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Kitchen Designers Sydney Tips: Cleaning Your Marble Countertops

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For many people, switching from a granite countertop to a marble countertop can be a big decision. This is not only with regards to the material and installation costs, mind. But this is also because of the different weaknesses of marble when used in this particular situation.

Fortunately, things aren’t always as bad as they seem since there are many kitchen designers in Sydney who can help you easily deal with these drawbacks, especially when it comes to cleaning your marble countertops.

Some homeowners are often afraid of using marble countertops for their kitchen. Again, the related costs is one reason. But another reason for many of these people is the challenges when it comes to cleaning marble countertops. However, cleaning marble countertops isn’t really that difficult. Just be sure to keep a few things in mind when doing so.

Cleaning Your Marble Countertop

When it comes to cleaning your marble countertop, you’ll need to use a microfiber cloth. Avoid using any cloth made from harsh textiles, especially those steel wools. They may be effective in removing dirt and grime from other surfaces and pots. However, they certainly do more than enough damage to your marble countertop. Kitchen designers in Sydney will all agree on this one.

Cleaning Agents

When choosing a cleaning agent to use, you can use a dedicated marble cleaner. These cleaning agents are usually available in most department stores. If you can’t find them there, you can always shop for them online.

Another cleaning agent you can use is a simple DIY mix of mild detergent and lukewarm water. When choosing a detergent, avoid those which contain lemon in them. Some detergents have lemon mixed into the solution to leave a clean, fresh scent. However, marble doesn’t go well with lemon or any acidic substances for that matter.

See, when you use any form of acid on marble, it will form dull spots known as etches. These etches will definitely leave unsightly marks on your marble countertop which will be difficult and costly to repair.

Drying Your Marble Countertop

After wiping your marble countertop clean, you need to dry it thoroughly. Again, use a microfiber cloth or any soft cloth. This way, you avoid leaving sweeping scratches on the surface of your countertop.

Cleaning marble countertops is rather easy. And if done right, you can be sure that you’ll have a countertop that you love for many years to come. If you need help with designing and constructing your dream kitchen, do get in touch with us. We can also help you with cabinet and clever storage solutions for your kitchen.

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Custom Kitchens In Sydney Often Include Green Features

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Everyone in Sydney wants to go green in their homes. There are many choices for kitchens renovations Sydney homeowners can use when finding ways to make this important part in a room more appealing while being environmentally friendly.

Bamboo Wood Surfaces

Bamboo wood materials can be used on countertops, cabinets, and floors alike. Bamboo wood is popular for being easy to grow and harvest without hurting the planet. The ability of bamboo wood to handle water well enough is also a plus. The sturdiness of the wood makes it something that can last for years to come, thus making it one of the longest-lasting kitchens renovations Sydney homeowners can benefit from.

LED Lighting Is Vital

LED lighting accents can be used instead of traditional light surfaces. LEDs are popular for being easy to dim and for producing less heat, thus allowing them to use less energy. The fact that such bulbs last much longer than traditional units also helps with keeping the space running.

Careful Window Arrangements

The windows in custom kitchens have to be placed accordingly in spots where enough natural light can get in without causing more heat than needed. A kitchen can come with sky lights if applicable or new windows that allow light to come in while being placed in spots where the sun’s rays will not directly get into a spot. This is vital for keeping the climate in a room comfortable while still producing enough light to where people don’t have to use lots of energy for securing a space. The positions of the windows will vary based on the location of the kitchen and how the light from the sun might be pervasive at times.

Add USB Ports

USB ports can be added around the wall outlets in a space. These ports will use less power and can work on many devices. This is useful given that the USB power standard is becoming more valuable these days.

Green features in custom kitchens are always worth checking out for how well they can make any space feel comfortable while not hurting the planet. Ask the Kitchen Broker to see how you can get your Sydney kitchen to go green.

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Kitchen Islands Are Great Among Kitchen Ideas For Use In Sydney


Homeowners around Sydney who are looking for the best kitchen ideas  they can use should see how a kitchen island can be added into the room. This option for kitchen designs Sydney homeowners can use features an appealing design that is easy to support in many cases, although this should be reviewed well when getting it designed.

A kitchen island is a stationary table surface situated in a spot in the kitchen. This space is good for food preparation or serving needs, although it may also work as a spot for storage needs if enough shelves are included in the space.

How Big Can An Island Be?

A kitchen island can be around five to eight feet on a side. This can come with a rectangular or square design, although a circular layout may work in some cases.

Cabinets Are Vital

The cabinets in a kitchen island can be convenient for storing foods and preparation items. These cabinets may include pull-out spaces or doors with shelves. The homeowner can have a full say over what cabinet storage features may go in one’s kitchen island.

Review the Counter Surface

The surface at the top of the island can be made with practically anything one wants to use. Many kitchen designs Sydney homeowners might enjoy using include bamboo wood surfaces that handle water well and offer a natural look. Quartz, granite, and slate are all good choices for stone or hard surfaces, although regular sealing may be required depending on the option the homeowner chooses.

What About a Sink?

Some kitchen islands can come with sinks built into their bodies. This makes an island even more functional, although the basin should be placed in a spot where there is still enough counter space for other things. The plumbing fixtures that work on the sink should also be planned accordingly.

A kitchen island is important to see when looking for something for kitchen designs Sydney homeowners will be interested in. Talk with the Kitchen Broker to learn more about how an island can be prepared with an attractive space all around.

Clever Storage Ideas For a Sydney Kitchen Work Well on One’s Doors

clever storage

he doors around a kitchen in Sydney should be more than just nice surfaces. These can also work as clever storage spaces. There are many things that can be done when making one’s doors more functional for storage purposes. But these should be planned accordingly and carefully to create a comfortable space.

Fixed Shelves Work

Many fixed shelves can be protected along one’s door. These include shelves that are affixed on the inside part of a door leading into a butler’s pantry or other storage spot. A door can come with as many fixed shelves as needed, although the thickness and height of boxes or other items that will be stored in the area is important to look at.

Add Spaces Inside the Doors

While shelves on the doors can work, sometimes a door can include cut-out spaces where shelves can fit inside of the door. This works for cases where a door is thick enough and a homeowner does not plan on adding anything overly thick into a spot.

For such a shelf, a cut has to be made along the width of the door. This will include a few millimetres of space for handling items. Don’t forget to look at how the bottom is supported so the surface will not break apart or wear out prematurely.

Don’t Forget Adjustable Features

Some shelves may be placed on racks and anchors that allow people to add and remove individual shelves to create a better space for storage needs. This can be ideal for many demands that people have when trying to get their items stored even if they are slightly larger than other things in a room.

The doors in a kitchen can be great places for storage needs that anyone can consider. The Kitchen Broker can help people with producing the best custom kitchens Sydney homeowners can enjoy using.

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Kitchen Renovations: How to Choose the Right Kitchen Faucet

kitchen renovations


There are certainly a lot of things to consider when it comes to kitchen renovations. There’s the flooring, the cabinets and drawers, the island and countertop and so on. However, there is one little piece that many homeowners seem to forget about when planning their renovations and remodeling. That is, their kitchen faucet.

The faucet is an integral component of any kitchen. Of all the fixtures in your kitchen, this is the one that you’ll be using the most – from cleaning to cooking and everything else in between. There are several thing to remember when it comes to choosing the right faucet for your kitchen.

Faucet Design

There are many great looking kitchen faucets out there. In fact, they look so good that they can often become statement pieces for your kitchen. Design is primarily a question of personal preference, so there’s really no recommendation to be made here. Still, there are certain guidelines you may want to follow.

For instance, you’ll want to make sure that your faucet’s finish matches the finish of your other kitchen hardware. You’ll also want to match your faucet with the overall theme and design of your kitchen. For example, if you are aiming for a Victorian or traditional themed kitchen, then a vintage traditional looking faucet with antique brass finish may be a good choice. Designing and matching your fixtures for a well-coordinated look doesn’t have to be difficult if you’re employing the services of companies that offer custom kitchens in Sydney.

Spray Features

Faucets with pull-out spouts and spray features are not only for commercial kitchens. In fact, if you use your faucet and sink heavily, these are features you’d really want your faucet to have. These features can make cleaning dishes, pots and pans so much easier. For instance, some faucets will have a jet steam function. This can be really helpful in removing and cleaning tough oils and dirt from kitchen utensils.

Hose Length

Kitchen faucets with pull-out spouts have a hose attached to them. Thus, one thing you’ll want to consider is the length of the hose. These hoses have standard sizes, but there custom sizes available as well. You may want to consider going for the longer versions since it will be much easier to use and maneuver.

The humble faucet is one of the most important features of any kitchen. Thus, you’ll want to take some time and choose the right faucet for your kitchen renovations. The right faucet will make many of your kitchen tasks much easier. Also, they can help enhance the overall appeal and aesthetics of your kitchen.


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A Hardwood Backsplash Offers a Brilliant Choice Among Modern Kitchen Designs in Sydney

While Sydney homeowners can find many backsplash choices for their modern kitchen designs, some of the more intriguing options to incorporate entail hardwood. The same hardwood surface that is used on the floors of many Sydney kitchens can be utilized as a backsplash as well.

A Good Design

Hardwood backsplash surfaces can include attractive colours. You may find a darker brownish tone that matches up well with your floor. A dark style can fit in well alongside lighter cabinets, particularly ones with a white tone.

Meanwhile, a lighter brown colour with a slight hint of yellow may be used on your backsplash. This is for use around darker cabinets and countertops. Many custom kitchens Sydney residents have include backsplashes that feature colours that contrast with the other surfaces in a space; this can surely be done for hardwood materials on your walls. You also have the option to add a stain of your choosing to the surface.

A Natural Style

Hardwood backsplashes are great for custom kitchens Sydney  homeowners can use thanks to the natural appearances they come with. Your hardwood surface can feature the same knots, stress lines, and other artistic points that a floor may include. The backsplash works best when the panels are aligned seamlessly and without gaps.

Watch For a Sealant

You would have to look for how a sealant can be applied over the hardwood backsplash. This choice lasts longer than many other modern kitchen designs, but it will last for even more time when the surface has a sealant added onto its body. A sealant will provide the backsplash with a barrier that prevents moisture from getting into the surface.

A hardwood backsplash is an intriguing feature that modern kitchen designs can incorporate. Talk with the Kitchen Broker to see how well a hardwood surface can be utilized for your backsplash needs and how you can get it designed.


Adding a New Look To Your Cabinets Is Great Among Renovation Design Ideas

renovation design ideas


Some of the best renovation design ideas you will find in your kitchen relate to how well the cabinets look. You can produce attractive cabinets that add a distinct appearance if planned well enough. You can hire a kitchen planner to help you see how these are organized, but you should take note of the three basic choices you have to work with when finding renovation ideas.

Look For a New Paint Surface

Start by seeing how a paint surface can be added over your existing cabinets. A new coating of paint will produce a vibrant appearance that makes it look like you installed those cabinets just yesterday.

Be sure the paint colour mixes well with your appliances, the walls, and your cabinet and floor surfaces. White may work as a good contrast against a darker surface, for instance. A natural wood tone may also be used if you have silver or black appliances.

See How Handles Work

The handles you add onto your cabinets should be considered just as much as everything else in the kitchen. Your handles may come with metallic tones that contrast well with the painted surface on a cabinet. A black handle may work well on a white cabinet, for instance.

The physical design of the handle may include a bar shape. A knob may also be utilized provided it is large enough. The renovation design ideas you wish to use should be planned based on what you feel will be laid out well in your site.

Look For Indentations

The indentations around the cabinet doors should be checked. You might find that small indentations on those door bodies can add a more attractive look around your surface. For instance, the panel may have a recessed layout in the middle or even some curved edges on the corners depending on your preference. A kitchen planner may assist you with reviewing how well the indentations are organized and that they are spaced evenly.

The things you will find among renovation design ideas for your kitchen cabinets are good for all to review. Ask The Kitchen Broker for added assistance if you need help with producing a better cabinet space in your kitchen.


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Smart Ideas For Clever Storage In the Kitchen


clever storage


The choices for kitchen designs Sydney residents can use are diverse, but some of the best options for your needs come with various storage spaces. You might be impressed with the options you have for storing items within this important part of the house.

Look Under the Sink

You can add drawers that you can pull out underneath your sink in your kitchen. Such a drawer would provide you with a small space for storing chemicals that you need for cleaning or maintenance purposes. A pull-out drawer works better than just sticking stuff in a flat space under the sink and then struggling to try and get the right items out. More importantly, that storage area will be a safer spot to store chemicals in than any other space in your kitchen.

Pull Out Your Trash Can

You don’t have to let your trash can take up valuable corner in your kitchen. You can use a pull-out storage area that you can stick a trash can in. You would pull out a tall shelf that can store a trash can and then add your waste in this. This clever storage idea keeps you from having to use something that takes up far too much space.

Add a Garage For Appliances

Another thing for kitchen designs Sydney residents might be impressed in entails the use of a garage-like space for small kitchen appliances. A door may be installed on top of the counter inside a cabinet space. You can then add and remove small appliances like blenders, juicers, mixers, toasters, and anything else you use in your kitchen within that space. The space should be large enough to handle whatever you want to store, but still not too deep to where it would be hard to find your items after you store them.

Allow For Open Shelves

You don’t have to use doors over your shelves all the time. Open shelves are great for kitchen designs Sydney residents can use thanks to how well they display your spices, glasses, and other items. You can easily find things you want to use for your cooking or serving needs when you have open shelves.

The clever storage choices you have to utilize for your kitchen are all worth exploring. Talk with the Kitchen Broker if you need help with getting any of these solutions ready for use in your home.

How To Have A Successful Working Relationship With Kitchen Designers?

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Have you finally decided to hire the services of a kitchen designer? If you want a successful working relationship with this professional, here are some useful tips that you can apply while screening a good number of kitchen designers.

Tip #1 – Know the different services offered by kitchen designers

Although, they all refer to themselves as “kitchen designers” the types of services offered vary from one kitchen designer to another. It’s crucial you know more about the coverage of their services, expertise, and fees before making a commitment. There are kitchen designers that work as independent contractors while others are affiliated with a large company. You may also need to check on how they charge clients. For example, you may encounter a kitchen designer to charge hourly while another designer would be willing to work per project basis.

Tip #2 – Identify the issues of your kitchen

What is the reason for renovating your kitchen? Is the renovation intended to improve the aesthetic appeal or redo the existing layout to provide more space? Before talking to different kitchen designers for your kitchen renovations Sydney project list all the issues that your existing kitchen. Be sure to confide with your candidates these issues and how they will resolve them. It’s often beneficial for you and the prospective designer to have a good start on what you want and what he or she can offer so that both of you are on the same page on your kitchen’s renovation requirements.

Tip#3 – Do some research

The initial meeting with some of your prospective kitchen designers is important. If you want this kitchen renovation project to run smoothly from start to finish take time to research on what you want to achieve. You can gather resources from a popular kitchen renovation magazine, home improvement site or get free catalogs from the kitchen shop nearby and show them with your hired kitchen designer. These materials can serve as visuals that you may find it hard to explain in words.

Tip #4 – Be open to suggestions

One of the reasons for seeking a kitchen designer is to get his or her expert advice. You may find one of the kitchen designers giving suggestions during the private consultations that may not adhere to your personal preferences. Don’t close your doors to these suggestions, but, instead be open-minded.

Tip #5 – Set a budget

A kitchen renovation project needs funding. If you want to avoid overspending be sure to set a budget and discuss it with your kitchen designer. Sometimes, you are overwhelmed with the choices of materials at the kitchen shop and feel restricted by your budget. A kitchen designer may provide alternative solutions that will allow you to get what you want at a cheaper price.

Tip #6 – Be patient

Most kitchen renovations can be time-consuming if there will be a lot of tearing down on walls including existing kitchen cabinets. If you want to have a successful partnership with any of the kitchen designers on your list be patient. Remember, the kitchen renovation project may require careful planning, preparation of the job site and selection of materials at the kitchen shop before the actual work starts, so avoid rushing your designer to ensure a desirable outcome.

If you want experts to help you with your upcoming bulk kitchen renovations Sydney projects check The Kitchen Broker site and be truly inspired by their latest kitchen designs.

Why Hire The Services Of A Kitchen Planner?

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Are you about to start a kitchen renovation project? If you want to save yourself all the trouble from planning and avoid committing mistakes along the process, perhaps you will be better off with a kitchen planner. Why?  Here are some of the reasons why hiring a professional kitchen planner is a wise decision.

Reason #1 – Add value to your property

Hiring the services of a kitchen planner can prevent mistakes that may result in unnecessary expenses like buying materials that you won’t actually use. Besides, having the privilege to seek advice from an expert could mean making the right choices for the kitchen design including materials. A kitchen planner will make sure everything, as planned, in carried out throughout the kitchen renovation project, thereby adding value to your property.

Reason #2 – Save you time, energy and stress

Kitchen renovation can be stressful if you do it on your own. However, if you decide to hire a kitchen planner this action will save you time, energy and relieve all the stress. Imagine you no longer need to look for suppliers, contractors and do the necessary meet-ups. The hired kitchen planner will be there to handle, supervise and make decisions as needed on your behalf.

Reason #3 – Deliver the desired outcome

If your goal in renovating the kitchen area is for aesthetic appeal you will never go wrong with a kitchen planner on your side. This expert is equipped with relevant experience, knowledge of modern kitchen designs and network that will ensure each phase of the kitchen renovation runs smoothly and deliver the desired outcome.

Reason #4 – Get to select from top quality materials

Doing a kitchen renovation project on your own limits your access to materials because you only knew few suppliers. But, when you hire a kitchen planner you have the privilege to choose from the best suppliers that are included in his or her network. Aside from having access to unique materials, your hired kitchen planner is updated with modern kitchen designs.

Reason #5 – Work only with credible contractors

This is one of the awesome advantages of hiring a kitchen planner you get a chance to work only with credible contractors that have proven track record in the building industry. Remember, a reputable kitchen planner has built a lasting relationship with a network of people that will contribute to the success of his or her projects. So, if you entrust your kitchen renovation project with a kitchen planner you are confident that the workmanship is of the highest quality.

Are you now convinced that the services of a kitchen planner will be very useful for your upcoming kitchen renovation project? If you are in need of an expert in modern kitchen designs feel free to contact the representative of The Kitchen Broker and allow them to plan, design and bring the best in your kitchen space. Book now a private consultation.


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