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What Trends Have Caught the Imagination of Homeowners When it Comes to Kitchen Remodels?

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Renovating or remodelling a kitchen can be a tough exercise. It will inevitably consume a lot of your time, effort and money. In many cases, planning all the details you want your new kitchen to have might seem like a lot of fun initially. But, as the list of changes you propose to make in your new kitchen begins to increase, the sense of reality asserting itself will manifest itself as well. For starters, you will realise that you might not have the budget for making all the changes on your wish-list. Similarly, it might also occur to you that not all the details specified on the wish-list will be feasible or doable. Therefore, you will eventually end up focusing on the elements that you cannot do without.


Oftentimes, homeowners consider kitchen renovation projects in their Sydney homes because working in the kitchen has become a problem. In some cases, the kitchen might not be offering the functionality that suits the owner’s working style. Alternatively, the kitchen might be looking shabby or dated. Kitchens that look obsolete could end up marring the overall look of the home interiors. Thus, incorporating certain new details into your kitchen could end up enhancing its functionality. However, it doesn’t pay to focus solely on the functionality of the kitchen during a kitchen renovation. You must pay some attention to giving the kitchen a makeover in terms of its look and visual appeal as well. For this, considering the latest trends in kitchen designs and plans might be worthwhile.


Some of the top trends in kitchen designs these days include:


  • The Concept of Open Space: Some homeowners might feel more comfortable with the idea of an open space kitchen. Such kitchens integrate the space of the kitchen and the living room perfectly. The open space helps facilitate socialising and interaction even as you work in the kitchen. In addition, open space kitchens can make smaller spaces appear much larger. To accomplish this, you will simply need to tear down the walls.


  • Sleek and Modern Appliances: These days, kitchens have become the centrepieces of homes. People do not merely use their kitchens for preparing meals. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that kitchens have become multi-purpose rooms nowadays. Because of this, no kitchen renovation remains complete without a few upgrades to the appliances. And, if you happen to entertain frequently, having appliances such as built-in coffee machines and microwaves could be quite convenient.

The Use of Darker and Bold Colours: All-white kitchens continue to remain quite popular throughout Australia. Many kitchen designs and plans in lifestyle magazines and television shows highlight the versatility and timelessness of these kitchens. These kitchens remain an eternal favourite of those who love modern and minimalist kitchens. However, if you want your kitchen to look unique and stunning, consider adding a dash of colour. Embellish your cabinetry with darker finishes or wooden veneers. Alternatively, pick a countertop such as black granite. These could complement the lighter-coloured elements in the kitchen perfectly.

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Some of the Most Essential Elements in Australian Custom-Designed Kitchens

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If you have made up your mind about renovating your kitchen, you will inevitably have settled on a budget for the project. You might also have compiled a list that prioritises various elements based on their overall costs. Clearly, you will not be able to incorporate all the elements on your list in the same renovation project. But, with an experienced designer helming your project, you can expect to maximise your budget. Certified designers will not only be able to plan the layout of the kitchen in a way that suits your working styles and requirements. They will be able to help you pick the best materials and finishes in your budget too. Among other things, they could take a load off your shoulders by overseeing the entire renovation to your satisfaction. Hence, it comes as little surprise that many Australians have taken to engaged quality designers for their kitchen remodels.


When it comes to custom kitchens, you will invariably have planned out some vital details and elements. However, given the plethora of options available, you might have omitted considering certain elements that might be handy. Some of these elements and details could include:


  • Harnessing Natural Light Solutions: No one likes working in dark kitchens. If your kitchen does not have many windows, consider installing a skylight. The natural light that enters indoors can make your kitchen brighter. The use of natural light could reduce your power bills too.



  • Incorporating a Kitchen Island Sink: You might already have a sink in your kitchen. But, in some cases, having an extra sink in your kitchen island could be beneficial. During the food preparation process, the kitchen island can become messy. With a sink installed in the island, cleaning up the counter can be easier. In addition, wiping away crumbs and food particles will be easier as well. Some kitchen designers feel that having an island sink can facilitate better levels of mobility. The extra sink can hasten the food preparation process too.


  • Installing an Induction Cooktop: Investing in an induction cooktop could be useful. These cooktops utilise electromagnetic fields for heating pots and pans. In addition, they can fit perfectly into the countertop. In terms of energy efficiency, these cooktops easily surpass gas stoves and traditional cooking tops. Moreover, the surface of these cooktops does not become hot to the touch either. Hence, if you have children in your kitchen frequently, the induction cooktop can be a safer alternative to the regular cooktops.


  • Installing Ample Lighting Solutions: Kitchen and interior designers can make any space bright with a variety of lighting fixtures. For kitchens, a combination of functional and decorative lights could create a compelling effect. To balance your functional lights, consider installing under-cabinet lights. These could make your kitchen benchtops or countertops look nice. At the same time, they could make it easier to prepare meals and perform the necessary clean-ups thereafter.


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How Can You Go About Making Your Dream Custom-Designed Kitchen a Pleasant Reality?

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In many homes, the kitchen has become the centre of the home. People do not merely use kitchens solely for preparing food any longer. Instead, the role of the kitchen has witnessed an increase in recent times. Some people use their kitchens as secondary dining spaces. Fitted with some benches or stools, these kitchens can be handy for having a quick snack, while preparing food. Alternatively, they can be useful for overseeing other activities while you prepare meals. For these reasons, having a functional kitchen that also looks good can be important.


Professional designers can help in making your dream kitchen a reality. These professionals will usually have a vast knowledge of kitchen ideas and layouts. They could use these to superb effect when making your dream kitchen a compelling reality. It goes without saying that a custom kitchen will make your home look unique. Because it features a myriad of elements that you’ve selected, it will suit your requirements perfectly. At the same time, it will complement the look of the rest of your home interiors as well. Custom-designed kitchens offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. These aspects have made them immensely popular throughout the country.


With a certified designer helming your kitchen renovation, you will invariably end up accomplishing your objective. But, in some cases, homeowners might not be able to hire designers for their remodelling projects. In this scenario, heeding some fundamentals might be important such as:


  • Taking the time to go through several design and layout possibilities that help you determine how to make the best use of the space available
  • Ensuring that the kitchen plans drawn up provide ample space for your shelves, cabinetry and pantries
  • Building your modern or custom kitchen designs with timeless pieces that will neither look outdated or go out of style
  • Designing and embellishing your kitchen based on your tastes and the manner in which they might change over time and,
  • Ensuring that each detail of your kitchen design solves a requirement, which will enable you to utilise that space optimally


In many cases, it can be useful to visualise yourself using all the features that you plan to include in your new kitchen. Oftentimes, homeowners include various elements in their kitchen renovations that do not come into use frequently. Thus, they end up wishing they had invested that money in another, more useful feature. For more information on custom-designed kitchens, contact The Kitchen Broker today.

The Three Parameters to Heed When Acquiring New Cabinetry for Your Kitchen

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Kitchen and interior designers know the value that cabinets offer in kitchens. However, they also know that cabinets can be quite expensive. In almost any kitchen renovation, the cabinetry will end up consuming close to half the overall budget. The cost and utility factors of cabinets necessitate making the right cabinetry decisions. The slightest misjudgement or carelessness could end up giving you cabinets that don’t look good or don’t fit perfectly in the space assigned to them. In addition, cabinetry that doesn’t suit your needs could also lead to the wastage of your hard-earned money.


When homeowners decide to acquire new kitchens, they often look for kitchens that suit their specific needs. Kitchen designers can certainly tweak the designs and layouts of standard-style kitchens to suit the homeowners. But, having a kitchen that offers a superb fusion of functionality and visual appeal can be a temptation too hard to resist. Custom-designed kitchens do not just suit the working styles and preferences of the homeowners. Built to suit the space available, these kitchens exude a unique and attractive look. These traits have made custom-designed kitchens quite popular among Australians. Naturally, it goes without saying that a custom kitchen will invariably feature custom-made cabinetry.


When you shop for materials to use in your new cabinetry, don’t forget to focus on aspects such as:


  • The Grain of the Wood: Custom cabinetry suppliers typically use different varieties of wood for making cabinets. Regardless of the wood you choose, always consider the grain of the wood for your new cabinets. Not only does the grain influence the texture of the cabinets. It can also affect the overall look of your kitchen design. Wood with rougher grain will always suit the cabinets in a rustic kitchen. Similarly, contemporary or traditional kitchens will always feature cabinetry made from wood with finer grain.


  • The Colour: In many cases, the colour used in a kitchen can highlight the style of the kitchen. Because of this, many homeowners attempt to change the colours in their kitchen to give these spaces a makeover. Quite a few people like having white cabinets in their kitchens. This colour can complement the other colours used in the kitchen. The use of pine, ash or hickory wood in your cabinets could give your kitchen a light-coloured look. Similarly, you can even change the look of your kitchen by altering the wood stains or paints used in the cabinetry.


  • The Build or Construction of the Cabinets: It goes without saying that your cabinetry can provide clever storage options in the kitchen. But, not many people realise that the construction of the cabinets can affect the overall look of the cabinets. To cite an example, suppliers often build cabinets with dowels, rabbets or dovetails. To the end user, the use of any of these might not seem to be anything worth pondering over. But, cabinets built with dovetails can offer superior levels of durability. They will also require additional amounts of wood. Hence, going through the construction of the cabinets with your supplier could be useful.

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Which Varieties of Wood Offer the Best Value When You Want New Kitchen Cabinets?

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In any kitchen, the cabinets will often end up occupying the most space. Whether installed beneath the countertop or on the walls, they will be one of the most important details in a kitchen. Because they consume large amounts of space, they will invariably end up becoming the focal point of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets offer a convenient way for resolving your storage-related woes. The cabinets placed beneath your countertop can be useful for storing various items that you use regularly. Many homeowners use these cabinets for storing linen, pots & pans, spices and other food products. Cabinets installed on the walls can be useful for storing items that you do not use as frequently. Some kitchen ideas even use cabinets for concealing a variety of small appliances. This arrangement does not only make the kitchen look compact and organised. It also ensures that you do not need to lose out on valuable counterspace.


To ensure that you get your cabinetry decisions perfect in the very first instance, focus on the materials. Getting the right materials can be essential for planning your custom kitchen design. It goes without saying that cabinet makers use a variety of woods for making kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Some of the most common varieties of wood used for making cabinetry include:


  • White Oak: One of the strongest varieties of oak, this variety of wood exudes a cosy and rustic feel. People often succumb to the charms of its soft grain. This variety of wood remains a favourite for custom kitchen cabinets.


  • Red Oak: In terms of strength, red oak can be relatively inferior to white oak. But, its versatility makes it immensely popular. Red oak wood can suit a wide range of finishes. Its bold grain makes it perfect for use for kitchens with traditional designs.


  • Maple: The light colour of this wood makes it popular for custom designs. The light grain and colour makes it easier for suppliers to stain. When viewed from a distance, maple wood will look smooth and uniform.


  • Cherry: Homeowners like cherry wood for its immense strength and durability. This wood can withstand wear and tear easily. Hence, it remains appropriate for families with children. Cherry wood usually comes in light red or brown shades.


  • Pine: Pine comes under the category of softwood. Hence, it will not offer as much durability as various hardwoods. Staining pine wood can be easy because of its light colour. In addition, its visible tree knots can suit the look of your custom kitchens.


  • Birch: Birch wood can come in an array of colours. Its luxurious look and fine grain make it popular among many Australians. Some people also prefer purchasing cabinetry made from birch for its durability. Birch wood has a smooth surface that makes it look elegant and neat.


  • Ash: Another option to consider for making cabinetry could be ash wood. A clean wood with an even grain, customising ash wood with a suitable finish can be quite easy. Cabinetry made from ash wood can make your kitchen look unique and contemporary.


Cabinetry made from wood might seem traditional to many people. However, wooden cabinetry can be one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen design. When combined with quality hardware, you can get cabinets that do not merely look good, but last for much longer too.

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Tips to Consider When You Want to Plan Your New Kitchen

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A kitchen renovation or remodel can be expensive. Depending on all the things that you plan to accomplish, it could take quite a bit of time too. In modern homes, the kitchen has become the centrepiece. In many cases, the look of the kitchen affects the overall look and feel of the home too. Hence, experts caution homeowners to deliberate their kitchen renovations carefully before starting a project. Heading into a kitchen renovation without planning properly could be counterproductive. Some people make this mistake and end up having to rue their faulty decisions subsequently.


For instance, consider planning the layout of the kitchen. It might be easy to say that you plan to put the sink and the fridge in specific places. But, you will need to be mindful of the electrical wiring and the plumbing lines. The locations of doors and windows could also impede the flow of traffic. The slightest oversight could have big repercussions. Therefore, prior to consulting builders or designers, you might want to go through a few details first. Some of these include:


  • Hiring a Kitchen Planner or Designer: You might be fluent when it comes to ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) activities. But, making kitchen plans and designs might not be an area of strength for you. An imperfect design or layout could mar the entire renovation. Professional designers will not only help you plan an efficient layout. They will also be resourceful enough to maximise your budget. Some might even recommend trusted contractors to achieve the desired outcome.


  • Determining the Intended Use of the Kitchen: Before designing the kitchen, ask yourself certain questions. Will you be a casual cook or a gourmet one? Will you use the kitchen solely for cooking or will you want to use it for other activities? Do you want your kitchen to be large enough to enable you to chat with guests while cooking? What kind of (and how much) storage will you require?


  • Collecting Ideas and Prioritising: You will undoubtedly come across a plethora of kitchen images and ideas for revamping your kitchen. Not all of them might be worth implementing. But, over time, you will have various alternatives to consider. Before you finalise your list, be realistic. Sift out only those tips and suggestions that will suit your specific needs. Thereafter, sort these ideas into three categories comprising:
    • Things that you just cannot do without
    • Things that you would like to have but can live without if required and,
    • Things that you would like to have but do not really need


  • Ascertaining Your Budget: Planning your dream kitchen might seem like fun. But, the fun often comes to an end when you start figuring out the budget available for your kitchen renovation. Check out the prices of things in your wish-list. Correlate the prices with the items on the wish-list and cull the list further based on your priorities. Ensure that you keep your budget at least 10 – 15 percent lower than actual to deal with unforeseen expenses that could arise.

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What Kinds of Layouts Can a Custom-Designed Kitchen Feature?

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Contrary to popular perception, custom-designed kitchens can be a boon. These kitchens give homeowners ample say in each detail. From the materials to the colours, homeowners will be able to specify and state their preferences. In some cases, a reputed designer could help the occupants find the best materials and finishes. But, one of the biggest benefits of hiring professional designers for your project lies in their core skill i.e. designing the kitchen. A well-designed kitchen can be a pleasure to work in. Hence, if you want a truly custom kitchen, consider consulting a professional designer first.


A kitchen inevitably features an assortment of details. It needs proper storage space for all the food products, utensils etc. It also requires ample working space as well. Kitchens feature the work triangle, which makes working in them a lot more convenient. The work triangle involves placing essential elements of the kitchen such as the fridge, the sink and the stove in a triangular layout. This arrangement can make the food preparation process easier. However, to enjoy these conveniences, having a properly laid out or designed kitchen remains a must. To ensure this, many homeowners consult experienced designers to plan the layout of their new kitchens.


Some of the most common layouts for kitchens include:


  • Galley Layouts: Kitchens with these layouts typically abound in apartments. Also called walk-through kitchens, they feature two countertops in a parallel arrangement. This layout can be useful in smaller kitchens.


  • One-Wall Layouts: In these layouts, all the cabinetry and appliances will remain fixed on a single wall. Such layouts can be common in loft or studio spaces.


  • Horseshoe Layouts: These layouts typically have a U-shaped arrangement. They feature three walls of cabinetry and appliances. On occasions, an island might form the third wall. Use this layout if you want to have additional cooks working simultaneously. Horseshoe layouts can offer superior levels of traffic flow in kitchens.


  • L-Shaped Layouts: These layouts often end up maximising corner space. They can be ideal in small and medium-sized kitchens.


  • Island Layouts: If you have a large kitchen, consider using this layout. Island layouts offer ample working and eating space. With the addition of a bench or a few stools, you could get a secondary dining space, which remains close to the food preparation area.


Several kitchen and interior designers know the best places to obtain the products and materials needed in kitchen renovations. Because of their connections and know-how, these professionals would be able to help you obtain significant discounts. Thus, you would be able to save a significant amount of money on the project. Established designers also deal with the suppliers and tradespeople. They represent you to these individuals, even as they oversee the entire project. As a result, you will not need to deal with any of these hassles.

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Do You Need a Custom-Made Kitchen in Your Home?

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Some homeowners do not feel at ease with having kitchens featuring a common style or layout. In some cases, the working habits of these individuals might not be suitable to a specific layout or design style. In other cases, the homeowners might not be very comfortable about having a kitchen that features a common layout or design style. This will usually be the case with homeowners who want their kitchens to look unique. In such situations, opting for custom-designed kitchens might be a worthwhile move.


Custom kitchens will not only feature the colours and materials that the homeowners have specifically chosen. Almost everything in these kitchens will be made-to-measure as well. Naturally, these kitchens will look superb and offer superior levels of functionality. They will also exude a unique look. Having a custom kitchen can be useful because it will feature all the details that matter to you. In many homes across the country, the kitchen has become the centrepiece. People often spend significant amounts of time in their kitchens each day. Thus, having a kitchen that has everything in the manner of your choosing can be a huge convenience.


Some people feel that custom kitchens compromise when it comes to functionality. But, this will hardly ever be the case. When you have built a kitchen that covers all aspects important to you, its functionality will only be higher. It can be worth highlighting that custom kitchens offer functionality levels that take your lifestyle into account. Moreover, these kitchens can suit the shape and design of the space available. This can be significant if your kitchen has a non-standard shape or size. Thus, you will be able to tailor your kitchen to suit your needs regardless of its layout.


Kitchen designers these days can transform almost any kitchen into a peerless custom-designed one. They can work wonders with any kinds of layouts as well. Thus, you will find that the new kitchen design certainly takes into account your working habits. You will also find that these kitchens will suit your lifestyle and similar requirements perfectly too. For these reasons, many Australians have begun considering the merits of custom-designed kitchens these days. With an experienced designer to helm the project, you will not need to fret over anything. From the cabinetry to the layout, the designers will oversee the entire project to its completion.


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Gift Yourself Superlative Custom Kitchens with Innovative Ideas and Plans


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You might be contemplating a kitchen remodel or renovation. You might have shifted into your new home and found that the kitchen just doesn’t meet your requirements. Or, it could be likely that your kitchen might be looking dated and shabby. In either situation, it will not be possible for you to gloss over the inadequacies in the kitchen for long. Renovating or remodelling the kitchen can be quite a disruption to the routine of your life. Not only will it make your kitchen unsuitable for use during the renovation. It will also involve expending a considerable amount of time and effort. Not surprisingly, some people keep deferring the date of their kitchen renovations.


Some homeowners do attempt to wait before they think of commencing kitchen renovation projects in their Sydney homes. But, they usually do so to prepare the finances for these invariably costly projects. In some cases, the wait can be worthwhile. This will typically be the case when the kitchen needs extensive changes. With the passage of time, some homeowners keep adding to the list of changes they want in their kitchens. But, they might not be able to incorporate all the changes they need in one project. Doing so might be too expensive. In this situation, prioritising the changes needed could be quite important.


When you plan a kitchen remodel, you will often take ideas and suggestions from various quarters. Some people will obtain their dose of kitchen remodelling ideas from the internet. Others will browse various home and lifestyle magazines to come up with various ideas for revamping their kitchens. However, you will do well to consider how long you plan to stay in your current home before you begin renovating the kitchen. If you plan to put the house up for sale sooner rather than later, avoid making too many changes. These could be costly. In addition, they might not suit the needs of the buyers either. So, you might find that your extensive renovations do little to increase the value of your house.


Some people often consult kitchen designers when they want to revamp their kitchens. This can be a fruitful activity. Qualified designers will inevitably have several years of experience in the industry. They will possess vast amounts of knowledge when it comes to designing and renovating kitchens. They will be aware of the latest developments in the field too. Hence, picking their brains before you commence any renovation could be beneficial. They will not only be able to design a kitchen that suits your working habits. In many cases, they will help you achieve the desired outcome at cost-effective rates as well. So, you could end up acquiring the kitchen of your dreams without spending a fortune.

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Kitchen Island Benches Can Enhance the Look and Value of Your Kitchen

kitchen island bench


Of all the elements and details that go into making a perfect kitchen, kitchen island benches can be the most distinctive. A kitchen will invariably feature cabinets, stoves, sinks and refrigerators among other things. But, for many homeowners, these aspects can be indispensable in any kitchen. However, not all kitchens will feature kitchen islands. Those that do undoubtedly exude a distinctive and elegant look. Island benches have become regular design features in kitchen remodels nowadays. But, they can be highly practical as well.


What Makes Kitchen Island Benches So Versatile and Practical?


Kitchen island benches can completely transform the flow and functionality of any kitchen with consummate ease. Moreover, they can give you just the type of convenience and functionality you require. For instance, consider a situation where your kitchen plans highlight the paucity of storage space. In this scenario, your island benches could provide additional storage space. Or, you could use the island benches to store your appliances too. In some cases, the island benches might come into use as additional food preparation space. Lastly, if you want your kitchen to have some seating space, having a kitchen island bench could be quite handy. You could use the space it provides to get some handy seating and eating space. This will eliminate the need to buy additional furniture whilst saving space too. And, the dining area will be near the kitchen too – which can be very convenient.


Does it Make Sense to Use Your Kitchen Island Bench for Having Meals?


A white kitchen often features an elegant and versatile kitchen island bench. In many cases, people use this for preparing food, storing appliances or cookware etc. However, some individuals use their island benches as a convenient substitute for the regular dining table – especially in smaller homes. Thus, one end of the island bench can come into use for any kitchen-related activity. Thereafter, you could use the other end for having your meals. This will not only save space and time, given that you can eat right where you have prepared the meal. It can save you some money as well. Thus, you will not need to purchase additional dining furniture. Eating on kitchen island benches might seem a little strange at first. But, it can create the relaxed and casual mood that can make both guests and hosts comfortable.

What Seating Options Can You Consider for Your Kitchen Island Bench?


If you happened to walk into any of the kitchen stores in the vicinity, you would come across model kitchens. Some of these might feature kitchen islands. In many cases, homeowners do not provide any benches in their kitchen islands. They prefer to use the space as additional counter space for cooking. In such cases, the island will feature some space that you could use for preparing food or other cooking-related activities. Not many people consider kitchen islands as spaces that could be useful for dining as well. Hence, they do not consider providing sitting space in the kitchen island. Kitchen renovators often incorporate bench seats in the kitchen island itself. Similarly, if you prefer movable bench seating, you could place stools or tall chairs at the kitchen island. With stools and chairs, the number of people who can sit at the island will remain fixed. In contrast, an island bench offers relatively higher seating capacity.

Use Your Kitchen Island Bench to Create Additional Storage Space

Many homeowners use their kitchen island benches to create additional storage space. These benches typically feature an assortment of drawers, cupboards and open shelves. Some modern island benches could even offer storage space for your cookery books and wine bottles. Depending on your requirements, you could consider using the island bench to store some appliances such as the dishwasher, stovetop or the microwave.


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