer style that fits in well in your home.


Added With a Strong Base

A proper base is needed to ensure that the bench will stay intact. A base can be added all around the body of the bench to support enough weight while keeping the bench from shifting. A base may include some cut-out spaces or gaps to allow one’s legs to stay in, thus adding to its comfort. The key is to ensure that the bench stays in the same place at all times and that you don’t risk it wearing out or being at risk of causing damage in any case.


Can a Cushion Work?

A cushion can be added onto the top of a bench. It may fit in with many modern kitchen designs if the cushion has a nice overall look. Still, you must look at how well the cushion could fit in with the design. It should also be flexible and soft and still easy to repair or replace if necessary.

The use of a kitchen island can be great in its own right but it is even better to take a look at what you can get out of a bench to go along with the rest of the island. Check out how well a kitchen island bench can be added into your kitchen during a renovation project.


Image Source: Steve Larkin / Flickr

Figure Out the Right Heights For Your Kitchen Designs Sydney

Kitchen Designs Sydney

As great as it may be to add all sorts of cabinets, appliances and other things into your Sydney kitchen, you have to make sure they are all things that are easily accessible. A kitchen planner will help you review the heights for all the items that you plan on using.


Check Countertops

Great kitchen designs Sydney often entail countertops that are about four feet off of the ground. This is enough to provide plenty of storage space underneath the countertop or room for all the plumbing and electric fixtures you might require. This is also good to where most people can easily access the surface without struggling to climb onto anything.

This could be a few inches shorter if you plan on preparing various foods on the countertop. Don’t make it too shallow though or else it might be easier for pets to jump up onto a surface and possibly scratch it up.


How High Are the Appliances?

Any appliances that you want to hang up on a wall should be checked carefully. A microwave can be added a few feet above the floor around your counter, for instance. Whatever the case, make sure the appliances are high enough to be easy to use while still being tall to where children or pets cannot easily touch or access them.

The appliances should especially be reviewed based on any connections you will require for getting them ready. A great appliance should be placed on a spot to where it won’t be too hard to access it while also ensuring that the connections don’t require any added bits of wiring.


Review Your Shelves and Cabinets

Any hanging shelves or cabinets should be high up to cover plenty of spots around your walls. These should still be low enough to where you can access them or open them up without having to use a stepping stool. Think about how well people can reach such items in your home when determining how high up things should be.

It is always good to keep your kitchen items accessible. Look out to see how the heights for things all around your kitchen in your Sydney home are organized.



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Kitchen Renovations Sydney Often Entail New Walls

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The walls around your kitchen in your Sydney home can add a nice look to this part of your home. You might assume that you can’t get much of your walls, what with them being covered by lots of cabinets, but they can indeed create a good design that will establish a nice overall look when used properly. There are several kitchen ideas that you can consider when getting a good wall ready.


Tiles Always Work

Great tiles can be added around your walls. This part of kitchen renovations Sydney can include tiles in many shapes that can create some attractive patterns. Some tiles can also come in a variety of colors that mix in well with one another. These tiles should be organized well to where they will fit evenly around a wall without any unusual looks getting in the way of a spot.


Can Paint Work?

Paint can be applied onto your walls if desired but it’s best to watch for how it matches up with other things around the room. Kitchen designers typically recommend that contrasting colors be used on a surface to make it comfortable and attractive in its look.


Outlets May Be Added

You can always get new electric outlets added around your kitchen if desired. These can be added around different spots near counters where you can play electric items on. You could even get new outlets that have USB plugs in them to make these all the more functional.


Supports For Shelves

You can get your walls adjusted with new supports and joints to help with getting shelves secured. Anything that is adjusted to create a sturdy surface for each shelf always works. This is especially important as you want your wall to support a shelf that will not come apart of slip off in any way.

The walls in your kitchen are borders in a way so it’s important for you to get a good renovation plan up and running with those parts in mind. Look for how well the walls around your kitchen are prepared when getting this part of your home renovated.



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Why Laminate Materials Are Used on Kitchen Benchtops

kitchen benchtops


You might come across a number of laminate options when finding kitchen benchtops. There are several good reasons why so many modern kitchen designers are all in on this material.


A Good Design Option

Laminate materials are great for many modern kitchen designs Sydney in that they are made with all sorts of colors. This comes from pressed wood and paper materials secured in many designs. Any kind of stone-like color or pattern can be added onto one of these benchtops. This makes for a great option for kitchen renovations without costing more than necessary. This is especially good for those who want something that isn’t too expensive and can really fit in well in your property.


A Durable Choice

Another part of laminate kitchen benchtops comes from how they are durable and will last for a while. They will resist scratches and moisture quite well. As a nonporous surface, it will not suffer from more stains or problems relating to moisture than what many stone-based options have.

Still, you would have to sand your laminate worktop regularly to keep it looking great. It is not too hard to sand surface a surface though. It only takes a moment to get it sanded down to be smooth and even all the way around.


Handles Light Well

Laminate materials do well with handling light. It offers a nice shine that is comfortable and can be more intense if you have a darker color tone on your surface.


Easy to Clean Off

Because it is a nonporous surface, laminate is something that you can quickly clean off without much of a mess. This works well with most traditional cleaners and allows you to get a surface washed off while retaining its nice appearance. It is still best to avoid using overly harsh cleaners although that’s something you can say about all types of surfaces in your kitchen.

You can always look for a great laminate surface when aiming to get the best kitchen renovations up and running. Such a surface can work well for when you’re trying to get a good modern look in this part of your home.