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Creating a Trendier Kitchen? Here Are a Few Things to Consider

Classic Kitchen

The kitchen is a pivotal area of any home- it’s a place where the entire family congregates, and spend some quality time. We also spend a significant portion of our day in the kitchen, so it is necessary for us to make sure that we hire the most experienced kitchen designers in Sydney to achieve a stunning and functional kitchen. How can you make your kitchen stand out? Sometimes, you don’t even need to do a full renovation to get the most out of your kitchen- small changes here and there will make a world of difference without exceeding your investment.


Decorating Your Kitchen

You can make your kitchen look trendier and cooking much more fun by using a variety of decorative ideas. Just look at the kitchen images in a kitchen design magazine or a website and you’ll be able to find a lot of inspiration right-away. You could choose the varnish of your cabinets changed, to give it a fresher and updated look. You could change the knobs and handles, or faucets, or even the chairs, as it would change the feel of the room itself. Another unique way of decorating the kitchen is to use a unique lighting scheme- it will make the room pop.


Renovating Your Kitchen

Sometimes, it can become difficult to decorate your kitchen, or incorporate these changes, especially if you currently have a small or cluttered kitchen. In such a situation, all you have to do is opt for minor renovations. This way, you can increase the amount of usable space in your kitchen, while majorly re-shuffling its looks as well. You can put in a few storage-efficient cupboards, install a new sink, or even get a practical and good-looking kitchen island. All these are not major changes, but they will definitely make your home look magical.

If you want to know how else kitchen designers in Sydney can help you make your kitchen stand out, give The Kitchen Broker a call. We’ll be glad to provide you with some inspiration!


Designing an Efficient Walk-In Pantry: 3 Factors to Consider

walk in pantry


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, and unless you build it using the best kitchen designs in Sydney, you will not be able to able to use it effectively or efficiently. What do you do if you think your kitchen is not working for you as well as it should? The easiest way to spruce up your kitchen is to contact a reputable kitchen design firm, such as The Kitchen Broker and go for kitchen renovations. Not only do the professionals help you upgrade your kitchen every now and then, they will help you increase the overall value of your house as well.

Off late, walk-in pantry and practical kitchen designs in Sydney have become very popular. Walk-in pantry provides people with the option of keeping their cookware, appliances, cleaning products, and extra groceries in an organized and protected way. This way, these items won’t get in the way of your cooking and cleaning, unless you actually need the products. A minimal kitchen is a useful one, after all.

Here are some factors you need to consider when getting a walk-in pantry made:

  1. Where: You have to choose the right location for your walk-in pantry. It has to be close enough to the kitchen, to reduce the amount of time wasted in walking and retrieving items, and it should not interfere with your activities in the kitchen.
  1. How: How much space do you need for the walk-in pantry? This depends on how many things you currently have- you just have to take inventory, and plan accordingly, so that all the shelves are the right size.
  1. What: What size you want the shelves or the design to be is up to you. The flexibility offered by efficient kitchen design in Sydney is what makes them so popular among the households. You can have a mixture of tall and short shelves, or even wire shelves in certain places: this will help you get the best of all worlds!


If you have any doubts about your walk-in pantry or how to get the best kitchen renovations in Sydney, get in touch with The Kitchen Broker today – we will be glad to clear your doubts and provide you with inspiration!




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What Are Some of the Best-Known Features of Modern Kitchen Designs?

modern kitchen designs

Designers of kitchens and home interiors often need to consider various aspects when they commence renovation projects. At the outset, they’ll need to ascertain the needs of the occupants. Then, they’ll need to determine the type of layout and design that will provide optimal value. After this, comes the detailing for each of the individual elements that, when integrated together, constitute the kitchen. When it comes to kitchen designs and layouts, many people feel that modern kitchen designs are the same as contemporary ones. So, they use these terms interchangeably. But, each of these design styles feature some differences. Knowing the difference might help you make the right choice when you want to remodel your kitchen.


What Are Some of the Most Essential Aspects of Modern Kitchen Designs?

Contemporary kitchens denote kitchens that possess features, which are currently the craze. In contrast, modern kitchens refer to design styles that were popular from the early to the mid-20th century. The styles of these kitchens bore a marked difference to the traditional kitchens of the time before the Industrial Revolution. Some of the most fundamental features of modern kitchens comprise:

  • Door styles featuring flat panels
  • Frameless and full-overlay cabinets, where the doors overlay the cabinet box
  • Sleek and minimalist hardware that is a part of the cabinet such as tubular pulls, flat liner pulls etc.
  • Cabinet hardware that runs the entire length of the doors and the drawers and,
  • Countertops and splashbacks that are devoid of any patterns or veining


Get Your Kitchen Remodelling Projects Managed by the Best Team of Kitchen Designers in Sydney

When you want to incorporate modern kitchen designs, you will need the support of an experienced team of kitchen designers. The Kitchen Broker is the company to rely on for any kind of kitchen remodelling project that you want to commence. We are a team of independent designers. We will ascertain your needs first. Then, we will take you directly to the manufacturers and tradespeople to get the best value for each dollar that you spend. Unlike other kitchen designers, we have won several awards that testify to the quality of our services. We do not only specialise in designing kitchens and their interiors. We can manage the entire renovation project too, thereby saving you a lot of time and effort. To get the quality kitchen that you desire, click here.



Incorporate Smart Renovation Design Ideas to Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Much Larger

Kitchen Planners

Every homeowner likes having an elegant and functional kitchen. This is especially so in contemporary times when the kitchen has effectively become the hub of the house. Looking at spacious kitchens filled with state-of-the-art appliances in magazines can be a good way to pick up some renovation design ideas. But, many modern kitchens are not as spacious as the ones appearing in these magazines. The lack of space in the kitchen might make many a homeowner feel that they cannot get a better kitchen. However, this is not quite true. Smaller kitchens can score highly on their visual appeal and functionality, if you plan their design and layout well.


What Renovation Design Ideas Can Make Small Kitchens Appear Larger than they Actually Are?

It’s essential to utilise the space available effectively in smaller kitchens. Once you do this, you will find your kitchen a delight to work in. Thereafter, you’ll be able to add various embellishments to give your kitchen an elegant makeover. Some ideas that you could consider implementing include:

  • Installing a mirrored splashback to create the illusion of space, while reflecting light all around
  • Opting for a combination of light colours to make the space seem larger than it actually is
  • Using open shelves to make it easier to access all your dishes and utensils
  • Selecting patterned floors to make the space in your class kitchen appear larger and,
  • Installing an array of lights e.g. under-cabinet lights, flush lights, recessed lighting fixtures etc. to make the kitchen brighter and warmer


Hire an Experienced Kitchen Planner to Acquire a Dream Kitchen

Thinking of some interesting renovation design ideas for your kitchen is easy. Finding a reputed kitchen designer to make those ideas a reality is not as easy. This is why many homeowners across Sydney look for experience, expertise and professional accolades when they hire kitchen designers. On all three counts, no kitchen designing firm fares as well as The Kitchen Broker. We’re a team of independent and award-winning kitchen and interior designers in Sydney. We’ll not only help you design your kitchen in the most efficient manner. We will represent you to the kitchen industry and acquire the best products and finishes at the most cost effective rates. With us, you will get the best outcome in terms of quality with minimal fuss.



Maximise the Storage Space in Your Kitchen with Attractive and Spacious Kitchen Cabinets



Just as bedrooms need to exude warmth and comfort, kitchens need to be functional and aesthetic. Homeowners are often demanding more from their kitchens, whether it is in terms of working space or storage. This is why many kitchen renovation projects focus on adding several kitchen cabinets. In many cases, the cost of these cabinets typically consumes approximately half of the kitchen renovation budget.


What Are the Most Popular Varieties of Kitchen Cabinets Nowadays?

Shopping for kitchen cabinets could leave you feeling intimidated with the wide range of options available. Kitchen cabinets help you meet your storage requirements. Yet, they can exert a significant degree of influence towards the overall look of your kitchen. This is why it pays to select the kind of cabinets you need carefully. Some of the most popular kinds of kitchen cabinets include:

  • Base (or Lower) Cabinets: These cabinets are both strong and robust. They provide the ideal base for heavy countertops. Or, you could use them for creating a kitchen island or even, a seating space near the kitchen windows. From utensils to spices, you can store an array of items in these cabinets.
  • Wall (or Upper) Cabinets: These wall-mounted cabinets are ideal for homes with tiny kitchens. Such kitchens usually do not provide much storage space. So, by installing these cabinets on the walls, you can maximise the utilisation of the space available.
  • Tall (or Pantry) Cabinets: These utility cabinets offer ample storage space. At the same time, they offer a sleek vertical look. Store bulky pots and pans in these cabinets. Or, conceal some of your kitchen appliances in these cabinets to make the kitchen uncluttered.


Acquire the Kitchen of Your Dreams with the Experts in Kitchen Renovations

For many homeowners, a dream kitchen is no longer a myth. This is because they engaged the specialists at The Kitchen Broker for their kitchen remodelling projects. We’re a team of independent and award-winning designers. We are proficient in designing kitchens tailored to suit your needs and working styles. In addition, we oversee the entire project too. With us, you won’t need to fret or worry over anything. In fact, you’ll find that we’ll give you the best value for each dollar that you spend. Whether you need new kitchen cabinets or a more efficient layout, we can do it all. To know more, call us at 02 9484 3464.



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Kitchen Benchtops Can Enliven the Overall Look of Your Kitchen in the Best Way Possible

kitchen design


Kitchens have rapidly become the hub of many contemporary homes. So, if the kitchen has ample space for sitting as well as preparing meals, then you probably are getting the best value from your kitchen. But, if you want your kitchen to offer high levels of functionality along with an enchanting look, then you might need to consider revamping a few things. For instance, you could consider replacing your unappealing kitchen benchtop. Doing so could have a significant effect on the ambience of your kitchen.


What Kinds of Kitchen Benchtops Are Popular in Australian Kitchens?

The kitchen benchtop is one of the most used surfaces in the kitchen. Thus, the abundance of benchtop options should come as no surprise. Some of the most popular benchtops include:

  • Laminate Benchtops: These are the cheapest of all kitchen benchtops. They are easy to customise. They don’t require the use of any special chemicals for cleaning. Above all, they are hygienic as well, because they are not conducive for the proliferation of bacteria and moulds.
  • Quartz Benchtops: These are popular because they are highly attractive. They are stain-resistant, burn-resistant and heat-resistant. They do not allow disease-inducing microorganisms to proliferate either.
  • Granite Benchtops: This diamond-hard surface comes in an array of colours and patterns. It can resist stains, scratches and burns too.
  • Marble Benchtops: These benchtops are softer than granite benchtops. But, they can make your kitchen more attractive with their classic beauty. They will not chip when you cut food products on them. They are heat-resistant too.
  • Acrylic Benchtops: Acrylic is cheaper than many other stone surfaces. These benchtops are easy to install and maintain. They are stain-resistant too.


Get the Custom Kitchens that Suit You Admirably with The Kitchen Broker

Whether you want an entirely new kitchen or attractive kitchen benchtops, The Kitchen Broker is where you need to go. We’re a team of independent and award-winning kitchen and interior designers in Sydney. We specialise in designing kitchens to suit the working styles of their users. And, we can help you select from a myriad of finishes to help you acquire the kitchen of your dreams. Unlike other designers, our work doesn’t end at the design stage. Instead, we liaise with all the suppliers and tradespeople to bring you the best outcome in terms of price and quality. For more details, call us at 02 9484 3464.


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Modern Kitchen Designs: 3 Renovation Design Ideas to Consider

kitchen plans

In general, a modern or contemporary design refers to what’s in vogue in today’s times. However, when it comes to modern kitchen designs, these kitchens are characterized by clean sleek lines, a minimalistic design with a focus on utilising the available space in the best possible way. Whether you want to transform your current kitchen or you want to build a new one from the ground up, our experts have compiled a list of some helpful renovation design ideas so that you can achieve your dream modern kitchen with utmost ease.

  1. Updating kitchen elements: Modern kitchen designs are geared towards maximising functionality in the given space. So, apart from providing you the most efficient layout, an experienced kitchen planner will also help you incorporate the latest technology in your kitchen. Even if your existing kitchen is just a few years old, you’ll be astonished to see the advancements that kitchen industry has made since then. With custom storage solutions, under cabinet lighting and the ability to hide bulky appliances will help you create a functional, clean and contemporary kitchen effortlessly.
  1. Benchtops: Traditionally, some of the most popular materials for kitchen benchtops are granite, marble and laminate. However, more and more homeowners these days have started opting for quartz benchtops since quartz is non-porous and stronger than other natural stones. Quartz benchtops look similar to those made of granite but they need minimal maintenance. Unlike marble or granite, you won’t have to reseal quartz benchtops after every few years.
  1. Backsplashes: Earlier, either homeowners simply opted out of using backsplashes in their kitchens or installed them mainly because they were easy to clean. However, in today’s modern kitchen designs, backsplashes serves a purpose as far as design is concerned. So, instead of choosing simplistic backsplashes of matching colours, renowned kitchen designers make use to some unique and different colours to make colours pop. This is actually a very cost-effective way to impart a character to an otherwise minimalistic modern kitchen.

For more renovation design ideas or to discuss your kitchen remodelling project, visit ‘The Kitchen Broker’ today!

5 Small Kitchen Ideas for Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen Design

At ‘The Kitchen Broker’, our experts have compiled a list of some handy kitchen ideas to help you get maximum style and efficiency for your small kitchen. If you’ve a limited budget, the best decision you can take is collaborate with a professional kitchen planner in Sydney. Their experience and skills allow them to get you the most efficient kitchen designs and top quality products at the lowest possible prices. So, a small investment can help you save some serious money in the long run.

  1. Lighting: You can make your kitchen appear much bigger than it actually is by using a clever lighting scheme and some white cabinetry. While completely white kitchens are not a bad idea, the design can get a bit bland at times. So, try to use some artwork to make your kitchen look more interesting. You can also consider glass front cabinet doors and an open shelving system to keep the kitchen atmosphere airy and spacious.
  1. Use Reflective Surfaces: Make use of reflective surfaces at strategic locations to make any space appear larger. In case, you prefer a contrasting look, use dark cabinetry with white walls.
  1. Make Your Kitchen Clutter-Free: Try to eliminate or reduce unnecessary clutter in your kitchen. Just keep the items that are needed on most days. This simple step will do a world of good to your small kitchen, and make it efficient beyond your expectations. A crowded kitchen always looks messy and small no matter how large it is. Hire a good designer to optimize storage in your kitchen so that you don’t have to keep everything on your benchtop.
  1. Utilize Vertical Space As Much As Possible: A good design that uses the vertical space will actually increase the storage in your kitchen while making it look less busy at the same time.
  1. Allow Natural Light: In addition to adequate lighting, allow natural light in the kitchen. Also clever lighting such as under cabinet lights will enhance the ambience of your kitchen.

Looking for an experienced kitchen planner in Sydney to help you design a perfect kitchen? Get in touch with ‘The kitchen Broker’ today!

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3 Kitchen Ideas That You Will Surely Like

kitchen ideas

At The Kitchen Broker, we have seen a lot of kitchen trends come and go over the years. So, it’s completely understandable that sometimes homeowners can choose kitchen ideas that may not exactly suit their needs. So, instead of regretting such impulsive decisions later on, you should try to make an informed choice with the help of a trusted kitchen planner in Sydney right at the start of your kitchen renovation project.

With that in mind, here are some ideas to enhance the beauty and market value of your kitchen, and most importantly, to make it foolproof for the future.

  1. The Colour: When it comes to popular colours for any type of kitchen in Sydney, white occupies the top slot. White kitchens have a timeless appeal to them. This particular colour also makes the whole process of choosing colours for your appliances and other kitchen components incredibly easy. All you have to do is contact the kitchen shop and let them know that you have a white kitchen at the time of purchasing accessories and appliances. And the experienced kitchen experts at the kitchen shop will recommend you the best options within minutes.
  1. The Cabinets: Shaker styled cabinets look sleek and minimalistic, and will never go out of style. Whether classic or modern kitchen, shaker styled cabinets look perfect in any setting. Like the white colour, clean and elegant shaker cabinets can make your kitchen look clutter-free and spacious. In high-end designs, cabinets always form the backdrop of the kitchen design, and shaker style cabinets, with their clean, simple lines, will help you accomplish that with aplomb.
  1. The Design: Ergonomic Design is in vogue these days. What makes it special is that apart from the looks, it also focuses on the practicality of your kitchen. An experienced kitchen planner in Sydney can help you get a kitchen design that offers excellent convenience to everyone in the kitchen, make everyone feel comfortable and doesn’t lose its value with another emerging trend. There are several kitchen ideas that can help you achieve such a kitchen, like – choosing open floor plans, opting for wall ovens so that you won’t have to bend to use them and choosing pull-out shelves for lower cabinets so that you can easily see the items inside them even while standing.

For more kitchen ideas, get in touch with The Kitchen Broker today!

Top Tips to Achieve Modern and Classic White Kitchens

white kitchens

White kitchens are popular among homeowners in Sydney because of a variety of reasons. Whether you opt for a contemporary or a classic kitchen design, the white colour can make your kitchen look sleek and spacious without any major investment.  White kitchens also allow you to experiment with the colours of your accessories and appliances to make your kitchen as stunning as you want it to.

Modern white kitchens are a great option for you whether you’ve selected a compact kitchen design in your urban apartment or you’re planning to build a spacious and open kitchen for your vacation home. Let’s have a look at a few simple tips to achieve contemporary and classic white kitchen with ease.


Contemporary White Kitchens

White kitchens are ideal for creating a modern, streamlined and minimalistic look that’s simply impossible with other design options. To enhance the impact even further, use high gloss white finishes, glass and sleek hardware.

To make your white kitchen truly pop, use timber hue for the edges of the doors, and use the same colour on the edges of your white benchtop. An experienced kitchen planner in Sydney can recommend you even more wonderful options.

Many homeowners prefer high gloss look because glossy kitchen cabinets are easier to maintain. Before polishing and waxing, several coats of lacquer are applied on the surface of high gloss cabinets. So, they don’t just brighten up your kitchen interiors, they are scratch resistant and durable too.


Classic White Kitchens

Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of having a colourful classic kitchen. If you’re one of them, simple choose a timeless classic white kitchen. A side benefit of this design is that you’ll also create a modern feel to your classic kitchen. Choose painted white wood cabinets to create a high-end classic look. For a fresh yet detail-oriented class kitchen design, use shaker styled cabinet doors.

To avoid a predominately white look of a modern kitchen, opt for grey toned marble benchtops. White brick tiles are also the staple of white kitchens.

To create a kitchen of your dreams, it’s important to take a look at your lifestyle and things you love. Get in touch with The Kitchen Broker to know how we can achieve this for you!