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Top 4 Design Tips To Quickly Transform Your Kitchen

Whether you are planning a quick makeover for your kitchen or you may have something more significant in mind, there are some really effective kitchen ideas in Sydney that most of the renowned kitchen designers use to transform kitchens with little effort and minimal cost. As surprising as it may sound, but there are a number of small things in your kitchen that you can revamp to make an astonishing impact. These small modifications could be the addition of a new walk in pantry or even a painting. May be you wish to improve the functionality of your kitchen or you want to add a touch of style and elegance to the bland space. Let’s have a look at some clever kitchen design tips that you can use for inspiration in your next kitchen makeover. Read more »

Clever Kitchen Storage

When doing your kitchen plans, storage is a top priority. In modern kitchen designs we talk about the cooks triangle and we talk about walk in pantries for bulk storage. But in kitchen renovations designed by top kitchen designers, clever convenient storage is a priority. Walk in pantries are great for bulk storage, but having everything at hand where you need and when you need, is better design.

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Hire a Kitchen Designer to Give Your Kitchen a Stylishly Functional Makeover

Every dream home has a story behind it. After all, it takes an individual immense time, effort and money to purchase that ideal home. In many cases, the homeowner stays contented with the dream home for some years. Over time however, changing requirements necessitate changes to the structure and design of the house. Occasionally, the homeowner might feel that the kitchen needs a makeover. It might not be utilising space effectively. Alternatively, it might not have sufficient space for placing some necessary and convenient home appliances. Read more »

HIA Homeshow Sydney 2014

The major and most significant home show in 2014 in NSW will be staged in Sydney at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. The show will commence on the 19th of June and finish Sunday the 22th of June. This is the show to go to, if you want to see the serious contributors in the new build and renovation market. Read more »

Custom Kitchens – Derive Benefits from a Kitchen that Matches You Step-for-Step

Every homeowner invests a lot of time and effort for acquiring a dream house. For many people, buying their home is the purchase of a lifetime. Thereafter, you then set about impressing your personality on it. This means that you would carefully handpick every item and position it to perfection in each room. On accomplishing this, you give your undivided attention to your kitchen. Read more »

What Stone do I choose?

Stone has become the first choice in recent years for kitchen benchtops, the influx of manmade reconstituted stone has been the significant factor. Although granites and marbles have been around forever, the colours that are desired in todays market have become lighter and less busy.

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The Kitchen Broker ran a competition at The Grand Design Expo at Darling Harbour in mid October 2013. Entries in the competition closed on the 29/11/13. The winning ticket was drawn by Simon Hodgson board member of the KBDI (KITCHEN & BATHROOM DESIGN INSTITUTE) Read more »