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How to Plan Your Kitchen Design for Achieving a More Functional and Stylish Look

You might have fond memories of the kitchen in your parent’s house. It might bring back the memories of exciting smells wafting through the house. Or, you might even have memories of constantly getting in the way of your mother. In fact, you might even remember your parents scolding you for “getting in the way”. At the time, you might have felt that it was your fault for coming in the way of your parents, while they were working in the kitchen. However, in retrospect, it might not entirely have been your fault. Read more »

Smart Tricks To Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

Kitchen is the most important part of a house, and a well designed one can make the house livelier. A good design is based on aesthetics and functionality, and it can transform a small space to appear a lot bigger. If you are planning kitchen renovations in Sydney, you may like to go through some kitchen ideas provided here for increasing the visual appeal and functionality by making small modifications. Read more »

Plain Unit to Glamour Unit

Unit living can bring a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to catering for a family. One of the obvious things is general storage.

A two to three bedroom unit above the ground floor offers as a rule the basic requirements, so making sure you utilise the storage you have wisely is important.

Many developers have built MultiMate units in and around the city centres to make money and were careful not to go overboard with design or finishes to maximise return on investment. Many built these units in desirable locations that are close to work and to the city action. This, in many cases, is the most important thing for them, as location was the main motivator and as long as they had the bedrooms they needed, and the unit was fresh and new, that was the priority. Read more »

Sydney Kitchen Design – Waterfront

When you have a large kitchen dining area overlooking a full length verandah that overlooks a stunning harbour view, you would think that the kitchen would be a priority & the design of the kitchen would complement the space to maximise everything that this space offers.

Well that’s what you would think, but the builders of this wonderful house had no idea about kitchen design, functional kitchen space or resale value. Read more »

Top 4 Design Tips To Quickly Transform Your Kitchen

Whether you are planning a quick makeover for your kitchen or you may have something more significant in mind, there are some really effective kitchen ideas in Sydney that most of the renowned kitchen designers use to transform kitchens with little effort and minimal cost. As surprising as it may sound, but there are a number of small things in your kitchen that you can revamp to make an astonishing impact. These small modifications could be the addition of a new walk in pantry or even a painting. May be you wish to improve the functionality of your kitchen or you want to add a touch of style and elegance to the bland space. Let’s have a look at some clever kitchen design tips that you can use for inspiration in your next kitchen makeover. Read more »

Clever Kitchen Storage

When doing your kitchen plans, storage is a top priority. In modern kitchen designs we talk about the cooks triangle and we talk about walk in pantries for bulk storage. But in kitchen renovations designed by top kitchen designers, clever convenient storage is a priority. Walk in pantries are great for bulk storage, but having everything at hand where you need and when you need, is better design.

Read more »

Hire a Kitchen Designer to Give Your Kitchen a Stylishly Functional Makeover

Every dream home has a story behind it. After all, it takes an individual immense time, effort and money to purchase that ideal home. In many cases, the homeowner stays contented with the dream home for some years. Over time however, changing requirements necessitate changes to the structure and design of the house. Occasionally, the homeowner might feel that the kitchen needs a makeover. It might not be utilising space effectively. Alternatively, it might not have sufficient space for placing some necessary and convenient home appliances. Read more »

HIA Homeshow Sydney 2014

The major and most significant home show in 2014 in NSW will be staged in Sydney at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. The show will commence on the 19th of June and finish Sunday the 22th of June. This is the show to go to, if you want to see the serious contributors in the new build and renovation market. Read more »