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Modern Kitchen Designs and Customization

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When it comes to the most popular trends in kitchen designs, you cannot ignore the concept of personalization/customization. This is probably the hottest trend in the present day kitchen design industry of Australia especially when it comes to modern kitchen designs.

While it’s true that everyone has different needs and preferences, and so, the concept of personalisation should be different for everyone, the kitchen design trends however are surprisingly more or less the same everywhere. The only reasonable explanation for this can be that most people want to incorporate just those kitchen ideas that are in vogue right now. Let’s have a look at some aspects of custom kitchens.

  • Functionality: This is an area where the real customization happens. It may not be the most visible part but functionality plays a vital role in modern kitchen designs. In fact, every kitchen planner in Sydney offers their services to accommodate as much customization as possible in their kitchen design. It makes sense to take advantage of this opportunity. Gone are the days when you were forced to adapt yourself to a pre-existing kitchen and store your items haphazardly. With custom designs, you’ll get everything at a location where it makes the most sense.


There are a lot of innovations happening in the functionality front such as customization of upper and base cabinets, different heights and depths, variety of shelves and open units and so on.

  • Aesthetics: When it comes to personalization on aesthetic front, most homeowners stick to the neutral options, such as white lacquer cabinets for modern kitchen designs. Neutral colours are timeless and a safer choice in the long run. However, this has not always been the case. Few years back, colourful kitchens were all in vogue. Ironically, there was a lot of variety in kitchen designs in those days, until kitchen customization became a “big thing” in modern kitchen designs. It turns out that people prefer a neutral look when it comes to aesthetics of their kitchen. Kitchen customization is something that should only be attempted with the help of experienced kitchen designers.


So, what’s your favourite kitchen customization option? Let us know in comments. To know more about how we can help you make the most of available personalization options in your next kitchen remodelling project, get in touch with The Kitchen Broker today!

Kitchen Plans Sydney: 5 Ways Kitchen Designs Are Evolving

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Food has always been at the core of efficient kitchen designs. Renowned kitchen designers make it a point to consider the dietary habits of their clients before creating the most suitable kitchen plans in Sydney for them. Food habits of people have evolved a lot in the past few years. Now more and more people have started following special diets and they are more concerned about their health than ever before. Healthier eating using health-friendly ingredients are in rage these days.

Let’s see how these changes have affected kitchen designs and kitchen plans in Sydney.

  1. Performance: Today’s technology has enable homeowners to get industrial-style kitchen equipment in their homes at very affordable prices. Now people can buy cutting-edge appliances and choose kitchen plans in Sydney according to their eating habits. With ever evolving kitchen appliance industry and experienced kitchen designers, everything is possible now at a very reasonable price.
  1. Entertainment: Contemporary kitchens have become a hub of entertainment in modern households. Cooking is not limited to a merely a process of preparing meals; it has become an activity that people love to share with their family and friends. This shift in preferences has significantly affected kitchen plans in Sydney and the way kitchen should be connected to the living and dining area. Kitchens have become the focal point in modern households.
  1. Customization: Today’s homeowners want their kitchens to be a reflection of ‘who they are’. This determines how their kitchen should function and how it should looks. So, kitchen designers use a wide range of colours, modular options, accessories and finishes to satisfy their clients.
  1. Presentation: Presenting food in the best possible way is also a part of entertainment that homeowners provide to their guests. That’s why people put a lot of thought and attention in the way they present the food.
  1. Storage: People do everything they can to reduce food waste. This is where intelligent storage solutions can help you. Not only today’s state-of-the-art storage systems allow owners to store their items in the most efficient way possible, but they also enable them to keep track of these items.


To know about the best kitchen plans in Sydney for your needs, get in touch with the award winning kitchen designers at the Kitchen Broker today!


What Steps Will a Kitchen Planner Take For Your Renovations

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Your plans for kitchen renovations Sydney can be complicated. This often involves lots of details surrounding how you’re going to prepare a nice surface with a beautiful series of features. Whether your classic kitchen plans entail new lighting fixtures, a new countertop or even some organization for your cabinets, you need a planner to help.

A kitchen planner will assist you with figuring out the specific renovations you need to utilize. There are many key steps that a planner will help you with when it comes to getting your kitchen to look its best.


A Floor Plan Is Needed

Your kitchen planner can help you develop a floor plan for this part of the house. It may include points on where appliances will be secured, counter spaces and where cabinets may be. A plan must be made to ensure your kitchen will have a better total look when finalized.


What Materials Are Used?

Your classic kitchen can also come with many great surfaces ranging from bright laminate surfaces to fine granite worktops. Your planner will help you determine what materials are needed based on the functions your kitchen requires, your budget and how well it will look alongside other things in your kitchen.


How Will the Installation Work?

You will also get help from your planner on how your classic kitchen installation plans will work. This includes understanding how well your countertops will be added or how shelves will be applied among other points. Your planner can give you a clear idea of how much time it will take for the project to be fully completed.


Prepare Contractors

The last step involved involves getting a contractor to help you with preparing a total setup. Your contractor will give you information on how materials are to be gathered and how your final project will look. Your planner must help with hiring the right types of contractors who are experienced and understand the needs you hold.

Your kitchen planner will make a world of difference when you are aiming to get your Sydney kitchen to look outstanding. You will be surprised at how well the final results will be depending on what you require from this important part of your home.

Kitchen Splashbacks Are Ideal For Your Renovation Plans

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Many Sydney kitchens often struggle with various walls being hurt by stains. Splashes of water and various bits of food can get all around walls near a sink or food preparation area in your kitchen. These can cause discolouration in your walls and in some cases will cause them to wear out and weaken. They are often hard to clean off too. Fortunately, you can add kitchen splashbacks to your walls around those sensitive spots.

Kitchen splashbacks are great for your renovation plans. Such splashbacks are designed to go on walls located near sinks and other spots where items might splash around. A splashback is critical for your kitchen renovations as it not only protects such walls but also improves upon how well a kitchen looks.


How a Splashback Is Designed

A splashback is designed as a small wall panel. This will be placed right next to the countertop and will work as an extension of sorts.

Such a panel will vary in size but it will typically be around 50 to 70 cm in height. This is enough to cover most splashes.

Also, such surfaces can cover extensive lengths. Many of them can be at least 120 cm long but they can be cut up if needed. You can also get several of them connected with each other on the same space if you need something longer.


What Are They Made Of?

Splashbacks can be made out of various items:

  • Pressed metal can come with a smooth texture. It especially adds a bit of a shine depending on where it is placed.
  • Laminate surfaces are often used because they can handle moisture and stains with ease. These use paper-based polymers to create one of many different designs.
  • Traditional stone materials like marble or quartz can establish a classy look. You would have to watch for how porous some surfaces might be though.
  • Bamboo wood is popular for being dense and easy to apply. It creates a nice dark brown tone that fits in well with many surfaces although it could be painted. It is also better for the planet in that it is a more renewable form of wood.


You will be surprised at how well such kitchen renovations can work for your home. A splashback will add a better look to your space when used right.

Clever Storage Considerations For Your Sydney Kitchen

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The odds are your Sydney kitchen has got loads of utensils, plates, bowls, glasses and various forms of cookware. You will need plenty of good spots to store them all in. Of course, you also need enough spaces to store foods in so you will not only keep them organized but also safe from being left out in the open to spoil.

Your kitchen renovations Sydney must involve enough ideal storage plans to make this room functional. There are many clever storage ideas that you can utilize today through the help of a talented kitchen planner. These options will help you make the most out of your kitchen.


Add Nice Storage Boxes

Open spaces in your kitchen can be prepared to allow for storage boxes to be added. Nice woven fabric boxes can be used for storing all sorts of utensils or cookware items. Depending on the appearances of those boxes, they may blend in well with whatever else you have to use.


Include Cabinets Over a Window

You can plan on using cabinets all around your window if you have one in your kitchen space. A truly clever storage idea would be to add cabinets above the window. This works best if the window is short enough to where you can reach spots above it.


Create a Pull-Out Pantry

A kitchen planner can help you with preparing a pull-out pantry in any cabinet space. This entails a deep space for storage being easy to pull out from a wall. It would be like a cabinet except all the storage tiers come out at once. The opening may also be on the side of the cabinet panel. This lets you look at everything in the pantry space without having to rummage through stuff just to find something in a back area.


Consider a Sliding Ladder

You can always go for a vertical approach to your storage needs. Added cabinets can be placed at the top parts of the kitchen walls. A sliding ladder can always be installed to give you access to more items.


Add Space For An Antique

An antique cabinet space can also be added to your kitchen to create a quaint storage space. This may fit in well if it has a colour that matches up with the overall design of your kitchen. An antique should have clear windows to see inside of it too.

White Kitchens Add a Vibrant Look To Your Home

white kitchens

When choosing a good design for your kitchen, you have to look for something that brings out a lively look. A classic kitchen design should entail an inviting appearance that stands out. It should be a vibrant and comfortable place for dining and food preparation alike.

Many kitchen designers Sydney focus on white as the key colour for any kitchen space. White is important for how it is not only a good neutral colour but is also bright enough to make any kitchen feel its best.


How a White Palette Works

White kitchens are often made with a vast variety of light surfaces. The white surfaces will primarily be organized around the cabinets and counters. You may also consider adding pieces of furniture that are also white although a slightly different shade of white would be recommended in such a case.

The white colour is typically designed to be as neutral as possible. This is to establish a shiny spot that looks even brighter when you have enough sunlight in your kitchen.

In fact, the white colour can be used in either wood or composite form. While wooden cabinets and countertops are great, some nice composite metal-like materials may be easier to maintain. This is especially the case with laminate worktops. Such worktops are often easier to repair and don’t have pores that are hard to maintain and clean out.


What About Contrasts?

Contrasting colours may be added to your white kitchen. They may be found in your light fixtures for the most part. The darker colours around light fixtures help to create a border that separates the light generated from the bright surfaces.

You can always use furniture in your kitchen that contrasts with the white surfaces too. Darker chairs are always nice to have, for instance. A classy wooden table with a light brown color may work as well.


How About the Floor?

A classic kitchen can use a wooden floor with a light brown colour. This should be nice enough to establish a quaint look without being too complicated or hard on the eyes. It blends in well with the white surfaces found elsewhere.

Remember that your kitchen design will make a difference in making this part of your Sydney home all the more enjoyable. White kitchens look beautiful in any case and will certainly give your home a great look.

Pick the Best Kitchen Benchtops Based on Your Personal Taste and Style

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Kitchen benchtops undoubtedly exert a significant degree of influence on the overall look and ambience of the kitchen. However, they come in a diverse range of materials and styles. When you pick the right one, it can serve to become the centrepiece of your kitchen. Homeowners typically want their kitchens to be highly functional. This is because the kitchen remains one of the most utilised spaces in the house. But, when in the kitchen, many people spend most of their time working on the benchtop. This is why benchtops must be strong, durable and sturdy enough to withstand daily and constant use.


What Kinds of Kitchen Benchtops Should You Consider Incorporating in Your Kitchen?

Some of the most popular benchtop surfaces in Australian kitchens comprise:

  • Natural Stone: Granite and marble benchtops are incomparable in terms of appearance. They are quite expensive too. Both are stylish and durable materials. But, granite require regular sealing and re-sealing to keep it stain-resistant. Similarly, marble can make your kitchen look luxurious.
  • Timber: This surface gives kitchens a warm and rustic appearance. Timber does scratch and stain easily. But, you can easily restore it by sanding and repolishing it.
  • Porcelain: These surfaces are durable. They can withstand heat damage, staining and scratching too. Porcelain is non-porous as well, which makes it very hygienic.
  • Tile: Many kitchen images feature tiled benchtops. Finding tiles that suit your design preferences is easy. In addition, tiles can withstand scratching and heat damage. However, cleaning these surfaces can be tough.
  • Laminate: For people on a budget, laminate is the material of choice. At a fraction of the price of the actual materials, you can make your benchtop look very similar to timber or stone benchtops.


Do You Want a New Kitchen that Incorporates Various Aspects of Modern Kitchen Designs in Sydney?

The Kitchen Broker comprises independent and award-winning designers. We specialise in giving homeowners the quality kitchens that they dream of. Unlike other kitchen designers, we manage the entire renovation project ourselves. We take you direct to the manufacturers and tradespeople. We liaise with them to give you the best products and finishes for your money. So, whether you require a kitchen benchtop or a complete design overhaul, we can save you time and money. Call us at (02) 9484 3464 to learn how we could help you get the kitchen of your dreams.



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What Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas Will Homeowners Consider Implementing in 2017?

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Lots of Australians spend some quality time in their kitchens. Elegant and attractive kitchens are undoubtedly nice to work in. But, if the layout does not complement your working style, it could leave you feeling frustrated. This is why it’s important to plan your kitchen renovations carefully. Knowing the renovation design ideas that correspond to your requirements could help you acquire a highly functional kitchen with minimal fuss.


Some of the Top Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas that Australians Will Consider in 2017

Some of the top trends for kitchen renovations in the coming year include:

  • Universal Design: With ageing in place becoming quite common, many homeowners want to stay in their homes longer, without compromising their independence. This kitchen design makes things very convenient. It features microwave drawers, side-opening ovens placed at counter-height etc.
  • Good Lighting: Kitchen designers always recommend using different kinds of lights in the kitchen. Increasingly, LED lights are becoming very popular. That they come in several colours, only adds to their charm.
  • Neutral Colours: These colours tend to work with a wide range of styles. In addition, they enhance the depth and the warmth of the kitchen.
  • Quartz Worktops: Previously viewed as a luxury item, the emergence of composite surfaces has made this natural stone more affordable. Homeowners won’t need to spend a lot of money in replacing their laminated worktops to quartz. The upgrade will enhance the visual appeal of the kitchen too.
  • Glass Splashbacks: When used in a linear manner, these glass tiled splashbacks can make small kitchens look larger


The Kitchen Broker – Kitchen Planners Par Excellence Who Can Bring Your Kitchen Plans to Life in Your Sydney Property

To bring the best of your kitchen renovation design ideas to life in your home in Sydney, don’t look beyond The Kitchen Broker. We’re a team of independent and award-winning kitchen and interior designers. Our specialty lies not only in designing kitchens that suit your working style. We also oversee the entire kitchen renovation, while helping you select the best finishes. The quality of our services does not merely save you time, energy and money. It ends up giving you the best outcome for your money too – in terms of both price and quality. Our well-equipped design studio showroom features a myriad of finishes for you to choose from. To share your specifications, call us at (02) 9484 3464.



Kitchen Designs Sydney: 3 Reasons You Should Get a Smaller Kitchen

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What makes a small kitchen efficient is the fact that it makes the most of every square inch of available space. Firstly, small kitchen designs in Sydney created by an experienced kitchen planner focus on getting rid of unnecessary elements. Secondly, small kitchens are highly personalised and contain only those elements that the owner really wants. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why small kitchens are surging in popularity in Sydney.

  1. Smaller Kitchens Can Be Stylish: When people think about an elegant kitchen, most of the times, it conjures up the images of big luxurious kitchens. However, an elegant kitchen is the one that is stylish and pleasingly graceful regardless of how spacious it is. A trusted kitchen planner can help you make your small kitchen elegant and graceful with designs that are practical and ingenious.
  1. Smaller Kitchens Can Reduce Stress: Big kitchens are often hard to manage and maintaining them is extremely stressful for most people. Small kitchens, on the other hand, are much more organised and easy to clean. With the help of an experienced kitchen planner, it’s possible to get an elegant streamlined kitchen right within your budget.
  1. Smaller Kitchens Are Clutter-Free: Smaller kitchens are easier to maintain. Homes with smaller kitchens also tend to have a fewer people living in them. By opting for efficient kitchen designs in Sydney, you can make the space clutter-free by incorporating suitable storage solutions. Even in a small kitchen, a kitchen planner can help you get enough space to keep all your kitchen essentials in an organized way.


How to Get the Best Out Of Your Small Kitchen?

Some homeowners don’t have a choice but to live with a smaller kitchen. Apart from the above benefits of a small kitchen especially in these times, you can also follow some tips to make the most of your kitchen.

  • Keep only those items in your kitchen that you need on a daily basis.
  • Though cabinets are a wonderful storage solution, do go overboard when installing them. Just install as many cabinets as you need to store basic kitchen essentials.
  • Evaluate your cooking needs, and buy appliances of just the right size.


For more information or inspiration, please visit the leading specialist for kitchen designs in Sydney – The Kitchen Broker today!

3 Rules for Kitchen Renovations in Sydney to Get a Great ROI

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When it comes to kitchen renovations in Sydney, there are certain proven ways to get a great return on your investment. Efficient kitchen plans can return more than 70 percent of your investment in a very short time. However, before you jump into the bandwagon to get a renovation, it’s important to assess your choices, and choose a design that can help you increase the value of your investment. Whether you opt for classic kitchens or contemporary white kitchens, below are some important factors you can consider in your next renovation project.

  1. Create A Flexible Budget: Setting a budget is very crucial to avoid overspending but focusing too much on just money can lead to mediocre results. Instead, your aim should be to spend every penny of your hard earned money productively. Buying expensive kitchen components do not make any sense if they do not suit your kitchen design. The first thing you should do is evaluate the space and focus on the most important aspects of your kitchen such as benchtops, cabinets and appliances.
  1. Benchtops and Cabinets: These are the most used components in any kitchen and they take up around 70 percent of the space. Your benchtop and cabinets should be up-to-date in appearance and functionality. Many homeowners just focus on appliances for improving functionality of their kitchens but cabinets and benchtops are the elements that can add some great functionality and a strong aesthetic appeal to their kitchens. They can also help you make your kitchen stand out to potential buyers. The first thing any prospective home buyer sees is the kitchen. And top quality benchtops and cabinets can help you create terrific first impression on the buyers and seal the deal immediately.
  1. Appliances: In most kitchen renovations in Sydney, stainless steel is a very popular choice of material for appliances. Steel appliances are easier to clean and look very sleek and stylish in any type of kitchen. Stainless steel imparts reliability and a contemporary touch to the kitchen.


For more guidance on kitchen renovations in Sydney, get in touch with The Kitchen Broker today!