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Planning a Kitchen Island Bench

Kitchen Designs Sydney


A kitchen island bench is an ideal seating spot for use in your kitchen. The bench will provide people in the room with a comfortable space for dining and for enjoying breakfast or any other meal. But for the best results, you must notice a few points when finding a bench for your modern kitchen design.

What Is the Surface?

Check on the surface of your kitchen island bench at the start. You can find various wooden bench materials, although a padded space may also be ideal. Padded materials can be utilized for your modern kitchen design styles if you have patterns that fit in well.

A padded spot may include a series of colors that add a bit of life to a room. A soft cushion surface should be found in that padding, although some foam materials may work as well. You also have the option to add separate seat cushions to your bench, although you would have to see how well those cushions can be fastened.

Review the Length

The length of the Kitchen island bench has to be as long as the island itself. You need an appropriate length that fits well with the rest of the kitchen space.

How Far Back Is the Bench?

In most kitchen plans, the bench will be at a set space. You’ll have to look at how far back the bench is to ensure that people can fit in the space and sit down appropriately. The bench should be around 12 to 18 inches back from the island if possible.

Review the Height

The height of the bench should be based on the heights or sizes of those who will use it. A bench seat can be around two feet off of the floor in most situations.

Be aware of how your kitchen island bench looks and functions when getting your modern kitchen layout ready. Contact the Kitchen Broker for more details if you ever need extra help with getting this part of your kitchen plans ready.

Considerations For Clever Storage For Your Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen planner sydney


The kitchen splashbacks that you utilize can include more than just some appealing tiles or other hard surfaces. You can also add a few clever storage points around these splashbacks. These storage features will make your kitchen more functional and organized.

Plan Spots For Plates and Utensils

One idea to use for your kitchen splashbacks is to add a few racks and shelves that may help for keeping your plates and utensils secure. You can add some anchors around the ends of the splashback to help you get the room for many plates and other items. You can use one shelf for plates and another for glasses, for instance.

Extend the Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets might be appealing, but you should consider adding small extensions to them around your splashbacks. An extension may include an open-door design for some of the more commonly used items in your kitchen. You can find many cabinet extension materials from the kitchen store near you.

Add Holes For Appliances

Small holes may be added into the splashback areas for appliance storage needs. These include holes for securing a toaster, a compact oven, a blender, or anything else you might regularly use. You must ensure that the holes are planned out with enough room for the electric cord to move in. There should be enough room to help you with pulling appliances in and out if you need to get a little closer to them.

Store Foods Around a Space

You also have the option to add food items around your splashbacks. One clever storage idea to consider entails adding shelves for various cook ingredients around your splashback provided that they are far off from the sink. The best kitchen renovations should be planned with enough room for your storage demands.

You should see how well your kitchen splashbacks look for your renovation needs. Check with the Kitchen Broker to see how well you can get clever storage plans in check.

For more information on our products and services, contact The Kitchen Broker.

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A Few Pointers For Finding Kitchen Benchtops

Kitchen Benchtops

There are many choices out there for kitchen benchtops that your Sydney kitchen will enjoy utilizing. But you must also look at how well a benchtop will work for your modern kitchen design. Several points should go in consideration when finding the benchtops that you can utilize.

What Surface Works?

The particular type of surface you’ve got should be the focal point of your benchtop. Custom kitchens can be planned out with stone, laminate, or wood materials. Stone materials can be appealing for offering hard surfaces and for resisting scratches. Laminate materials can come in any pattern or style you wish to utilize. Timber is also flexible for being available with many shapes and thicknesses in mind.

How Will You Cut It?

You will have to add holes in your kitchen benchtops for a sink, a tap, and a cooktop. The benchtop should be something you can plan custom holes for without being hard to handle.

How Does It Match Up?

You can get a benchtop to link up well with any modern kitchen design. A dark color may match up well with cabinets if desired. You can also produce a contrasting effect if you prefer. The layout that you come across should be planned well enough in this case.

Review The Overhang

A slight overhang works on some kitchen designs. The design feature would entail the benchtop stretching out from the top by a small bit. The extra surface should not be too immense or long though. An overhang of an inch or two may be good enough around all sides to create a border surrounding the modern kitchen design plan that you will utilize.

Kitchen benchtops can be appealing if you plan them out well enough. Talk with The Kitchen Broker if you need extra help with getting your benchtops ready for any intention.

Image Source: The Residences at Mandarin Oriental / Flickr

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How High Up Is The Microwave In The Best Custom Kitchens?

Kitchen Designs Sydney


Most kitchen designers forget about the microwave when it comes to designing their kitchens. Microwaves have become necessities in every kitchen in Sydney. But to make the most out of the design, the microwave has to be placed in the right spot. You can use a few points for making the most out of how well you are getting the microwave installed in your kitchen.

The General Height

Most kitchen renovations Sydney homeowners plan will have a microwave incorporated about 65 to 70 inches from the floor. The height should be enough to allow an average person to access the microwave and its controls. This includes being able to look directly inside the microwave to see how well the appliance is cooking foods.

Either way, you should consider the heights of the people who will access your microwave. Those who are shorter or physically handicapped will need their microwaves placed lower in their custom kitchens.

Check Near the Stove

You can get any microwave from the kitchen shop of your choosing, but that does not mean that you can install a microwave anywhere. You have to look at how well kitchen designers can help you with getting a microwave installed near a stove.

While the stove area is ideal for microwave placement needs, your microwave has to be at least two inches above the backsplash space behind the stove. You could damage both appliances if the microwave is placed too low at this point. Stick with the 65-inch rule for how you’ll set the microwave over the stove so you’ll have more than enough room to work with.

Review the Power

You must look at the power produced by your microwave so you can get an idea of what to get out of your microwave. A microwave that is rated at less than 60,000 BTUs should be safe for use on a countertop. Anything more powerful than this needs to be installed over the countertop.

All custom kitchens should be planned with microwaves that will be placed at the appropriate height. Talk with the Kitchen Broker if you need extra help with making the most out of your planning efforts.

Kitchen Ideas – Starting Your Plans For Your Dream Kitchen In Sydney

You can get your custom kitchen in Sydney prepared in any way you see fit, but it helps to notice how well your space works. Part of this includes seeing how the features in your kitchen are arranged. You can find many kitchen images Sydney websites have to offer to inspire you, but it helps to look at a few other points of value.

Understanding the Cook’s Triangle

One of the best ideas to see when planning your dream kitchen entails reviewing the Cook’s Triangle. The scheme is a design layout that identifies where you should place your refrigerator, your stove, and your sink. The three parts have to be organized in the right spots to produce a kitchen space that is easy to navigate around while ensuring you don’t waste more steps than necessary. The three sides of the triangle should be between four to nine feet each while the sum of those sides totals 13 to 26 feet.

Plan Good Designs For Your Cabinets

The cabinets for your kitchen are essential to notice when you’re at the kitchen shop. You need cabinets that are arranged with enough spaces for storing different items. The cabinets should also be designed well while being attractive and functional. The colors and materials used are essential to notice. Everything has to fit in well around your space.

Review the Counters

You have many options to consider when finding countertop materials. You can get many options at the kitchen shop to work for you, including choices that feature marble, granite, slate, laminate, and other compounds. You can check on various kitchen images Sydney homeowners can review as necessary.

Look At the Lighting

The design for your kitchen should shine with lighting in mind. The lights that you add should include enough sources scattered around the entire kitchen. You can use recessed lighting around the cabinets if desired. Spots that go directly over a food preparation table or a serving area can also work.

You must look at how you’re getting your custom kitchen planned out the right way. You can talk with the Kitchen Broker if you need help with finding the best kitchen you’ll love.



Planning The Right Type Of Kitchen Island Bench

A kitchen island bench provides a beautiful appearance to any kitchen by creating a space conducive for dining and relaxing. You can get an island prepared with a large size that offers seating for a few people while also offering enough room for people to get in and out of. The surface should also be comfortable with a wooden or padded space or with an added cushion.

type of kitchen Island Bench

Why Choose White Kitchens Theme?

white kitchens

Selecting the overall theme of your new kitchen can be a tough decision to make, especially if there are many ideas the interior designer suggested. If among the ideas include white kitchens this could be a perfect them to consider. Why? Here are some of the reasons why a white themed kitchen would impress any guest.

Reason #1 – White will blend with any interior design

Whether you want a contemporary or modern look white would definitely create a wow factor to any kitchen. In fact, white kitchens have been widely favoured because it’s like adding life to a blank canvas with your choices of kitchen clever storage, countertop including appliances. In case you want to spend your money for long-term investment the white kitchens should be highly considered.

Reason #2 – White illuminates space

It’s a basic principle in most structures any space with limited space can appear bigger with the use of lighter shades including white. So, if you are worried about what colour would be ideal for your tight kitchen space, then, give it a go with white. White kitchens particularly those with L shaped layout would make a standout with white because this colour will give the onlooker the illusion of more space.

Reason #3 – White is refreshing

Yes, white shade is definitely refreshing to the eyes. Aside from that white kitchens depict cleanliness because a homeowner can see clearly which has dirt. A themed white kitchen will make you feel at home and relax as compared to brighter or darker shades that can be distracting to the eyes.

Reason #4 – White can bring out your creativity

The good thing about white is you can infuse your creativity because as mentioned white is a like painting on a blank canvas where you have the option to mix other colours as accent. You may also play around with kitchen interiors whenever you feel like it. For example, white kitchen walls can be repainted with other shades in the event you want to create a different theme. Or, perhaps just add fresh blooms inside your white kitchen to make it appear brighter.

Reason #5 – White kitchens are timeless

Can’t still decide your kitchen theme? White kitchens would be excellent because they never go outdated. In fact, white will go with anything regardless you opted for a traditional countertop or sleek modern designed granite made countertop. The final effect to a kitchen is elegant and classic.

Have you been convinced about the beauty of white kitchens? If you want professional guidance, contact now The Kitchen Broker, a leading kitchen renovations Sydney company with a team of reputable interior and kitchen designers.

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What Should A Modern Kitchen Design Have?

Kitchen designers sydney

A modern kitchen mostly represents a minimalist look. Aside from upgraded kitchen appliances, a modern kitchen design must deliver a fully functional area. If you are on the lookout for ideas on what your modern kitchen should incorporate, here are some of the vital elements that you can use during the designing phase.

  • Low-profile hood

One of the distinct features of a modern kitchen design is the use of low-profile hoods. In fact, there are some kitchen hoods with built-in lighting fixture which allows the user to work with ease. Other ideas that kitchen plans expert recommend are the use of stainless hood models or wall-mounted hoods rather the traditional hoods.

  • Cutting edge sinks with retractable faucet

Another modern kitchen design that you will normally find on home and custom kitchen magazines are the kitchen sink with retractable faucet. How does this innovation idea work? Well, here the kitchen sink has a faucet that can retract and swing, unlike the vertical position of the faucet.

Modern kitchen plans may also incorporate the kitchen island bench that serves many purposes. Apart from food preparation, the kitchen island bench can function as a service area for eating meals. Of course, the final layout of a modern kitchen is a huge factor in determining whether a kitchen island bench is appropriate or not.

  • Clever storage

Nowadays, modern kitchens make use of clever storage like stainless steel kitchen cabinets or moveable shelving units. This kind of concept allows a homeowner to maximise whatever space available in the kitchen area.

  • Steel

Yes, most modern custom kitchens are built from materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. Why? These materials are easy to clean and maintain, plus give the kitchen a modern and elegant look. Apart from that, steel is also used as an accent or final finish on surfaces like countertops, cabinets including cooktop.

  • Backsplash

Keeping a modern kitchen cool can be done with the use of backsplash. Why? These decorative materials aren’t only intended to improve the appearance of a modern kitchen, but, also serve as a protective barrier against water damage.

Are you ready to give your old kitchen a new look? If you are inspired by the above ideas on what a modern kitchen design must have, then, talk to the expert interior and kitchen designers of The Kitchen Broker. They cater to all kinds of kitchen improvements, regardless of how small or massive is your kitchen renovation project.

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4 Amazing Benefits Of Installing Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Benchtops

Do you want to improve your kitchen’s overall appearance? Apart from upgrading your old kitchen appliances, the quickest and cheapest way to give it a refreshing look is by installing splashbacks.  If still undecided whether to proceed with this project, here are 4 amazing benefits of kitchen splashbacks.

1. Transform your kitchen walls

Paint can definitely protect your kitchen walls from unavoidable splashes and stains while cooking. However, if your goal is to give your kitchen that aesthetic appeal to any onlooker, the best way to achieve this is by the installation of kitchen splashbacks. Moreover, splashbacks designs are in a variety, so every homeowner would be happy to find the perfect design that will match the entire kitchen’s interior.

2. Protect the kitchen walls

The kitchen walls are exposed to many elements such as dirt, dust, grime including molds. If you want to protect your walls and limit the possibility of water damage, then, the answer is to install kitchen splashbacks. Similar to your wooden kitchen cabinets that need care and maintenance the kitchen walls also need to be maintained. So, if you are tired of repainting the kitchen walls try splashbacks.

3. Kitchen splashbacks are very versatile

The kitchen splashbacks are generally installed on areas where heavy usage is expected like over the kitchen sink or stovetop. Did you know that splashbacks can create a masterpiece in your kitchen? Yes, you can use splashbacks as a focal point or backdrop on a particular wall of the kitchen to give emphasis to your beautiful kitchen counter.

4. Designs come in variations

Installing splashbacks as part of the kitchen renovations can be truly exciting. Why? Well, any homeowner will have the chance to infuse his or her creativity or artistic talent because the designs of kitchen splashbacks come in multitude including the materials.

Do you need professional advice on your upcoming kitchen renovation project? Whether you want new clever storage solutions to your modern kitchen or prefer custom made kitchen cabinets the right people to contact within Sydney is The Kitchen Broker, a team of experienced kitchen and interior designers committed to transforming your kitchen.

Image Source: The Residences at Mandarin Oriental / Flickr

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Customer Buying Guide When Selecting From Different Kitchen Benchtops

kitchen island bench

A fully functional modern kitchen should have a benchtop. Why? This kitchen’s essential piece will help every meal preparation easy. So, if you are looking for valuable information about different kitchen benchtops designs including materials to be used, here are some things to look into.

Best features of a kitchen benchtop

  • Size

Sizes of kitchen benchtops do vary. The final decision on its size is dependent on the actual floor area of a homeowner’s kitchen and budget. Of course, before ordering a custom made kitchen benchtop the homeowner will also need to address the number of people that will be using it. Would it be only for a single person or two people doing most of the food preparation?

  • Edging option

The edging options for kitchen benchtops can be made from wood, bull nose, half-round nose or round nose. However, if you have younger kids around, then, choosing a kitchen benchtop with a round nose would be safe and prevent cuts or bumps on their heads.

  • Cost

Before you start contacting a kitchen designer with expertise in custom kitchens assess first your available funds. It would be a good idea to set a fixed budget on how much would you spend for this kitchen upgrade project. Remember, you need to allocate enough funds for the materials including the hired contractor to do this job.

Types of materials

The materials for kitchen benchtops are massive. If you haven’t got any idea, here’s a list of materials that your hired kitchen designer would suggest for modern kitchen design.

  • Laminate

This is the most affordable material for the creation of kitchen benchtops the laminate. The finishes come in a variety including colours. However, the drawback for choosing this material is prone to scratches and unrepairable when damaged.

  • Wood (timber)

For long-lasting kitchen benchtops, the highly recommended material is wood or timber. Prices of wood vary depending on grade. Expect top quality of wood to cost more. The only downside of wood kitchen benchtop is maintenance. You need to seal it at least every 12 months to prevent the growth of bacteria on wood’s surface.

  • Steel

Steel is now becoming a popular material not only on kitchen furniture pieces, but, also on workbenches. Steel kitchen benchtops are mostly used in restaurants. However, as modern kitchens try to achieve the minimalist look stainless steel has taken the limelight not only on kitchen appliances and fixtures, but, also in the fabrication of kitchen benchtops. Why? Apart from being extremely durable, steel material is easy to clean and hygienic. Steel can also withstand heat, particularly on hot pans. The only downside of steel material when used for a kitchen benchtop is you have to deal with noise while working.

  • Granite

Another type of material that a designer specialising in kitchen designs would suggest is granite.  Granite is a wise investment if you will consider its service life, plus awesome features. A granite kitchen benchtop is the most durable material because it’s not prone to scratch, cracking and fading. Aside from that, any homeowner has the privilege to choose from a variety of colours to match any kitchen theme. However, the price for granite is a bit costly. So, you need to factor that when budgeting.

The above information is intended to help you make a wise decision for your custom made kitchen benchtop. However, if you still have other concerns and would like to seek professional advice go and book a private consultation with The Kitchen Broker. They have a team of expert kitchen and interior designers readily available to help you.

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