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Capitalise on the Best Renovation Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

kitchen renovation design ideas

X factors are variables that have a significant effect on the outcome of a given situation. In addition, they denote some remarkable features or traits of a specific thing. If each of the rooms in your house have X-factors in them, you can rest assured that your house will be the cynosure of the neighbourhood. In many cases, homeowners accord immense importance to their living rooms and bedrooms. But, they are bereft of ideas for revamping their kitchens. So, if you want to revamp your kitchen, it might be best to consider various renovation design ideas. These could enhance the aesthetical appeal and the functionality of your kitchen.


Some Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas that Homeowners Should Consider

Each room in the house typically has its own flavour. These flavours will make the room stand apart from the rest. Yet, when viewed holistically, all the rooms will blend with your chosen theme. This applies especially to your kitchens. In modern houses, the kitchens have become the centre of the homes. Thus, if your kitchen is tough to work in, you might need to consider giving it a makeover.

Some renovation ideas to consider include:

  • Opting for open shelves instead of upper cabinets for obtaining ample display space
  • Purchasing energy-efficient appliances such as high-tech range hoods, convection double ovens etc.
  • Giving your kitchen ceilings some texture and colour
  • Revitalise your walls and cabinets with fresh coats of paint
  • Install door-mounted shelves for storing the spices
  • Install soft-close hinges and glides in your cabinet doors and drawers and,
  • Use an assortment of lights (e.g. recessed lights, under-cabinet lights, pendant lights etc.) for brightening the kitchen


Hire the Specialists for Taking Care of Your Kitchen Renovations in Sydney

To give your kitchens a splendid makeover, you’ll need to consider various renovation design ideas. To sift the best ones out, you will need to rely on professional kitchen designers. The Kitchen Broker is among the leading kitchen designing companies in Sydney. Our staff comprises an award winning team of Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs). These specialists will help you select the best finishes for your kitchen. They will guide you through the entire designing process as well. Lastly, they will take your project to the manufacturing industry to get you the best outcome in terms of quality and cost. For more details, call us at (02) 9484 3464.



Create a Dream Kitchen by Implementing the Best Ideas from Different Kinds of Sydney Kitchens

modern kitchen designs


Homeowners often tend to overlook the importance of their kitchens. Thus, it takes time for them to wake up to the fact that their kitchen is not as functional as they would want it to be. Hiring an experienced kitchen designer could help you get the dream kitchen that you’re longing for. However, the start of any kitchen remodelling project typically involves understanding the different styles of Sydney kitchens that are popular at present.


An Overview of the Different Kinds of Sydney Kitchens

There are a wide range of kitchen styles and layouts that you could consider. Some of the most popular design styles include:

  • Farmhouse Kitchens: These warm and cosy kitchens typically feature open shelves, wide sinks, classic floors and huge kitchen tables. They are a perfect blend of functionality and comfort.
  • Rustic Kitchens: If you’re keen on a kitchen that looks unique and roughhewn, opt for these. These kitchens feature vintage appliances. And, they typically utilise a lot of timber, brick and stone. In many cities, these kitchens give stiff competition to the classic white kitchens.
  • Modern Kitchens: These feature frameless cabinets and sleek hardware. These kitchens accentuate the beauty of the materials based on their clear and strong horizontal lines. The lack of ornamentation makes the kitchen appear more spacious than it actually is.
  • Traditional Kitchens: These feature several details including arches, raised-panel cabinets, chandeliers etc. Their old-world charm makes them quite appealing.
  • Contemporary Kitchens: Modern kitchens typically celebrate structure and grid. In contrast, contemporary kitchens typically include elements of other kitchen styles. This makes them more flexible in terms of form and finish.


Do You Want a Kitchen that Features the Best Modern Kitchen Designs?

Remodelling kitchens is not a breeze by any means. It involves a lot of time and money. If a kitchen renovation goes awry, you could end up wasting a lot of money. To avoid this, hire experienced kitchen designers from the Kitchen Broker. We comprise a team of qualified kitchen designers. We consider lifestyles, home traffic, functions needed as well as the adjoining areas of kitchens before we commence designing the perfect layout at our well-equipped design studio showroom. This enables us to utilise your space to the optimal levels. In addition, it helps us give you the best kitchen for your budget. For some design tips that have improved numerous Sydney kitchens, click here.



Why Modern Kitchen Designs Are Fast Becoming the Choice of Many Homeowners in Sydney

kitchen plans sydney

In every city in Australia, you will come across people who like ultra-modern products. It is worth highlighting that many modern products offer higher levels of features, utilities, conveniences and cost benefits. Moreover, their heightened features and benefits do not make them increasingly bulky or inconvenient. Hence, they suit the needs of people who like modern lifestyles and products perfectly. Unsurprisingly, many of these individuals prefer incorporating modern kitchen designs in their kitchens too.


What Makes Modern Kitchen Designs So Popular These Days?

Modern kitchens typically feature clean lines and simple surfaces. As such, they are ideal for creating the illusion of a very spacious kitchen, especially if you have limited space.

The three main characteristics of modern kitchens include:

  • A Sleek Structure: Modern kitchens feature structured shapes and hard edges. Thus, kitchen countertops will have blocked corners rather than rounded ones. Similarly, the simple, straight-edged cabinets will usually be of stainless steel. Complement these textures by using glass in your backsplash and light fixtures.
  • A Minimalist Look: Modern kitchen designs suit small or narrow kitchens admirably. They minimise the decorative elements to provide additional counter space. Moreover, they utilise smaller appliances, which you can store within cupboards and cabinets. Lastly, they feature recessed lights to keep the space bright.
  • A Neutral Palette: Pick neutral colours to create a monochromatic scheme. Many homeowners like a black-and-white colour combination. However, if this is not to your liking, infuse colour with accented walls and bright splashbacks.


Pick the Brains of Award-Winning Designers to Bring Your Kitchen Plans to Life in Sydney

If you want to incorporate some of the best modern kitchen designs in your kitchen, seek the help of the experts. The Kitchen Broker comprises a team of independent and award-winning kitchen designers. We specialise in managing kitchen remodelling and renovation projects from the designing to the completion stages. Unlike other kitchen designing firms, our job does not end with our providing you the design layout for your dream kitchen at our well-equipped studio showroom. Instead, we simplify things by representing your best interests whenever we liaise with the leading manufacturers and trades. Our ability to manage the project completely saves you time, stress and hassles. At the same time, our expertise enables us to give you the best value for each dollar that you spend. To see how we’re different from other kitchen designers, click here.

Choose the Best Kitchen Splashbacks to Make Your Kitchens Elegant and Stylish

kitchen splashbacks


In many cases, homeowners tend to overlook the importance of their kitchen splashbacks. But, the value of these splashbacks remains undeniable. Splashbacks help protect surfaces from water and heat. They make it easier to keep the surfaces clean and hygienic. This is of special importance in the kitchen, where you wouldn’t want disease-inducing microorganisms to contaminate the food. Lastly, splashbacks enable you to inject some colour into your kitchen. This makes them essential to enhancing the beauty and functionality of the kitchen.


What Kinds of Kitchen Splashbacks Are Popular Throughout Australia?

If you want to install a new splashback in your kitchen, it’s best to be aware of the different kinds of splashbacks. Some of these include:

  • Glass Splashbacks: One of the most popular types of splashbacks, these are slightly more expensive too. These splashbacks are very easy to clean. Moreover, they are clear of grout, which makes them very hygienic too.
  • Tile Splashbacks: These are very common throughout Australia. They come in various styles and colours.
  • Mirror Splashbacks: Undoubtedly beautiful, these splashbacks can make smaller kitchens appear to be more spacious. But, they will require constant care too.
  • Stone Splashbacks: These offer an elegant and natural finish. But, stone is a porous material. This, you will need to seal it properly. If looked after well, these could last you for years.
  • Stainless Steel Splashbacks: These come in plain, brushed and printed varieties. They are ideal for modern and traditional kitchens.
  • Acrylic Splashbacks: You can integrate these into your kitchen by using them as benchtops too. However, ensure that your acrylic splashback can withstand the heat in your kitchen.


Engage Kitchen Designers to Incorporate Modern Kitchen Designs in Your Sydney Home

The Kitchen Broker is one of the top kitchen designing firms in Sydney. Comprising a team of award-winning Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs), we can make the kitchen of your dreams a delightful reality. We will deal directly with the top manufacturers and traders. As a result, you won’t need to spend your time running around showrooms looking for kitchen splashbacks and appliances. Then, we will liaise directly with the sales people. In addition, we will oversee the entire project, thereby saving you time and effort.  With us managing every aspect of your project, you’ll receive the best outcome in price and quality. To share your requirements, call us at (02) 9484 3464.

Heed the Best Kitchen Renovation Trends to Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams

kitchen renovations


Juggling numerous activities and things together is something that many homeowners often do in their kitchens. From getting the ingredients ready to supervising the kids’ homework, the kitchen has become one of the most utilised spaces in the house. This is why many kitchen renovation trends focus on maximising the utilisation of the space in the kitchen.


What Are the Top Kitchen Renovation Trends Currently in Vogue?

Selecting trendy choices could make your kitchen look dated in a few years. This is why it’s necessary to view popular trends with caution. Evaluate these trends based on the value they could bring to your life and to your home.

Some classic kitchen remodelling trends that could enhance the value of your kitchen include:

  • Opting for White Kitchens: The popularity of white kitchens continues to soar. White cabinets are an essential feature in these kitchens. In addition, white backsplashes beneath white cabinets on white countertops makes these kitchens exude a timelessly classic look.
  • Choosing Quartz Counters: Granite counters have been the norm for some years. But, quartz is fast emerging as the material of choice for kitchen counters. Quartz is resistant to burns, chips and scratches. In addition, it is easy to maintain too.
  • Investing in LED Lights: Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) consume lesser power than other lighting devices. In addition, they come in a diverse range of colours. They emit little heat too. So, you can keep them on for as long as you want without burning your cabinets or walls.
  • Installing Touch-Activated Kitchen Faucets: These devices are a little expensive. But, they can save you a lot of water – especially if you need to keep turning the water on and off between tasks. Moreover, they eliminate the inconvenience of touching the tap with dirty hands when you cook.


Engage the Best Kitchen Planner in Sydney to Get the Best Value for Your Money

Kitchen renovations can be quite expensive. This is why it’s necessary to hire experienced and accredited kitchen designers. At The Kitchen Broker, you can get your dream kitchen without busting your budget. Our team of award-winning designers will understand your requirements. We’ll design the plans based on your requirements. Thereafter, we will source supplies directly from reputed suppliers and craftsmen to help you get the best deal. To see how we could improve your kitchen, call us at (02) 9484 3464 today.

Why Homeowners Are Increasingly Considering Custom Kitchen Designs in their Remodelling Projects

custom kitchens

Just having a functional kitchen is not enough for many homeowners throughout Australia nowadays. Increasingly, people want their kitchens to be visually appealing as well as highly functional. Kitchens have become the centrepieces of many homes in the country. People use these for congregating, eating, supervising the kids’ homework etc. As such, the effective utilisation of space becomes imperative. This is why custom kitchens are increasingly coming into vogue. In terms of returns on your investments, these kitchens can be hard to beat.


Why Custom Kitchens Offer the Best Returns on Your Investment

Custom kitchens do not merely look elegant and attractive. In many cases, they offer the convenience of the latest kitchen technology as well. In addition, custom kitchens also offer:

  • A Diverse Range of Options: If you want to bring all your kitchens ideas to life in your Sydney property, a custom kitchen is what you require. Custom kitchens do not merely offer options in terms of the design of the kitchen. A homeowner has the ability to select any kind of finishes, colours, storage spaces, materials and furniture as well.
  • High Efficiency Levels: Kitchen designers design custom kitchens to suit the personal needs and requirements of the homeowner. This maximises the effective utilisation of space. Thus, custom kitchens do not merely feature extra design features or storage solutions. They make it easier for you to work in the kitchen too.
  • Uniqueness: Homeowners can typically select from a number of options in terms of finishes, materials, designs etc. Thus, each kitchen will bear the imprint of the homeowner’s personal tastes and preferences. This makes each custom distinct from the other.


The Kitchen Broker – Our Expertise Brings Hundreds of Kitchen Images to Life in Sydney

Any kitchen renovation project will involve a considerable amount of expense. If you get the slightest detail wrong, you might have to live with it for a fairly long time. This is why many homeowners engage The Kitchen Broker in Sydney. An experienced team of kitchen designers, we can give you the custom kitchen you require. All our designers are award winners. Hence, their expertise in the industry can help you get the dream kitchen you require. Our well-equipped Design Studio Showroom has all the finishes you’ll want to consider. In addition, has a large sample selection centre as well. To see how we’re different from other designers, click here.

Design Your Kitchen to Perfection with the Best Kitchen Plans and Layouts

kitchen plans

Kitchens seldom provide the space and convenience that the homeowners often require. In many cases, the kitchen does not suit the working style of the homeowner. As a result, the homeowners will look at various kitchen plans for remodelling or altering their existing kitchens. The lack of finances (or other considerations) might put paid to the immediate implementation of these plans. But, beyond a point, the homeowners would not be able to ignore the inherent flaws in their kitchens.


What are Some of the Most Popular Kitchen Plans and Layouts that Kitchen Designers Typically Offer?

The layout of the kitchen is the bedrock upon which every other aspect typically depends. Some of the most popular kitchen layouts that kitchen planners in Sydney and other cities typically recommend include:

  • The One-Wall Layout: This layout suits kitchens that are either extremely small or very large. Designers will place the fridge, the stove, the sink, the countertop and the cabinets on one wall. This layout provides optimal levels of openness, Moreover, its simplicity promotes the unhindered flow of traffic.
  • The Galley-Style (or Corridor) Layout: For narrow and confined spaces, this layout is ideal. The two walls of the kitchen will have all the services. This layout uses the classic kitchen triangle to provide higher levels of functionality.
  • The L-Shaped Layout: This is among the most popular kitchen layouts. The countertops and the kitchen services occupy two walls, with the other two walls remaining open. This layout offers more countertop space. And, it makes optimal use of the kitchen triangle too.
  • The U-Shaped Layout: This layout blends an L-shaped kitchen with a kitchen island that comprises a cooktop, a sink or both. This layout offers two workstations. Thus, two people can work simultaneously in the kitchen.


Do You Require Professional Assistance with Your Kitchen Renovations in Sydney?

If you want to make the most of your kitchen renovation, it’s best to engage a professional kitchen designer. At The Kitchen Broker, you will get independent designers who can represent you. Our award-winning designers will manage the entire renovation project for you to your satisfaction. We will not only take you directly to the leading manufacturers and trades. We will also ensure that you get a high-quality kitchen that matches your needs. Our expertise will enable you to bring your kitchen plans to life. Click here for some useful design tips.

Kitchen Ideas in Sydney: Choosing the Right Kind of Kitchen for You

kitchen ideas in Sydney

Are you trying to redesign your kitchen and looking for suitable kitchen ideas in Sydney? This might be a daunting task, especially if you have to find the right style suitable for your needs. It might have been a long time since you had your kitchen redesigned, in which case you should seriously consider changing the pattern of the kitchen itself.

But, how do you know what kind of kitchen would suit your needs? There are classical kitchen designs, and there are the modern ones, and choosing between these two can be a difficult decision. What do you do in such a situation? Well, you can always get a custom kitchens. There are a number of benefits, after all. Though kitchen images in Sydney can inspire you to choose your dream kitchen, for more guidance, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Style: There is nothing more stylish and personalised than custom kitchens. If you take a look at any of the kitchen ideas Sydney designers provide, you will see that the best ones are always custom. After all, you can let your personal style shine through in this.
  1. Best of both worlds: With a custom kitchen, you won’t have to choose between a modern kitchen and a classic one. Both of them have their own design advantages, and you will be able to have them all.
  1. Get ideal storage: You will be able to use the transitional style to get the most storage space for your kitchen. This way, even if you accumulate a lot more kitchen utensils in the coming years, you will have nothing to worry about.
  1. Mix and match materials: As you can see from the kitchen images in Sydney, with a custom kitchen, you can mix and match the materials, to make your kitchen more functional and better looking.
  1. Cost effective: When you get a custom kitchen, you are only paying for what you are using. You don’t have to get any element or plan that you don’t personally like. Isn’t that the biggest benefits you want in a kitchen renovation project?

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us or come over to our showroom at 18 Ramsay Road, Pennant Hills and get planning your own custom kitchen today!

Kitchen Renovations in Sydney: 3 Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen

kitchen renovations in Sydney

We spend quite a lot of our time in the kitchen. After all, it is the room with all the delicious food; where else would anybody want to be? An average kitchen has the lifespan of 10-20 years, but there are people who like to get kitchen renovations in Sydney sooner than that. A study pointed out that we spend at least 1 month per year in the kitchen. Once you spend that much time in a particular room, you might want to give it a fresh look as often as you can with the help of most experienced kitchen planner in Sydney you can afford.

So, how can you give your kitchen a new makeover this season?

  1. Improve storage: Once you’ve lived in a house long enough, you have probably stocked up a lot of kitchen utensils, and might be looking for some extra storage space. While developing new kitchen plans, you can make sure that your kitchen planner in Sydney puts in some improved storage space. Using a lot of drawers instead of closets will help you save space, and so would by installing wider cabinets instead of small ones.
  1. Give a fresh palette: One of the best ways of changing the way your kitchen looks is to change the colour palette. You can give your kitchen a fresh new paint, and change your cabinets to match the walls. While doing kitchen renovations in Sydney, speak with the kitchen planner, and find out what the current paint trends are, and how best they can make your kitchen look unique.
  1. Work for your zone: When working in the kitchen, you have your own zone. This zone is the pattern you follow when cooking- the space between the fridge, the counter and the sink. Make sure that the distance between these three suits your needs, so that your culinary pursuits are made more efficient.

Create your dream kitchen with the help of highly experienced kitchen planner in SydneyContact us with your kitchen ideas and inquires today!

Modern Kitchen Designs: 3 Qualities That Set a Modern Kitchen Apart

 modern kitchen designs


You won’t be spending on a new kitchen on a regular basis. This is a huge investment you just make once in a while. In such a situation, it only makes sense that you invest in a good and efficient classic or modern kitchen designs that will last you the whole decade, and even more. Modern kitchen designs definitely fit all your requirements and provide you with minimalist, efficient and good looking kitchen right within your budget.

Why choose modern kitchen designs?

Any experienced kitchen planner in Sydney will tell you that there are three major elements that set a modern kitchen apart from its counterparts. So, what are these elements? Let’s have a look:

  • All-in-one: When getting a modern kitchen, you will get all the parts of your kitchen in one go. This means that the hired kitchen planner in Sydney will make sure that all the aspects of your kitchen are put together simultaneously. You won’t have to get separate technicians from different agencies to do the job. Not only will this save a lot of time, it will definitely be budget friendly as well.
  • Ergonomic: Modern kitchens designed by trusted firms, such as ‘The kitchen Broker’ are exceptionally efficient and have all the solutions for your storage needs. These kitchens are designed with utmost care. The designer will sit down with you and come up with modern kitchen designs that suit your needs, and your specific cooking style. This way, you will be able to store all you want, and cook in the most efficient manner, without wasting any time.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Everybody spends quite a bit of time in their kitchen. In such a situation, it only makes sense that this room should be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. A modern kitchen, with its simplistic design and sleek looks will definitely spruce up the look of your entire house. You can choose the exact design and colour palette for the cabinets, countertops, floors, everything from a range of modern kitchen designs, and the expert designers from The Kitchen Broker will be there to guide you through the whole process.

A modern kitchen is definitely the solution for all your modern problems. For more guidance on choosing the best kitchen designs for your needs, feel free to contact The Kitchen Broker today!