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Get the Best Classic Kitchen in Your Neighbourhood

Classic Kitchen design sydney

Oftentimes, homeowners make various renovations to make their homes pleasant and liveable. Typically, these changes involve making the best use of space in the house. In addition, some changes could even enhance the stylish and aesthetical quotient of the house. When it comes to kitchens, homeowners often view their kitchens as the centrepieces of their homes. This is why they hire expert designers to make their kitchens aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. After all, having a classic kitchen in your home can enhance its appeal considerably.

The Salient Features of a Classic Kitchen

Some homeowners are not impressed with the frequent changes in kitchen designs and styles. They know that with time, designs and styles will keep experiencing several changes. Because of this, they avoid incorporating modern changes in their kitchens. After all, they do not want their kitchens to look dated in a few years. Rather, they want their kitchens to exude a timeless and classic look. This is why they often consider the following kitchen ideas for implementing in their kitchens in their Sydney homes.

For instance, some of the hallmarks of classic kitchens feature:

  • Combinations of white and wood such as white coloured cabinets, wooden floorboards etc.
  • Polished metal cabinet handles, plumbing fixtures, hinges etc.
  • The use of vintage hardware that exudes a classic appearance
  • The use of modern appliances to boost the functionality of the kitchen and,
  • Bright and well-ventilated interiors that use natural light extensively

The Kitchen Broker – Experts in Implementing Classic and Modern Kitchen Designs in Sydney

Homeowners often have various kitchen ideas that they want to implement in their kitchens. Unfortunately, not all kitchen ideas are worth implementing. This is where a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) approach could be costly and time consuming. At The Kitchen Broker, you get the best attention from an award winning team of kitchen designers. We are specialists in the art of kitchen design. The kitchens we design are an effective blend of intelligent design, stylish elegance and effective functionality. Therefore, utilise our expertise for getting that classic kitchen you always wanted. Call us at (02) 9484 3464 to see how we could transform your kitchen.

Why Modern Kitchen Designs are Becoming Increasingly Popular in Sydney

Kitchen Designers Sydney

People invest a lot of time, effort and money when they purchase a home of their own. Therefore, they spare no effort in making their house a dream home. In the past, people often invested a lot of their time in beautifying their bedrooms. These days however, they are also taking a keen interest in making their kitchens as stylish and functional as possible. Many kitchen renovators will readily acknowledge that several of their clients are keen on utilising the best modern kitchen designs in their homes in big cities like Sydney.

The Benefits of Adopting Modern Kitchen Designs in Sydney and Other Cities

When people are keen to acquire modern kitchens, they usually follow one of the following approaches.

  • The Modern Art Centric Approach: This approach focuses on using modern art as an inspiration for creating the overall look of the kitchen. Therefore, designers typically focus on designs that have clean and straight lines. These kitchens will be free of various knickknacks and other embellishments. In addition, the appliances will match the colour scheme of the kitchen.
  • The Modern Technology Approach: Here, the kitchen designers focus on utilising the latest technologically advanced kitchen appliances. This helps in creating a classic kitchen. Such appliances could include computerised refrigerators, stoves, ovens etc.

People in major cities like modern kitchens because:

  • They exude a minimalist look, making them easier to clean
  • They feature clean lines, which makes it a pleasure to work in the kitchen
  • They usually have plenty of light, which makes the kitchen bright and,
  • They exude a spacious look and feel

The Kitchen Broker – The Experts Who Can Bring Your Kitchen Ideas to Life in Sydney

Many people want to have a kitchen that floors their guests. Therefore, they hire an expert designer. The Kitchen Broker comprises a team of award winning Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs) and leading tradespeople. We take care of all designing work in our one-stop design studio. This is where we show you what your planned modern kitchen designs will look like in your Sydney home. Once you give the go-ahead, we leave no stone unturned to transform your vision into a reality. To see the difference we could make to your kitchen, call us at (02) 9484 3464 today.

Understand the Choice of Open or Closed Kitchens

Open kitchen design

Better lighting, enhanced space

Juggling between various activities is a reality today. This is true regardless of whether you’re working in an office or whether you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen. Both sets of activities require managing an assortment of tasks in a limited span of time. Of these, the kitchen often takes precedence. If your kitchen design is erratic or flawed, you could find the elements conspiring against you. As a result, anything you do in the kitchen will end up resembling an uphill task. Read more »

Why You Must Consider a Kitchen Designer if You’re Remodelling Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodelling projects are among the most common (and popular) projects that homeowners across the country carry out throughout the year. This highlights that the fact that the kitchen has become more than just a place for cooking and preparing food in contemporary times. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the kitchen is the centre of activity in the home.

Homeowners throughout Australia want their kitchen to be a classic kitchen. They realise the importance of having a sleek, stylish and functional kitchen. This is why they often spare no efforts in ensuring that the kitchen designer or renovator understands their requirements perfectly. Working alongside someone who can fine-tune your ideas is oftentimes the easiest way to achieving your objective.

What Aspects Should You Consider When Designing Your Kitchens?

It is worth remembering that a well thought out kitchen design could give you a kitchen that you’d love showing off to your visitors. This is why many people opt for designing their own kitchens. After all, who can understand what constitutes the ideal kitchen better than you do?

Given the wide range of ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) tools that people have access to these days, many people feel that kitchen designing is not much different from any other repair job. As a result, they step into a situation that quickly turns into a nightmare. To avoid this situation from occurring, ensure that you consider the following aspects.

Ascertain and Note Your Requirements: Jot down everything that you expect from the renovated kitchen design. For instance, do you want your kitchen to be a place you use only for cooking meals? Or, would you like your kitchen to have ample seating space for eating and get-togethers too? Include the furniture and appliances that you absolutely require too.

Get Your Planning Right: Once you know what you want from your kitchen, it’s time to focus on planning the look of your kitchen. A quick search on the internet will reveal a plethora of online kitchen planners. A kitchen planner refers to a software that you could download for free. Find one that you’re comfortable with and set about creating a digital version of your renovated kitchen. This software is particularly useful if you want to experiment with various design features and colour schemes to find the best combination.

  • Ascertain and Note Your Requirements: Jot down everything that you expect from the renovated kitchen design. For instance, do you want your kitchen to be a place you use only for cooking meals? Or, would you like your kitchen to have ample seating space for eating and get-togethers too? Include the furniture and appliances that you absolutely require too.
  • Get Your Planning Right: Once you know what you want from your kitchen, it’s time to focus on planning the look of your kitchen. A quick search on the internet will reveal a plethora of online kitchen planners. A kitchen planner refers to a software that you could download for free. Find one that you’re comfortable with and set about creating a digital version of your renovated kitchen. This software is particularly useful if you want to experiment with various design features and colour schemes to find the best combination.
  • Broaden Your Horizons: One of the most important aspects to consider when remodelling your kitchen is to do the background research thoroughly. Thus far, you’ll have acquired a perfect idea of all your needs and requirements. Now, consider bolstering your knowledge with the ideas and concepts from people in the remodelling industry. For instance, visit kitchen appliance and furniture showrooms. Check out what’s on offer. Speak to any kitchen designers you come across. Use their expertise to fine-tune your designs and plans. At the same time, evaluate which of the designers will be able to bring your ideas to life the best.
  • Bring in the Professionals: Avoid going it alone unless you’re experienced in renovating kitchens. DIY jobs might seem convenient and economical. However, if the result is not what you require, you’ll be looking at a lot of wasted time, effort and above all, money. Therefore, select the designers that you’re most comfortable with. Check their previous work and question them on how they will be able to match the kitchen they design with the plans you had in mind.
  • Monitor Progress: Lastly, avoid interfering unnecessarily in the work of your kitchen designer. However, don’t hesitate to monitor the progress of your remodelling project. If you feel unsure about something, express your concerns. Remember, compromising with your kitchen design will not be fruitful in the long run.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Kitchen Designer?

Many people might feel that remodelling a kitchen is merely about implementing an assimilation of various kitchen ideas in their homes in Sydney and other cities. However, designing a kitchen is nothing short of a project by itself. It typically involves:

  • Determining a layout
  • Figuring out the plumbing and electrical configurations
  • Selecting the right materials and appliances and,
  • Co-ordinating with various vendors for different aspects of the kitchen

Therefore, unless you have the time to devote yourself full-time to this activity, you’d be better off hiring a professional kitchen designer.

Kitchen designers do not just love designing kitchens. As experts in the domain, they have a comprehensive vault of ideas and information. This enables them to give you the best results for your money. For instance, they could help you budget wisely. They could negotiate terms on your behalf while dealing with various suppliers. As a result, you don’t need to spend time dealing with these suppliers or bargaining with them.

In addition, they will utilise the latest and specialised resources for making your kitchen beautiful and functional. Above all, they will be able to ensure that your kitchen remains stylishly elegant too. Kitchen designers understand how to assimilate and integrate all the various aspects of a kitchen seamlessly. It’s hardly surprising that they remain the best equipped for giving you the kitchen you always dreamed of.

Are You Looking for a Reliable Kitchen Planner in Sydney?

If you’re keen on giving your kitchen a makeover, call the experts. At The Kitchen Broker, you gain access to an award winning team of kitchen designers. All our professionals have years of experience in the art of kitchen design. Their expertise and experience lies at the core of our reputation. It enables us to give our clients the kitchen of their dreams.

Recently, Houzz Australia awarded us with the prestigious ‘Best of Houzz 2015’ for Customer Service. This testifies to our abilities at transforming ordinary kitchens into elegant and functional spaces. To see how we could transform your kitchen, call us at (02) 9484 3464.

Does Your House Need an Outdoor Kitchen?

Kitchens, for long, have served as the place where the occupants of a house prepare and cook food. Many people view cooking as just one of the chores that they need to get over with each day. As a result, the kitchen often remains on the fringes of their minds. It is useful to have a kitchen that provides clever storage space and ample space for movement. However, not many homeowners expect more of their kitchens other than these basic requirements. Thankfully, this trend is fast becoming obsolete.

The Metamorphosis of the Humble Kitchen

In recent times, homeowners have woken up to the immense value and benefits that their kitchens provide. Thus, it is hardly surprising that modern kitchens do not merely offer ample storage and working space. They also offer simple novelties that enhance the benefits of the kitchen manifold. For example, many contemporary kitchens have seating areas. People can use these for having a quick bite, for chatting with friends while cooking or even, for supervising the homework of the kids.

In addition, modern kitchen designs also seek to utilise the space available as effectively as possible. Therefore, recesses in walls will be able to store kitchen appliances, utensils etc. when not in use. As a result, not only does this feature provide effective utilisation of space, so vital in smaller kitchens. It also keeps the kitchen appear spacious and uncluttered. Other design elements such as kitchen islands, colourful splashbacks and countertops etc. also serve to enliven the kitchen further. This is why the kitchens of today are not just functional and spacious. They are stylish and aesthetically appealing as well. Recent as these developments might be, yet another trend is fast catching on in many cities throughout the country. This trend develops the kitchen concept even further and takes it outdoors too.

What are Outdoor Kitchens?

Some privileged and canny homeowners know that their outdoor kitchens are fabulous additions to their homes. Outdoor kitchens build upon and develop the concept of the outdoor barbecue experience. Outdoor barbecues, while enjoyable, often offer none of the conveniences that the hosts typically enjoy in the confines of their kitchen. Outdoor barbecues are not elegant or comfortable either. Looking to blend comfort, elegance, functionality and innovation, kitchen designers came up with the concept of the outdoor kitchen.

The outdoor kitchen is one of the most novel kitchen ideas in recent times. The trend is fast catching on in many of the major cities in Australia. You might feel that the concept of the outdoor kitchen is worthwhile for entertaining your guests at parties. However, it is worth reflecting that you could use your outdoor kitchen on an everyday basis too. For instance, dining indoors, especially in fine weather, can be quite dull and monotonous. With an outdoor kitchen though, you could partake of a delightful experience in the open air. Even dining out might not appear as appealing as much as dining in your outdoor kitchen

What are the Essential Aspects of Designing an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen typically comprises a space for grilling food. It also comprises a hearth product such as a fireplace or a fire pit. In recent times, kitchen planners have fitted the outdoor kitchen with all the necessary accoutrements of the indoor kitchen. Therefore, your outdoor kitchen could have other essentials including:

  • A raised bar that serves as an eating area as well
  • An expansive counter space that makes it easy to prepare food
  • A counter that comes fitted with sinks, cutting boards, trash bins etc.
  • A storage space
  • Outdoor kitchen appliances including an outdoor grill, an outdoor refrigerator etc.

Before you venture into designing an outdoor kitchen, consider the space you have to work with. Assess whether you want to use it for entertaining a large number of guests or whether you would prefer that it appear secluded and relaxing. Similarly, consider how you would want to use the space. For instance, do you want to use the outdoor kitchen only for preparing food? Or, do you want to incorporate an eating area as well?

The budgetary consideration is another aspect that you need to focus on. For all its benefits, it is worth giving the concept of having an outdoor kitchen immense thought. Such projects can be quite complicated. Depending on your requirements and tastes, such projects might involve a lot of money too. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to hire a reputed local kitchen planner. For example, a kitchen planner in Sydney would be able to build upon your requirements for an outdoor kitchen in a cost effective manner.

What are the Benefits of Having an Outdoor Kitchen on Your Property?

Having an outdoor kitchen can be quite beneficial. With an outdoor kitchen:

  • Cooking and dining outside can become an enjoyable experience for the entire family
  • Entertaining your visitors becomes easier and more convenient (outdoor parties will usually not make the main kitchen or house messy, for instance)
  • You can utilise your outdoor space effectively
  • You would not need to spend a lot of money for creating a second kitchen or breaking down your existing kitchen to re-model or re-design it
  • You can enhance the re-sale value of your property and,
  • You could enhance your social life

Are You Looking for Reputed Kitchen Designers to Make Your Kitchen Ideas a Reality in Sydney?

At the Kitchen Broker, you gain access to award winning Certified Kitchen Designers (CKDs). Our team comprises award-winning designers and leading tradespeople. Our reputation and expertise enables us to give you the best value for each dollar that you spend. This is regardless of your budget.

For making your dream kitchen a reality, we consider your lifestyles, home traffic, function and the adjoining areas. This helps us identify areas that need a makeover and a stylish touch. In addition, we handle the designing aspect in our one-stop design studio. As a result, visualising the progress of your kitchen is no longer difficult or time-consuming. Further, we also provide the latest kitchen fittings, benchtops, splashbacks and appliances based on your budget. Taken together, all of these make working in the kitchen, a delightful experience.

Therefore, consider giving yourself the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Call us at (02) 9484 3464 today.

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Sydney, February, 2015 – The Kitchen Broker of Pennant Hills has been awarded ‘Best of Houzz 2015’ for Customer Service by, the leading platform for home renovation and design. The Kitchen Broker only has award winning certified kitchen designers, working in their design firm and was chosen by the more than 25 million users that make up the Houzz community (with over 1 million in Australia). The Kitchen Broker was selected from among more than 500,000 home professionals worldwide Read more »

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