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Modern Kitchen Designs in Sydney – 3 Key Factors to Consider!


Nowadays, kitchens are much more than merely a place to cook food. This is the reason why modern kitchen designs in Sydney are as much focused on entertainment, eating and storage as its visual appeal.  While some homeowners approach a kitchen remodelling project by looking at the popular kitchen ideas in Sydney in some magazines others prefer to consider the size and number of appliances they have in their kitchens. No matter what your requirements are, it’s recommended to make the quality your topmost priority regardless of whether you are buying cabinetry or choosing the colour of your walls. Let’s have a look at some important factors to consider before choosing the best renovation design ideas for your kitchen:

  1. The Layout: The reason behind all efficient kitchens is their well-planned layout. An optimized layout ensures that your kitchen has a plenty of space for movement, sufficient storage and high quality components. Lastly, try to pick modern kitchen designs in Sydney that will blend seamlessly with the rest of the house. If you give consideration to these points, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a positive feedback and a lot of compliments for your refined taste and brilliant mind.
  1. Choose The Right Professionals – The importance of professionals specializing in modern kitchen designs in Sydney can be realized from the fact that they can make even the smallest job much more effective and result oriented. They will bring their immensely valuable industry experience to your project and make it a spellbinding success the very first time.
  1. Work Area And Flooring – Ask any expert proficient in modern kitchen designs in Sydney about the most strained areas of a kitchen, and they will tell you about flooring and benchtops. So, it makes sense to do the best you can for these crucial areas of your kitchen. If possible, try to continue with the same flooring materials in your kitchen from the rest of the house. This simple step will create an illusion of a larger space.

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Tips for Selecting the Best Flooring when You Implement Your Kitchen Plans

Costs always play a significant role when you want to give your homes a makeover. This is why many homeowners cannot implement all their kitchen plans at the same time. This is why it makes sense prioritising all the changes you want in your kitchen. In kitchens, homeowners often look at enhancing their storage space or purchasing new appliances. Not many will consider changing their kitchen floors. As a result, while the kitchen will end up looking swanky, the floor might appear odd.

The Flooring Options You Must Consider in Your Kitchen Plans

While drawing up classic or modern kitchen designs in Sydney, many homeowners do not consider their floors. But kitchen floors can enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen considerably. Pick floors that blend with the colour scheme, the aesthetics and the architectural style of your kitchen.

Some of the most popular kitchen flooring options include:

  • Tiles: Practical and easy to clean, these come in an assortment of designs and materials e.g. porcelain, stone and ceramics. Examine the properties of each tile you like. Thereafter, assess whether it will help you achieve the look you want to achieve in your kitchen.
  • Vinyl: Soft and spongy to walk on, vinyl offers both high-end and inexpensive flooring options. It is easy to clean. It also provides a soft and pleasant feel under the foot. Select this for giving your kitchen an aesthetically pleasing floor.
  • Timber: This versatile material comes in various widths, lengths, tones and shades. You can customise timber floors to suit your style too. For instance, you could pick a solid timber floor that goes in before the kitchen. Or, you could opt for a floating timber floor that the installers fit together in pieces after the installation of the kitchen.

Select the Best Kitchen Designers for Bringing Your Kitchen Ideas to Life in Sydney

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Implement the Best Kitchen Ideas to Enhance the Stylishness of Your Kitchen in Sydney

Dozens of homeowners throughout major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne often look for ways to make their kitchens more stylish and elegant. Or, they explore ways to boost the functionality of their kitchens without needing to make wholesale changes. It is an undeniable fact that kitchens are the centres of homes these days. So, it is unsurprising that homeowners want to freshen up the look of their kitchen. If you want to give your kitchen a makeover, examine various kitchen ideas that are becoming increasingly popular in Sydney and other cities.

The Top Kitchen Ideas to Give Your Kitchens a Makeover in Sydney and Elsewhere

Any kitchen design project could end up being costly. This is why it’s necessary to strike a balance between the essential and decorative elements of your project. Prioritise the essential changes that you want and deal with those first. Thereafter, if your budget permits, implement the other decorative features that you want.

Some of the most popular classic kitchen renovation trends this year include:

  • Wooden Kitchen Cabinets: The demand for oak kitchen cabinets is on the rise. In the past, people loved using the trendy-looking red oak for their cabinets. Nowadays, the preferences have switched to white oak that features a blonde wooden tone.
  • Fabrications Made of Oil-Rubbed Bronze: Stainless steel fixtures are prominent in many kitchens. However, if you want your kitchen to look different, consider using fabrications that exude a more contemporary look. For instance, oil-rubbed bronze for kitchen fixtures such as faucets, handles and knobs can look quite appealing.
  • Colourful or White Sinks: If you’re using fixtures made of copper and bronze, consider revamping your kitchen sink too. Opt for a plain white sink. Or, consider a sink in a warm colour that complements the metals used in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Broker – Your Top-Rated Kitchen Planner in Sydney

Whether you need a stylish kitchen or a kitchen that offers better levels of functionality, you need a team of experts. The Kitchen Broker comprises an award winning team of kitchen designers. We have several years of experience in the art of kitchen design. Our expertise and experience is what makes us one of Sydney’s best kitchen designers. This is precisely why many Sydneysiders rely on us to bring their kitchen ideas to life in Sydney. Check out some of our best design tips here.

Design Your Dream Kitchen with These Kitchen Ideas in Sydney

kitchen storage

As far as efficient kitchen design is concerned, a clever storage plan is the most important thing to consider. It is obvious that you will not like to search for the things in the cabinets while cooking, so make sure every cooking ingredient, from spices to vegetables is stored at a convenient location in the kitchen. Many times people overlook the functionality in kitchen ideas in Sydney while designing their homes when it must be their top most priority.

While implementing your kitchen plans, determine the locations where your drawers and cabinets will be placed and also decide a permanent place for the pans and pots. Make sure that all these items are in the close vicinity to the cooking zone so that you don’t have to wander here and there in the kitchen looking for things. If you have kids in your house, make sure that the countertop of the kitchen is easily accessible to them so that they can help you or even learn when you are cooking.

Kitchen Plans – Tips to Arrange a Well-Organized Kitchen

The next important factor that needs to be considered in all types of kitchen plans is the organization. Ask any chef in the world about the most important thing that is required for the convenient cooking in the kitchen; almost all would say it’s the way various elements in the kitchen are organized! Make sure everything is well organized without ever interrupting the work triangle.

The work triangle is the place between the refrigerator, stoves and cabinets, where all the walking happens. It is the place where the whole crowd of the kitchen is located and if you have a big family or regular visitors in the pantry area, make sure your work triangle is large and centrally located.

Regardless of the kitchen ideas in Sydney you chose for your kitchen, it is important to ensure that the kitchen is easy to clean and maintain. Choose the countertops that can be cleaned with simple procedures so that you don’t have to go through the burden of washing your kitchen every day. To prevent spills, make sure your countertop is raised from the edges.

If you need more information about kitchen ideas in Sydney or any advice on choosing the best design for your kitchen, contact The Kitchen Broker today.

A Brief Guide to Choose an Efficient Kitchen Layout with Custom Kitchens


When it comes to well-designed custom kitchens in Sydney, a number of factors are needed to be considered to attain satisfying results. It depends on how it will be used and what are the appliances and accessories you want to keep in it. There are many reasons why homeowners opt for custom kitchens in Sydney. One of the main benefits of going for custom designs is that it allows you to build your cabinets and other kitchen essentials according to your convenience, needs and choice. For instance cabinets are an important aspect of any kitchen design. One of the best kitchen ideas in Sydney is to start with standard size cabinets and add anything you want according to your requirements.

Whether you are completely remodelling your kitchen or just making a few updates, the first thing you’ll need to is to plan the overall layout of your kitchen that can help you attain the maximum efficiency and aesthetic appeal for your kitchen. Nowadays, kitchen plans fall into several categories, and therefore, you have to make up your mind before opting for a plan that perfectly suits your needs. Let’s have a look at four different types of layouts that can give a new look to your kitchen.

The L-shaped layout is long from one end and short from the other. It is the most common type of layout because it offers a large central island and much larger space, making the kitchen look clutter-free and organized.

U-shaped layout is the most versatile type of kitchen plans for both large as well as small kitchens. A U-shaped kitchen provides continuous countertop and sufficient amount of space to the cook to store all the ingredients at a convenient reach.

G-shaped layouts are similar to U-shaped, offering a similar amount of storage and counter space surrounding the cook from three sides. The major difference between the two is that G-shaped kitchens come with a partial fourth wall for extra cabinets.

If you don’t have enough space to have a stylish kitchen layout then one walled kitchen can be the most suitable option for you. Due to the limited amount of space available, all the appliances and cabinets in this category are placed along one wall, making sure ample amount of space is left for the chef to cook.

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Why Custom Kitchens Are a Good Choice for Your Kitchens in Sydney and Elsewhere

These days, several homeowners are considering custom kitchens with increased favour in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Renovating a kitchen can be an expensive activity. Therefore, it makes sense to remodel your kitchen at the time you purchase your house. Many people succumb to the charms of the latest trends in kitchen designs. But once the charm wears off, they find themselves working in kitchens that are not as convenient as they first appeared to be. In contrast, a custom kitchen incorporates all your practical preferences. This is why they often exude a classic look.

The Benefits of Opting for Custom Kitchens in Sydney and Other Cities

When homeowners want their kitchens to meet their specific needs, they avoid classic and contemporary kitchen design styles. Instead, they focus on implementing various aspects of custom kitchen design. Customising a kitchen is not necessarily going to burn a hole in your wallet. This is because a custom kitchen enables you to select the design, the layout and the materials based on your budget.

People often use a kitchen planner in Sydney or elsewhere, to design custom kitchens. They like custom kitchens because these kitchens:

  • Meet their specific requirements perfectly
  • Utilise the space available the best, especially in smaller kitchens
  • Incorporate personal tastes and preferences in terms of colours, designs etc.
  • Are unique looking, thereby enhancing the visual appeal of the house
  • Fit perfectly into their budgets

Are You Looking for Kitchen Planners to Bring Your Modern Kitchen Designs to Life in Sydney?

At the Kitchen Broker, we have an experienced team of award winning Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs) and leading tradespeople. As professionals, we analyse your lifestyles, home traffic and other aspects. This enables us to identify the areas that need a makeover. To these details, we add other practical ideas that transform your kitchen beyond recognition. We handle the designing aspect in our one-stop design studio. Thus, you can visualise what your dream custom kitchens in Sydney will look like very easily.

We’re well versed in working with all kinds of budgets. We believe that kitchen renovations can be cost effective and not expensive. To see the difference we can make to your kitchen, click here.

Tips for Incorporating Modern Kitchen Designs in Your Sydney Home

Usually, people classify kitchens that use electricity or natural gas as modern kitchens. By virtue of this definition, a vast majority of homes in Australia would probably be modern kitchens. But modern kitchen designs in Sydney and other cities share a few other traits as well. For instance, modern kitchens these days feature a myriad of sleek designs. These serve to enhance the look of the kitchen. In addition, they typically feature a wide range of kitchen appliances that use state-of-the-art technology. Clearly, working in kitchens such as these will be nothing short of a delight for many homeowners.

How to Assimilate Features of Modern Kitchen Designs in Your Sydney Home

Many people continue putting up with drab and dreary kitchens for longer than they need. For many people, money remains the biggest deterrent. However, giving your kitchen a sleek look, need not necessarily be expensive. For instance, consider the following tips. You could use these to introduce elements of modern and custom kitchens in your homes in Sydney and other cities. In addition, you can choose to incorporate these in one major project or on a piecemeal basis. Either way, you’ll be able to transform your kitchen at your convenience.

  • Replace your existing cabinets with white cabinets or cabinets made from natural words e.g. mahogany, walnut etc.
  • Pick countertops made of marble or light-coloured quartz
  • Replace decorative pulls on your cabinetry by plumping for finger pulls that eliminate the clutter
  • When purchasing appliances, select those made of stainless steel
  • Create larger kitchen islands for managing your preparatory, cooking and dining requirements

The Kitchen Broker – Utilise the Expertise of the Best Kitchen Planner in Sydney

Enlist the services of the kitchen planners par excellence at The Kitchen Broker. We have an award winning team of kitchen designers, with years of experience in all aspects of kitchen designing. We’re able to deliver dream kitchens to our clients because we blend our expertise with their requirements. As a result, their kitchens are fantastic blends of intelligent design and stylish elegance that incorporate the best modern kitchen designs in Sydney.

If you have a kitchen that doesn’t offer much functionality, consider engaging the experts. We can make your kitchen both stylish and functional, at minimal cost. To see the difference we could make to your kitchen, check out some of our ideas and tips here.

Tips to Consider When Drawing Up Kitchen Plans

kitchen plans
If you’re tired of working in a cramped kitchen, perhaps it’s time to consider giving it a makeover. All it requires is meticulous planning and a keen eye on your budget. Once you know exactly what you require, finding the best kitchen planners for transforming your kitchen plans into a reality is hardly difficult. The key to a successful kitchen renovation often lies in knowing what you want and finding a professional to make your dreams a reality.

What Should You Include in Your Kitchen Plans?

Planning well is the key to the success of any project. This applies to kitchen renovations too. Without knowing the design you want or the look that you want your kitchen to exude, your kitchen renovation could be a failure. Similarly, the wrong appliances or finishing touches could end up marring the entire look of your kitchen.

Therefore, when you formulate your kitchen plan, consider:

  • Determining the choices in kitchen designs after considering the actual size and shape of your kitchen
  • The plumbing in the kitchen as well as your electrical sockets
  • Your family requirements i.e. is your kitchen a place where family members gather often or is it solely a space for cooking
  • Do you plan to install tiles or laminate your kitchen flooring
  • Does your kitchen require additional windows for bringing in more natural light and providing better ventilation
  • Are your appliances energy efficient
  • Are the paint, tiles and grout used in the kitchen suitable i.e. do they prevent the proliferation of micro-organisms

Are You Looking for a Dependable Kitchen Planner in Sydney?

You might have various ideas to increase the functionality or the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. However, not all these kitchen plans and ideas might be practical. To sift the practical from the unreal, you need a team of expert kitchen designers. This is what you get when you engage The Kitchen Broker.

Our team of award winning Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs) help you get the best value for your money. This is why homeowners with all kinds of budgets hire us for designing their kitchens. From classic kitchens to modern kitchen designs in Sydney, we handle all kinds of projects. For more details, call us at (02) 9484 3464 today.

How to Find the Best Kitchen Planner in Sydney

Juggling between reality and fiction can be difficult. For instance, many homeowners find themselves enlisting the drawbacks of their kitchen on a daily basis. But, kitchen-remodelling projects are not as easy as they first appear. Without proper planning and decision-making, your kitchen renovation could bust your budget in no time. Even worse, your renovated kitchen might not be as convenient as you had envisaged. This is why many people prefer hiring a kitchen planner for renovating their kitchens in Sydney and other cities.

Tips for Selecting the Best Kitchen Planner for Your Home in Sydney

Kitchen planners enable you to transform your dreams into reality. They take your ideas, refine them and give them a practical touch. Kitchen planners do not merely design kitchens or fine-tune your ideas. Oftentimes, they also help you in purchasing and installing various kitchen-related items. In many cases, they will also bring your kitchen plans to life by helping you select the best designs and the finest materials.

Given the numerous kitchen planners operating in your city, finding the best planner can be difficult. Therefore, consider the following when shortlisting a kitchen planner.

  • Evaluate your requirements and find a planner who can meet those requirements
  • Identify companies with a good reputation – especially in terms of meeting deadlines, providing quality work and offering high customer satisfaction
  • Evaluate the services and products on offer
  • Check whether the company provides flexibility in terms of handling the project
  • Obtain quotes from various planners and compare costs and services

The Kitchen Broker – Introducing Modern Kitchen Designs in Homes throughout Sydney

At the Kitchen Broker, you gain access to a team of award winning Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs) and leading tradespeople. For years, we’ve helped our clients transform their mundane kitchens into elegantly stylish ones. Our one-stop design studio enables us to design all our kitchens according to the satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, you get to see your dream kitchen come to life, just as you wanted.

We cater to clients’ requirements regardless of their budgets. Our expertise enables us to get you the best value for your money. If you’re looking for ways to transform your kitchen, click here. Secure the services of the best kitchen planner in Sydney for giving your kitchen a marvellous makeover.