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Create a kitchen of your dreams with Kitchen Plans in Sydney

kitchen plans in Sydney

Nowadays, kitchen is not just used for cooking purposes, but it has become a hub for family gatherings. So, if you think your kitchen doesn’t look and perform as well as you want it to, you should start looking for effective renovation design ideas to spruce it up. No doubt, kitchen renovation is a complicated task, but the good news is that you can choose from a variety of kitchen plans in Sydney with the help of a professional kitchen design firm, such as The Kitchen Broker. Here are some of the key factors that you should focus on in order to get the best out of your kitchen plans in Sydney.

  • Amount of work required: When it comes to renovation design ideas, most kitchen renovation projects can be classified into two broad categories. In first one, the new kitchens are built from scratch or the existing design is completely altered by tearing down the old walls. In these types of kitchen plans in Sydney, the location of major fixtures, such as cabinetry and countertops, can also be changed to attain a more efficient kitchen than before. In the second type of renovation projects, new fixtures are installed at the same places, and the shape and size of the kitchen also remain more or less the same. This is obviously a more cost-effective and quick option, as far as renovation design ideas are concerned.
  • Products and materials required: There is a huge variety of products and materials available for any types of kitchen plans in Sydney However, you might find it hard to choose a perfect option for you because of the sheer number of choices available in the market. The best thing you can do is consult with an experienced kitchen designer. Professionals at a trusted kitchen design company can guide you on choosing the best products for your kitchen according to your needs and budget.
  • Existing fixtures: Make sure that the chosen kitchen plan can accommodate some of the existing fixtures that you want in your new kitchen. Kitchen design professionals can create an overall design for your new kitchen with accurate measurements for new and old fixtures.

If you are looking for the best renovation design ideas and kitchen plans in Sydney for your new kitchen, look no further! The Kitchen Broker can help you get highly efficient and aesthetically stunning kitchen right within your budget. To get a free quote, contact The Kitchen Broker today!

Custom Kitchens in Sydney: 3 Things to Consider!

custom kitchens in Sydney
Everyone has their own taste and preferences when it comes to custom kitchens in their homes in Sydney. A kitchen design that’s appealing as well as practical is the ultimate goal for most homeowners. However, for inexperienced owners, getting a kitchen of their dreams is often a daunting task because of several reasons. Firstly, it’s not quite easy to come up with effective kitchen ideas on your own. Secondly, most people are unable to give the time needed for a number of small and large tasks involved in a typical kitchen renovation project. These tasks include fitting cabinets, worktops and cupboards, plumbing work, installing appliances and decoration.

Fortunately, with the help of a trusted kitchen design company, which specializes in custom kitchens in Sydney, you won’t just be able to take care of everything involved in your renovation project in the most professional manner, but you’ll also save a lot of money throughout the project. Let’s have a look at some important things that need special attention in a renovation project.

  1. Cabinets and Cupboards: These are one of the most common yet very important fixtures in any modern or classic kitchen design. Professionals providing services for custom kitchens in Sydney can offer you effective kitchen ideas by taking into account your exact needs, budget and goals. They will explain you the pros and cons of various options available in the market, such as metal or wooden cabinets as well the cost-effective options, such as re-facing your exiting cabinets. In any case, the chosen option should blend perfectly with your benchtop.
  1. Countertops: When it comes to custom countertops, you’re spoilt for choice. Nowadays, there are so many options available in the market, ranging from stone and metal to glass, that you can attain any look with ease and in your budget.
  1. Hi-tech appliances: There are homeowners who want to take the design of their kitchen to a whole new level. Investing in high-end kitchen appliances, such as duel fuel ranges, designer dishwashers and sophisticated refrigerators, are some of the best kitchen ideas to achieve more personalization and convenience.

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen or looking for best kitchen ideas in Sydney? The Kitchen Broker specializes in creating luxurious yet affordable custom kitchens in Sydney, and can create the same for you to perfectly fit your preferences and needs.

Top Tips to Choose the Best Components for a New Kitchen

kitchen splashbacks

When choosing the major components for your kitchen, it’s important to choose something that can blend flawlessly with the new decor and is durable enough to stand the test of time. If you are planning to install kitchen splashbacks or kitchen benchtops in your renovation project, you’ll find a plethora of choices in the market. Maintaining the right balance of materials and colours is essential to attain an appealing and consistent look. For instance make sure that the surface colour of your benchtop complements the overall decor of the kitchen as benchtop is one of the most important and expensive components in any type of kitchen design. Another important part of kitchen is the kitchen splashbacks, both in terms of aesthetic appeal and protection they offered to the walls.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Benchtops?

Here are some important factors that you should consider while selecting kitchen benchtops to spruce up your kitchen.

  • Size: It’s important to assess the size of benchtop you can accommodate in your kitchen before choosing the most appropriate one from the options available in the market. An experienced kitchen design firm can accurately measure the available space for your kitchen benchtop and install the best one within your budget.
  • Material: No doubt, for most home owners appearance is the most important aspect of a kitchen renovation project, but they should never compromise on the quality and durability of the kitchen benchtops. So, make sure to consider all the available choices in materials, and how these options will affect the functionality of your kitchen.

How to Select Kitchen Splashbacks?

  • Colour: The chosen colour of kitchen splashbacks should blend perfectly with the other components of your kitchen. You have the option to choose colours that mix up perfectly with the colour of the walls or you can go for bright contrasting colours to make your kitchen stand out.
  • Material: While choosing the material, make sure it’s easy to clean and durable. Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of options when it comes to the material of kitchen splashbacks. Some of the popular material choices are glass, granite, and stainless steel, to name a few.

Whether you are looking to add just a few new components to your kitchen or completely reinvent your kitchen from scratch, The Kitchen Broker can help you make your renovations more efficient and cost-effective. To get a free quote, contact The Kitchen Broker today!

Modern Kitchen Designs: How Kitchen Designers In Sydney Can Help?

modern kitchen designs

If you’ve got bored of your old and bland kitchen, maybe it’s time to consider modern kitchen designs to infuse a new life into your kitchen. Trusted kitchen designers in Sydney at reputable firms, such as The Kitchen Broker, can help you completely reinvent your kitchen for a clean and modern look that will uplift your spirits every time you enter your kitchen and prepare meals for your loved ones.

There’s a common misconception among households in Sydney that modern kitchen designs are expensive. However, with the help of creative kitchen designers in Sydney and using some of the old stuff with little modifications are all you need to attain a stunning and practical modern kitchen without breaking a bank.

Regardless of the kitchen designers in Sydney you choose for your renovation project, one thing you’ll notice that almost all of them start the process by paying a visit to your home. This is in fact the best way to start a kitchen remodelling project because of the following reasons:

  • Accurate Measurements: Kitchen designers Sydney will be able to take precise measurements, analyse the available space and determine the location of the kitchen components only by actually visiting your kitchen. This step also helps in avoiding unnecessary complications at the time of using actual fittings.
  • More options to choose from: By visiting your home, kitchen designers in Sydney will be able to see the existing design and décor of your entire home. So, they can offer you the best modern kitchen designs that will complement the entire space.
  • Visualize the final results: You can also ask your designer to show you a mock-up of the final design on a computer or laptop. This will help you visualize how your new kitchen will look after the completion of renovation work.

The Kitchen Broker specialises in stylish modern kitchen designs created by some of the most experienced kitchen designers in Sydney to provide you with a spectacular kitchen with a cutting-edge functionality. To learn more about modern kitchen designs or to get a free quote, contact The Kitchen Broker today!

Kitchen Renovations in Sydney: Common Questions Answered

kitchen renovations sydney

Nowadays, there are many options to choose from when it comes to kitchen renovations in Sydney. In order to gain a real understanding on how you want to design your kitchen, you should have a clear-cut idea about your needs and the latest kitchen design trends in the market. Take inspiration from the best renovation design ideas and keep the answers to some common renovation questions in mind to get the best out of your remodelling project.


What are the major expenses that affect kitchen renovations in Sydney?

If you take a look at the list of expenses incurred in most kitchen renovation projects, you’ll quickly realize that cabinetry contributes to a major chunk of expenses. So, if you want to cut back on renovation costs, you can choose to repair or refurbish your existing cabinets. You have the option to reface your cabinets, and choose from a variety of materials depending on your budget. You can also save or splurge in your kitchen renovations in Sydney with your counters, floors and backsplashes.


How you wish to utilize the space?

If you want to use your kitchen for cooking as well as cleaning, you’ve to strategically place the sink and stovetop in order to optimize all other work zones. If you want to make your kitchen more of an entertainment space for family and guests, Kitchen Island is the most importance element to concentrate in the design. In case, privacy is your priority, go for a smaller kitchen with efficient work triangle.


What are the advancements in kitchen designs in Sydney?

The number of trends in kitchen design industry can easily overwhelm you, especially if you are inexperienced. So, just pay attention to the ones that can make your kitchen stand out and improve its functionality within your budget.  Some of the renovation design ideas include hiding appliances with the help of cabinets to attain a more streamlined and minimalistic look. As far as lighting is concerned, most homeowners these days opt for layered lighting. Kitchen designers are also helping their clients to understand the benefits of eco-friendly kitchen designs and energy efficient appliances.

Now that you have answers to the most common questions when it comes to kitchen renovations in Sydney, you should be on your way to start the renovation process. The Kitchen Broker is well recognized for innovative kitchen renovations in Sydney. For more information on choosing the best design for your needs and to get a free quote, contact The Kitchen Broker today.

Find Your Inspiration with Kitchen Images and Modern Kitchen Designs in Sydney

modern kitchen designs sydney

If you’ve finally taken the plunge to redesign your kitchen, but have no idea about how and where to start, taking inspiration from kitchen images and modern kitchen designs in Sydney is a perfect place to start. From classic to modern, the sheer range of kitchen design ideas available with trusted design firms, such as The Kitchen Broker, will surely ignite your imagination and inspire you to take the next step. Taking sound advice and choosing an appropriate design from a plethora of kitchen images available nowadays is certainly a great way to attain a functional and aesthetically appealing kitchen for your home.

This strategy will simplify the whole process of choosing the right colours, decor and architectural details.  Kitchen images and sample modern kitchen designs in Sydney can help homeowners get a brief overview of the desired features and preferences, and review an extensive range of customization options even before starting the project.

Whether it’s classic or modern kitchen designs in Sydney, people have their own specific requirements. With the help of kitchen images and design ideas, you can make drastic changes to your kitchen without worrying about the final outcome. You can choose the finest material and the best services within your budget.


Additional Benefits of Kitchen Images and Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen images offered by top kitchen designers enable homeowners to choose from a huge range of options from basic design to kitchens with innovative features and from usability oriented to technologically advanced kitchens and so on. This approach combines aesthetics with optimum functionality. It guarantees a high performance kitchen as you’ll get to choose the best for your home without exceeding your budget. Taking inspiration from kitchen images and modern kitchen designs in Sydney for space planning as well as cabinetry and countertop is probably the best way to get your dream kitchen in the shortest possible time.

Visit The Kitchen Broker today and ask for the latest kitchen designs and kitchen images to choose the best one for your needs. At The Kitchen Broker, designers will offer you all the resources for an immersive and interactive experience to take your kitchen design and decor to a whole new level. So, what are you waiting for? Get a free quote now, and kick-start the process of transforming your dream kitchen into reality!

How to Enhance the Functionality and Comfort of Your Kitchen with a Kitchen Island Bench

kitchen island bench

Quite often, people go through home interior magazines to come across ideas that they could implement in their kitchens. In some cases, this might be very useful, But, many kitchens featuring in these magazines will have luxurious amounts of space. As a result, many people living in modestly sized houses or apartments could find themselves turning green with envy. Oftentimes, these individuals have no other recourse other than to make the best use of their kitchen space. This might involve breaking down a wall for enlarging the existing space in the kitchen. Or, it could involve the installation of a kitchen island bench to meet a myriad of needs.


The Benefits of Having a Kitchen Island Bench in Your House

Kitchens traditionally feature a kitchen table or two. However, you might not be able to use the table for storing your kitchen accessories. In addition, the space the table occupies would prevent you from using the kitchen as a gathering place. In this scenario, you might need to replace the conventional kitchen table with a kitchen island bench.

With a kitchen island bench, you could:

  • Consider having your family meals in the kitchen
  • Incorporate large cabinets that would make it easier for you to store a variety of kitchen-related items
  • Use your existing kitchen cabinets for storing things that you use more frequently
  • Build drawers for storing various utensils and odds-and-ends within the bench and,
  • Enhance the efficiency levels when you work in the kitchen by completing the perfect work triangle comprising the kitchen island, the stove and the refrigerator


Use Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs) for Transforming Your Kitchen Ideas into Reality in Sydney

Any kitchen renovation projects will be costly. As such, you will need to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money. This is why many Sydneysiders engage CKDs for obtaining the kitchen of their dreams. We can help you obtain the right materials and finishes within your budget. This is regardless of whether you want a kitchen island bench or an entirely new layout. As a professional team of award-winning designers, we oversee your project from end to end. We design the plans based on your requirements. Thereafter, we source supplies directly from reputed suppliers and craftsmen to ensure you get the best deal. Click here to see the value we add to the kitchens of our clients.



Jazz Up Your Kitchen with the Best Walk In Pantry

walk in pantry

Pantries are gradually coming back into vogue in many cities across Australia. Pantries are especially useful for people who purchase their food items in bulk. Purchasing food items in bulk not only saves time but also money. Moreover, if you have a pull-out or a walk in pantry, you could simply use it for storing these items.


The Features of a Walk in Pantry and Other Kinds of Pantries

Several houses in Australia typically feature one of the following pantry designs:

  • Walk-in Pantries: These refer to rooms lined with drawers, shelves and countertops. Only the occupants of the house need access to the walk-in pantry. As such, you could create ample storage space quite cheaply by using cheaper open shelving. Provide an unobstructed walkway space ranging from 36 – 48 inches to enable two people to use the space simultaneously. In addition, ensure that your shelf depth is about 14 inches. For maximising storage space, reduce the vertical space between the shelves.
  • Butler’s Pantries: Located between the kitchen and the dining area, these pantries are ideal for storing fine china and glass. You could use these for transferring food from the kitchen on to the serving dishes for the table as well. These pantries usually have a high standard finish. This is because they are visible from the dining area.
  • Pull-out Pantries: This is useful when you don’t have a good location for a walk-in pantry. Pull-out pantry cabinets are part of the cabinetry in the main kitchen. These cabinets eliminate the need for cupboard doors that swing open. Instead, the front of the cabinet remains attached to shelves on rollers. When you pull the cabinet front, you would be able to access all the shelves from both sides. The mechanical gadgetry in these shelves makes them slightly more expensive.


Do You Need Assistance in Implementing Your Modern Kitchen Designs in Sydney?

If you’re looking for enhancing the storage space in your kitchen, it might be best to consider building a walk in pantry. To get the best value for your money, depend on The Kitchen Broker. We’re an independent team of award-winning kitchen and interior designers. We specialise in designing kitchens and assisting you in selecting the best finishes. With us managing every aspect of your project, you’ll receive the best outcome in price and quality. For viewing some design tips for your kitchen, click here.



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How to Go About Preparing for Your Kitchen Renovations in Sydney and Elsewhere


Zooming about with their kitchen renovations in Sydney and other cities is something that many homeowners dream of. Finishing the renovations quickly can be very convenient and cost effective. However, it could be counterproductive as well. This is especially so if you’ve not done your homework before commencing your renovations. Kitchen renovations can be creative and exciting. But, it pays to formulate definitive plans before you start these remodelling activities. For instance, homeowners have immense variety in various kitchen-related products from cabinets to appliances. In many cases, the only constraint confronting homeowners is their budget. In this scenario, prioritising the renovation work can be the best solution.

Tips for Homeowners Before They Commence Any Kitchen Renovations in their Sydney Homes

Kitchen remodelling projects can be costly. Therefore, it’s best to commence these projects once you’re certain of your requirements. Before you think about commencing various kitchen renovations, consider the following tips:

  • Determine your budget and stick to it, otherwise you could end up draining your cash reserves very rapidly
  • Consider the kind of look you want your kitchen to exude
  • Ensure that the design you eventually select is timeless and complements the appearance of the rest of your house
  • Review your kitchen and the space available before noting down the changes you want to implement
  • Prioritise these changes so that you know what’s essential, doable and not as important
  • Don’t skimp on quality for the materials required for the project
  • Ensure that your kitchen flooring is attractive and durable and,
  • Select an accomplished and certified kitchen designer

Certified Kitchen Designers – The Best Professionals for Making Your Kitchen Ideas a Reality

Many homeowners often find themselves confounded by their kitchens. This is because their kitchens make it tough for them to prepare meals and handle an array of related activities. To get elegantly designed and functional kitchens, many homeowners in Sydney depend on The Kitchen Broker. We employ a team of award winning Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs) and leading tradespeople. We manage every stage of your kitchen renovations in Sydney. For instance, we liaise directly with the best manufacturers and trades to get the best quality products at cost effective rates. Thus, we give you the best value for your money. We free up your time as well by eliminating unnecessary hassles. Click here to view some important kitchen renovation advice.

Fit Your Custom Kitchens with the Best Kitchen Cabinets in Sydney

custom kitchens sydney

Better lighting, enhanced space


A kitchen has increasingly become the centrepiece in many houses throughout Australia. Thus, the need for a spacious and elegantly designed kitchen has become a necessity. In addition, ensuring that the kitchen does not compromise on its functionality is essential as well. This is why many homeowners often go in for various kitchen remodelling projects. Some use these projects for changing the layouts of the kitchen. For instance, many people prefer the convenience offered by custom kitchen designs in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne etc. Similarly, others use these projects for adding an assortment of features that makes working in the kitchen more comfortable.

Kitchen Cabinets – An Essential Element in All Custom Kitchens in Sydney and Other Cities

Many homeowners want their kitchens to provide ample storage space. But, they do not want the kitchen layout to compromise on allowing the occupants to move freely as they prepare meals in the kitchen. To achieve these twin objectives, many homeowners rely on using custom kitchen cabinets. While meeting your storage requirements, these cabinets could enhance the beauty of your kitchen too,

Homeowners have no dearth of options when it comes to selecting custom cabinets. But, selecting cabinets you like is not just about selecting stylishly designed cabinets or picking cabinets that complement the colour scheme of your kitchen. Ideally, you must purchase kitchen cabinets based on:

  • The layout of your kitchen
  • The décor of your kitchen
  • The style of your kitchen
  • The needs of your kitchen and,
  • Your cooking style

Custom kitchen cabinets will typically offer a variety of features. But, not all of these will meet your requirements. This is why it pays to hire professional kitchen designers. These professionals can help you pick the best cabinets for your kitchens.

Do You Require the Best Kitchen Designers for Bringing Your Kitchen Ideas to Life?

For the best custom kitchens in Sydney, don’t look beyond The Kitchen Broker. A team of independent and award-winning kitchen and interior designers, we can help you get the kitchen you sorely need. Our team of experts has immense experience in designing kitchens. As such, they will know precisely how you can use your kitchen for enhancing the wow-factor of your home. From kitchen benchtops to appliances, these individuals can help transform your dreary kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. To see the difference we could make, click here.