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Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas: Choosing Between A Modern and Classic Kitchen

Kitchen Planners

Are you looking for the best renovation design ideas for your kitchen remodelling project? It’s always a good idea to design your dream kitchen yourself; but if you are inexperienced you should consider hiring kitchen designer and kitchen planner in Sydney. Trusted kitchen designers and engineers are people who have worked in the industry for a long time, and will make sure that your kitchen is well-planned and will leave nothing lacking.  After all, your kitchen should be able to satisfy all yours and your loved ones’ needs.

Before you renovate your kitchen, or talk to a designer about the same, there is one thing you need to consider: would you like to have a modern kitchen, or a classic one? The kitchen designers would have a lot of renovation design ideas for you, but if you are aware of what type of kitchen you want, you will be able to make decisions easily.

Modern Kitchens: Sleek and Minimalist!

Modern kitchens usually have open plan layouts. This means that the kitchen would not be bound by four walls. This helps provide a more open feel to the space, which will also make your kitchen look larger. A modern kitchen has very basic colour schemes. There can be a lot of black, and white, with small dashes of colour for the major components, such as the kitchen island bench, to tie in the kitchen together. When it comes to renovation design ideas for modern kitchens, technology is used in large quantity, for instance, digital controls are preferred over analogue options and so on. Modern designers also prefer to use chrome and other new-age options over other materials, because they are durable and add to the design scheme.

Classic Kitchens: Traditional, But Forward!

Traditional kitchens have all the amenities of modern kitchens, but retain the design elements from the classical style. Most classic designs have closed floor plans, and the colour scheme is more neutral and varied. Wood is favoured for flooring, kitchen island bench, and even cabinets (of course, you could also go in for granite countertops if wood is not your thing), as it gives a more warm and welcoming effect. Classic kitchens are better for homeowners who want to make their kitchen more quirky and personalised.

Whatever style you choose, you should discuss the details with your kitchen designer, so that your ideas and dream of a perfect kitchen can be realized quickly and in a cost-effective manner. For more kitchen renovation design ideas and to explore your options, visit Kitchen Broker – one of the most trusted kitchen Design Company in Sydney, today.


Kitchen Designers In Sydney – Getting the Most Out Of Kitchen Remodelling

classic kitchen
The kitchen is probably the most loved room in the entire house. After all, that is where all the food is and everyone gathers a few times a day. It’s said that an average person spends about a month in the entire year within their kitchen. A room that takes up so much of your time, and your energy deserves a lot more attention, and getting kitchen designers in Sydney to redesign your kitchen is the best way of doing so.

Is this the right time for a kitchen remodel?

Kitchens (other than the basic fixes and technological upgrades) do not need to be renovated often. Once a kitchen has been designed, it will last for at least a decade or two. If it has been that long, or if you feel that your kitchen is too small, or too un-economical for your liking, then it is time for you to get the services of good kitchen designers in Sydney. No matter, if you are planning on staying in the house for the next few years or about to sell it, experienced kitchen designers in Sydney can help you maximise the value of your property at very affordable prices. If you are thinking of selling the house, a few upgrades to your kitchen design can make a world of difference in the market value of your property.

Classic kitchen or white kitchens – How should you remodel?

You might not have given a lot of thought to the small details about your kitchen, such as the colour scheme, or the material for the drawers. The good news is that these are the things that you do not need to worry about because kitchen designers will take care of it. All you have to do is indicate if you would like a classic kitchen design (with both old and new elements, some antique or old designs, generous use of wood, and a neutral colour scheme), or a modern one (solid black and white kitchens, use of chrome finishing, ergonomic and minimalist design, and open layout).

No matter what the kitchen of your dreams, the designers will do their best to make sure you get it within your budget. The Kitchen Broker is one of the few reliable kitchen design firms in Sydney that can offer you affordable design and renovation services without compromising on the quality. So, book an appointment with their kitchen designers today and start exploring your options. 

Get The Kitchen Of Your Dreams With Custom Kitchen Plans In Sydney!


A well-designed and well-thought out kitchen can solve most of your cooking problems. Not only will it make cooking easier, you will start enjoying being in such a well-designed space that cooking becomes more of an enjoyment. Good kitchen plans are a blend of functionality and looks, and if your kitchen does not satisfy both those needs- custom kitchens in Sydney are here to change your life!

Kitchen plans in Sydney – a Great Way to Attain Modern and Sleek Kitchen

It’s truly a pleasure to cook in a kitchen that is modern and looks stunning. Modern kitchens plans in Sydney ensure optimum utilisation of space, without sacrificing on the finishing. The best part about remodelling your kitchen is the fact that you can choose the precise location of the cabinets, the colour and material of the countertops and much more. It would be a good idea for you to pick a colour scheme and stick to it, so that there is some uniformity within the design. However, besides that, you can let your imagination run wild and have the kitchen of your dreams!

Get Kitchens That Are Ergonomic and Functional!

There is no point in having a good looking kitchen if it is not ergonomic in design. Great kitchen plans in Sydney always make kitchens that are functional and effective. This means that there should be some space for you to move within the kitchen and there needs to be enough storage space. The distance between the hobs, the sink and the refrigerator need to be economized, so that you’re not just running around your kitchen every time you need to fetch something. A modern kitchen is certainly attractive, but do not give up on practical use for the sake of stunning accessories that cannot hold anything.

Once you’ve redesigned your kitchen, you will use it for a long time (an average kitchen remodelling is meant to last at least 10-15 years). Getting custom kitchens in Sydney with the help of a trusted kitchen design company, such as The Kitchen Broker, is an investment that you will be enjoying for years to come.

The Kitchen Broker specialises in kitchen design and renovation services. Stylish custom kitchen designs, created by renowned designers and architects, and cutting-edge technology are used to create modern and classic kitchen with advanced functionality.

A Walk In Pantry Could Be the Best Solution to Your Kitchen Storage Problems

walk in kitchen pantry

No matter however much space you have in your kitchen, your storage requirements never seem to decrease. An inconvenient alternative could be to store your kitchen items in another part of the house. But, making trips back and forth from the kitchen will only reduce your efficiency levels. It could also end up making you dread the times you have to work in the kitchen. To remedy this, you could consider creating a walk in pantry in your kitchen.

A Walk In Pantry Could Be the Ideal Solution for Your Storage Requirements

If your cabinet and countertops are overflowing, you should consider the merits of a walk-in pantry. By creating a well-designed walk-in pantry, you could end up with the space you need for storing more food. This would translate into making fewer trips to the neighbourhood grocery store as well. When you have the storage space you require, you could purchase food items in bulk. This would also help you save money when you shop.

Modern kitchen designs in Sydney and elsewhere often highlight the virtues of having a well-organised kitchen. A walk-in pantry helps you achieve this easily. Instead of searching for what you need in overfilled shelves, you’ll be able to find what you need easily. This also eliminates the tendency to lose food items because they’re placed at the back of the pantry or in a hard-to-reach place. Oftentimes, food items in hard-to-reach places end up exceeding their expiry dates. Walk-in pantries offer better layouts that help prevent the wastage of food items too. In addition, you could consider using these pantries for storing your dishes, small appliances, storage containers etc. too.

Are You Looking for Most Sought After Kitchen Ideas to Improve Your Kitchen in Sydney?

When you need stylish and functional kitchens, it’s best to rely on experts. When you hire the specialists at The Kitchen Broker, you gain access to an award winning team of Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs). By liaising with the leading tradespeople, we ensure that you get the best products and the best services at immensely affordable rates. Whether you need a walk in pantry or a kitchen island, we consider your lifestyles, home traffic, function and adjoining areas. We blend your requirements with our pragmatism to give you the kitchen of your dreams. To gain some ideas for improving your kitchen, call us at (02) 9484 3464 today.


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Build the Best Kitchen Island Bench for an Elegant and Stylish Kitchen

kitchen island bench


Of all the equipment and designs that homeowners use in their kitchen, a kitchen island is one of the most important. A carefully designed kitchen island bench can do wonders to your kitchen. Kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular because they serve various decorative purposes. At the same time, they offer numerous functional uses as well. For instance, kitchen islands can enhance the level of interaction between the cook and the guests. In smaller apartments, kitchen islands often double up as dining tables too. If your home has a kitchen island, it could increase the value of your property. Furthermore, it could end up making your life more comfortable and easy when you work in the kitchen.

How to Design a Flawless Kitchen Island Bench

When you need efficient storage space in your kitchen, a kitchen island bench is ideal. You could use it for storing all your kitchen items conveniently. Hiring experienced kitchen designers could be the best way for getting the kitchen island bench you need. These designers would be able to consider your requirements and come up with the best solution possible.

However, you could consider creating one yourself. You’ll need a strong frame that can store your items perfectly. People typically use steel for creating the frame for the kitchen island bench. Steel is both robust and durable. As such, it will give your bench the perfect frame and structure. Then, based on the size of your kitchen, you’ll need to take the appropriate measurements for the dimensions of the kitchen island bench. For the external surface, choose an elegant and durable material such as wood or timber. Seal the timber with timber oil. Thereafter, lock and screw the bolts in the bench to finish the job.

Do You Want to Incorporate Modern Kitchen Designs in Your Sydney Property?

Many kitchens typically do not have a smart layout that optimises space while providing immense utility. This is why many people in Sydney hire the specialist designers at The Kitchen Broker. We’re an award winning team of kitchen designers with immense expertise in the art of kitchen design. We provide an effective blend of intelligent design and stylish elegance to complement the functionality of your kitchen. Whether you need a kitchen island bench or a walk-in pantry, we can give you the kitchen you badly want. Call us at (02) 9484 3464 for a hassle-free experience.

How to Design the Cook’s Triangle in Your Kitchen

the cooks triangle


Few homeowners would be aware that the concept of the cook’s triangle emerged during the 1940s. At the time, kitchens used to be very small. In addition, the appliances used in kitchens were usually quite large. As such, people only used their kitchens for cooking meals. To make this activity easier, builders used the kitchen work triangle to connect the three main work areas in the kitchen i.e. the sink, the cooking range and the refrigerator. Estimates suggest that the distance between these areas must range from four to nine feet. Or, the sum of all three sides of this triangle must range from 13 to 26 feet. Any smaller and your kitchen could feel cramped and blocked. Any larger and you would find it hard to cook inside the kitchen regularly.

Tips for Designing the Cook’s Triangle in Your Kitchen

In recent times, kitchens often share space with the dining and living areas for easy entertaining. This is why modern kitchens will be much larger. When you’re looking at redesigning your kitchen, consider how well you get around in your existing kitchen. This would help you ascertain how best to organise your kitchen workspace within the cook’s triangle layout. The triangle will typically confine your cooking areas to one side of the kitchen. Therefore, you’ll be able to utilise the remaining space for entertaining, eating or doing homework.

It’s worth highlighting that the shape of your kitchen will influence the shape of your kitchen triangle. As such, the likelihood exists that the lengths of the triangle might not be completely even. Always ensure that nothing blocks the lines of the triangle. Objects such as trashcans could make working in the kitchen more difficult. In addition, ensure that the kitchen has adequate preparation space for easier cooking. Use this for placing your spices and utensils near the stove.

The Kitchen Broker – We Bring Your Kitchen Ideas to Life in Sydney

When you need kitchen planners par excellence, don’t look beyond The Kitchen Broker. We have an experienced team of award winning Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs) and leading tradespeople. Whether you want to make extensive renovations or include the cook’s triangle to your kitchen, our team can give you precisely what you need. From designing the kitchen to liaising with various suppliers, we’ll do it all. Click here to see why we’re among the leading kitchen designers in Sydney.

Heighten the Functionality and Beauty of Your Kitchen with the Best Walk In Pantry

walk in pantry
Going by recent trends, the kitchen has become the centre of the modern house. Homeowners often look for ways to make their kitchens more functional and appealing. In recent times, homeowners have felt the need for creating additional space in the kitchen. This has led to an increase in the popularity of walk in pantries. A walk in pantry is ideal for reducing the frequency of your shopping trips. It’s perfect when you want to capitalise on making bulk purchases as well.

How to Plan the Inclusion of a Walk In Pantry to Your Kitchen

Planning your walk-in pantry is very important. Consider the following aspects when you’re keen on adding a walk-in pantry to your existing kitchen.

  • The Dimensions: In many cases, the best location for the pantry could be in a hallway, the garage or on a stair landing. Therefore, consider how you’ll be approaching the pantry. For instance, do you need to step up or down. In addition, consider the sweep of the door and the space available when you select the pantry doors.
  • The Traffic: Measure your existing space meticulously. This would help prevent the pantry from blocking access to other areas in the kitchen.
  • The Storage: Consider the items that you’ll be purchasing in bulk for customising your storage requirements accordingly. Measuring the size of frequently stored items is essential for designing the shelves.
  • The Storage Conditions: Ensure that your pantry remains cool and dry for storing an assortment of canned, packaged and dried foods – from homemade preserves to spices.
  • The Lighting and Ventilation: Ensure that the pantry has ample lighting to find what you need easily. In addition, consider incorporating passive ventilation in the pantry. This will keep the air fresh while minimising odours.

Get the Best Kitchen Designers to Bring Your Modern Kitchen Designs to Life in Sydney

Whether your kitchen needs a walk in pantry or some elegant kitchen cabinets, it’s best to hire an experienced kitchen designer. At The Kitchen Broker, we have an award-winning team of kitchen designers. Each of these experts can design your kitchen and help you choose the right finishes for it. Thereafter, we will liaise with the manufacturing industry and help you get the best value for your kitchen – both in price and quality. Check out some of the ideas you could use in your kitchen here.

Tips for Picking the Kitchen Planner in Sydney Who Can Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality

modern kitchen design
Dozens of service providers offering kitchen planner services abound in major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. This is because the kitchen has acquired immense importance in modern houses. People do not use kitchens only for preparing meals these days. Instead, they use the kitchens for a number of different activities too. Whether you have a large kitchen or a small one, the likelihood exists that you can always improve it further. Kitchen planners or designers help you accomplish this easily.

How to Find the Best Kitchen Planners for Your Renovations in Sydney or Other Cities

Kitchen planners are professionals who transform your dreams into reality. They take your ideas and imbue them with practical touches. Among other things, these individuals provide assistance in selecting the finest materials and the best designs, purchasing the materials needed and installing them. When you’re searching for a reputed outfit, consider the following factors.

  • Ascertain your requirements from your kitchen planning firm
  • Obtain references from friends or look for kitchen planning services in your city
  • Look for service providers that have the appropriate accreditations and experience
  • Go through the services and products offered by these companies i.e. the brands they stock, the range of designs, styles and materials they offer etc.
  • Visit review sites and online forums for checking feedback on these companies concerning their timeliness, the quality of services offered, the customer satisfaction they provide as well as their flexibility
  • Shortlist a few companies on these points and contact them for free consultations and,
  • During the interaction, highlight your requirements and check the suggestions or solutions offered

Hire Kitchen Designers with Experience in Implementing Modern Kitchen Designs in Sydney

When you need the best value for your money, consider utilising The Kitchen Broker for all your kitchen-related projects. Sydneysiders consider us among the most reputed kitchen planners in Sydney. Typically, homeowners hire architects for designing their homes. Then, they look for quality builders to construct the house within the stipulated budget. The Kitchen Broker does the same. However, we bypass the numerous costs of retail shopfronts. Instead, we source supplies directly from reputed suppliers and craftsmen to ensure you get the best deal. Our team of award-winning designers will help you in obtaining a kitchen that blends intelligent design and stylish elegance perfectly. For a hassle-free kitchen renovation experience, call us at (02) 9484 3464

Detailed Kitchen Plans Could be the Best Way to Get the Kitchen You Always Wanted

Kitchen Planners


Effective plans often lead to the desired results. In contemporary times, the kitchen has become the centre of the home. Family members spend several hours a week in the kitchen, preparing and cooking delicious meals. Clearly, this involves a lot of movement and various repetitive actions. In this scenario, if you find that your kitchen hampers your efficiency levels, you might need to consider giving it a makeover. However, before you start looking for kitchen designers, ensure that you formulate detailed kitchen plans.

The Essential Elements of Contemporary Kitchen Plans

Your kitchen plan will typically include various functional and aesthetical improvements that you need. However, ensure that it covers the following aspects too.

  • The Kitchen Layout: Create a rough blueprint of your existing kitchen. You might find that the refrigerator is not close enough to the sink. Or, that your stove or oven lies at the other end of the kitchen. To eliminate these hassles, focus on the kitchen work triangle i.e. the sink, the stove and the refrigerator. Keep these in close proximity to make preparing and cooking dishes easier. In addition, consider enhancing your working space by incorporating a kitchen island.
  • The Flooring: Your flooring provides a base (or a backdrop) to the room. Therefore, look for options that will complement the colour patterns of your kitchen. Tiled and wooden floors are popular nowadays. In addition, you could consider manufactured flooring options such as linoleum too. These are easy to maintain, while being immensely affordable too.
  • Cabinets and Countertops: If you need greater storage space within easy reach, consider exploring various cabinets and countertop options.
  • Appliances: Upgrade any dated appliances that you have. Also, consider purchasing appliances that are visually appealing and energy efficient.

The Kitchen Broker – We Bring Your Kitchen Ideas to Life in Sydney

If you need help in designing your kitchen and selecting the best finishes for it, you need to hire specialists. The Kitchen Broker is a team of independent award winning Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs) and leading tradespeople. We represent you to the kitchen industry to find the company that can deliver the value you seek from your kitchen plans. We help you pinpoint the areas that need a makeover. Thereafter, we utilise our expertise to achieve the best outcome in terms of both price and quality. To get in touch, call us at (02) 9484 3464.

Why Hiring the Best Kitchen Designers in Sydney Could be a Fruitful Investment

kitchen designers sydney

A number of homeowners in Sydney feel that their kitchens are not very comfortable for working in. In this scenario, having the guidance of professional kitchen designers in Sydney or elsewhere could be invaluable. These individuals are usually well versed in the domain. As such, they could give you the best advice for transforming your kitchen to offer better levels of functionality. At the same time, they could help you avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.

Why You Must Consider Hiring Reputed and Experienced Kitchen Designers in Sydney and Other Cities

Homeowners could spend a fortune on kitchen renovation, before they find how costly these remodelling projects invariably are. This is why having a kitchen designer to guide you could be invaluable. A professional kitchen designer would understand your requirements first. Thereafter, the designer would match your requirements with the experience gained over years of handling similar projects. As such, the designer would typically be able to save you time and money.

Depending on your budget, the designer would be able to help you prioritise your requirements. In addition, by using various software applications, the designer would be able to present a To-be image of your final kitchen for your review. This might seem insignificant. However, it enables you to make any last-minute changes to the layout before the work actually commences. This ends up saving time, effort and money.

Lastly, kitchen designers often handle all the interactions with suppliers and tradespeople themselves. So, you don’t need to expend effort in liaising with different people simultaneously. This is how kitchen designers often make a kitchen renovation a hassle-free project.

Do You Require Assistance with Implementing Custom Kitchens in Your Sydney Home?

It’s nigh impossible to get a fully functional kitchen that is aesthetically appealing too, without the help of expert kitchen designers in Sydney. Kitchens are no longer places for preparing food. As such, having an elegant and functional kitchen is a necessity. The Kitchen Broker helps in bringing your dream kitchen to life. We have a team of award winning Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs) and leading tradespeople. We take care of all designing work in our one-stop design studio. Here, you can watch the kitchen of your dreams come to life before your very eyes. When it comes to kitchen renovations, we take all the hassle out of these projects. For more information, call us at (02) 9484 3464 today.