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Pointers For Getting a Sink and Faucet Ready For a Classic Kitchen

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As you look to add a special sink and faucet set into a classic kitchen that you are preparing, you have to look at how well you are making it fit into your space. Several ideas have to be put into consideration as you are getting such a plan ready for this part of your house.


Check Your Plans For Dishes

Start by looking at how you’re going to be using dishes. All kitchen designs Sydney should be designed based on how often they are to be used. For a kitchen that is used often and entails many dishes being used, a larger sink might work. A sink with a larger basin will be able to handle a greater number of dishes at a time.


What Functions Do You Want?

A sink can be prepared with a series of sections. The basin can include two separate spots with one being for cooking and the other for washing. You could even find a sink that features a slanted area for draining or drying out dishes. Check on what you plan on doing with your dishes in your sink to get an idea of what you could be using.


How Will the Faucet Be Designed?

The faucet is a very versatile part of any classic kitchen design to look into. A quality faucet can come with a fine metallic finish that fits in with the rest of the sink. Meanwhile, it can come with one or two knobs depending on its design. You could even pair it with matching hot water tap or soap dispenser features. A disposal trigger button could also be added next to the faucet provided you have the wiring for making it work.

You will need to look at how well a great kitchen design can be organized with the right materials in mind. Custom kitchens should feature the best possible sink surfaces and faucet designs to add a proper look that fits in well. Make sure you plan out a great sink organization to make it easier for you to get the most out of your work in general.


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Add a Kitchen Island Bench Fits In Perfectly

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One of the newer renovation design ideas that people are using in their kitchens entails the use of an island bench. A kitchen island bench is a popular addition to have in your kitchen for how it can offer a beautiful look while being functional.


How a Bench Works

A kitchen island bench works with a rectangular body like any other bench. It will go along the long end of a kitchen island. It is typically placed a few inches away from the island base to ensure that there is enough space for a person to sit on it.

The bench will feature a flat surface with a top whose color matches up with the rest of the counter. This adds a clear and beautiful look all the way through to establish a nicer style that fits in well in your home.


Added With a Strong Base

A proper base is needed to ensure that the bench will stay intact. A base can be added all around the body of the bench to support enough weight while keeping the bench from shifting. A base may include some cut-out spaces or gaps to allow one’s legs to stay in, thus adding to its comfort. The key is to ensure that the bench stays in the same place at all times and that you don’t risk it wearing out or being at risk of causing damage in any case.


Can a Cushion Work?

A cushion can be added onto the top of a bench. It may fit in with many modern kitchen designs if the cushion has a nice overall look. Still, you must look at how well the cushion could fit in with the design. It should also be flexible and soft and still easy to repair or replace if necessary.

The use of a kitchen island can be great in its own right but it is even better to take a look at what you can get out of a bench to go along with the rest of the island. Check out how well a kitchen island bench can be added into your kitchen during a renovation project.


Image Source: Steve Larkin / Flickr

Figure Out the Right Heights For Your Kitchen Designs Sydney

Kitchen Designs Sydney

As great as it may be to add all sorts of cabinets, appliances and other things into your Sydney kitchen, you have to make sure they are all things that are easily accessible. A kitchen planner will help you review the heights for all the items that you plan on using.


Check Countertops

Great kitchen designs Sydney often entail countertops that are about four feet off of the ground. This is enough to provide plenty of storage space underneath the countertop or room for all the plumbing and electric fixtures you might require. This is also good to where most people can easily access the surface without struggling to climb onto anything.

This could be a few inches shorter if you plan on preparing various foods on the countertop. Don’t make it too shallow though or else it might be easier for pets to jump up onto a surface and possibly scratch it up.


How High Are the Appliances?

Any appliances that you want to hang up on a wall should be checked carefully. A microwave can be added a few feet above the floor around your counter, for instance. Whatever the case, make sure the appliances are high enough to be easy to use while still being tall to where children or pets cannot easily touch or access them.

The appliances should especially be reviewed based on any connections you will require for getting them ready. A great appliance should be placed on a spot to where it won’t be too hard to access it while also ensuring that the connections don’t require any added bits of wiring.


Review Your Shelves and Cabinets

Any hanging shelves or cabinets should be high up to cover plenty of spots around your walls. These should still be low enough to where you can access them or open them up without having to use a stepping stool. Think about how well people can reach such items in your home when determining how high up things should be.

It is always good to keep your kitchen items accessible. Look out to see how the heights for things all around your kitchen in your Sydney home are organized.



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Kitchen Renovations Sydney Often Entail New Walls

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The walls around your kitchen in your Sydney home can add a nice look to this part of your home. You might assume that you can’t get much of your walls, what with them being covered by lots of cabinets, but they can indeed create a good design that will establish a nice overall look when used properly. There are several kitchen ideas that you can consider when getting a good wall ready.


Tiles Always Work

Great tiles can be added around your walls. This part of kitchen renovations Sydney can include tiles in many shapes that can create some attractive patterns. Some tiles can also come in a variety of colors that mix in well with one another. These tiles should be organized well to where they will fit evenly around a wall without any unusual looks getting in the way of a spot.


Can Paint Work?

Paint can be applied onto your walls if desired but it’s best to watch for how it matches up with other things around the room. Kitchen designers typically recommend that contrasting colors be used on a surface to make it comfortable and attractive in its look.


Outlets May Be Added

You can always get new electric outlets added around your kitchen if desired. These can be added around different spots near counters where you can play electric items on. You could even get new outlets that have USB plugs in them to make these all the more functional.


Supports For Shelves

You can get your walls adjusted with new supports and joints to help with getting shelves secured. Anything that is adjusted to create a sturdy surface for each shelf always works. This is especially important as you want your wall to support a shelf that will not come apart of slip off in any way.

The walls in your kitchen are borders in a way so it’s important for you to get a good renovation plan up and running with those parts in mind. Look for how well the walls around your kitchen are prepared when getting this part of your home renovated.



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Why Laminate Materials Are Used on Kitchen Benchtops

kitchen benchtops


You might come across a number of laminate options when finding kitchen benchtops. There are several good reasons why so many modern kitchen designers are all in on this material.


A Good Design Option

Laminate materials are great for many modern kitchen designs Sydney in that they are made with all sorts of colors. This comes from pressed wood and paper materials secured in many designs. Any kind of stone-like color or pattern can be added onto one of these benchtops. This makes for a great option for kitchen renovations without costing more than necessary. This is especially good for those who want something that isn’t too expensive and can really fit in well in your property.


A Durable Choice

Another part of laminate kitchen benchtops comes from how they are durable and will last for a while. They will resist scratches and moisture quite well. As a nonporous surface, it will not suffer from more stains or problems relating to moisture than what many stone-based options have.

Still, you would have to sand your laminate worktop regularly to keep it looking great. It is not too hard to sand surface a surface though. It only takes a moment to get it sanded down to be smooth and even all the way around.


Handles Light Well

Laminate materials do well with handling light. It offers a nice shine that is comfortable and can be more intense if you have a darker color tone on your surface.


Easy to Clean Off

Because it is a nonporous surface, laminate is something that you can quickly clean off without much of a mess. This works well with most traditional cleaners and allows you to get a surface washed off while retaining its nice appearance. It is still best to avoid using overly harsh cleaners although that’s something you can say about all types of surfaces in your kitchen.

You can always look for a great laminate surface when aiming to get the best kitchen renovations up and running. Such a surface can work well for when you’re trying to get a good modern look in this part of your home.



How to Acquire Custom Kitchens that Won’t Ever Look Dated or Out of Style

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Typically, when people look for homes to purchase, they will often come across houses with remodelled kitchens. Initially, this might seem very attractive. But, a closer glance will show that the kitchen is a mishmash of various styles and designs. As such, discerning homebuyers will realise that they will not be able to avoid revamping the kitchen even before they move in. This scenario typically plays out in the case of custom kitchens. This is why homeowners should consult professional designers before they remodel their kitchens.


What Are Some of the Most Essential Features of Timeless Custom Kitchens?

Custom or bespoke kitchens refer to built-to-order kitchens based on the exact specifications of the homeowner. These specifications serve to replace traditional design templates, mass-produced floor plans with little (or no uniqueness) and readymade kitchen cabinets.

Many homeowners like kitchens that feature classic or modern kitchen designs. But, their desire to incorporate as many elements as they can into the kitchen, could affect the look the kitchen exudes. To get a kitchen that will never go out of style, ensure that you:

  • Incorporate as many windows as possible to let in natural light in the kitchen
  • Use a combination of task, ambient and accent lighting to illuminate your kitchen on gloomy days
  • Have sufficient seating space in the kitchen
  • Purchase a deep and wide sink with a faucet that has a high clearance and a flexible neck
  • Plan a layout that offers ample storage space
  • Have ample working space on the countertop
  • Install beautiful splashbacks to complement all your cooking and cleaning habits


Are You Looking to Gain the Services of the Leading Kitchen Planners in Sydney?

If you want to get a timeless looking custom kitchen, your search ends at The Kitchen Broker. We’re a team of independent and award-winning kitchen designers. Our designing and remodelling solutions will give you the best value for your money, regardless of your budget. With us, you won’t need to make the rounds of various showrooms. Nor will you need to haggle with a number of tradespeople to get the best rates. Instead, you can leave us to take your project direct to the manufacturers. This way, you can end up saving both your time and money. In addition, you won’t need to fret over the remodelling project either. Check out all that we can do here.



Tweak Your Kitchen Plans to Make Them More Child-Friendly

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Untidy and shabby kitchens can detract from the overall look of your home interiors. In addition, if you find that the layout of your kitchen does not complement your working habits, perhaps it’s time for a revamp. For starters, you will need to look up various kitchen plans and layouts. You could consider consulting a professional kitchen designer too. These professionals can help you get the kitchen you sorely need.


What Minor Adjustments Should You Make to Your Kitchen Plans to Make Your Kitchen Child-Friendly?

When homeowners consider remodelling their kitchens, they usually have tons of ideas. This is not surprising. Because they spend a lot of time preparing meals in the kitchen, they will be aware of the elements that their existing kitchens lack. For households with no children, this is not a problem. But, if you have children, you might want to consider making some minor adjustments in your kitchen designs and plans. Some ideas to consider include:

  • Ensuring that a section of the countertop is at a child-friendly height so that your kids can prepare their own food without hurting themselves
  • Installing touch-free faucets so that your kids do not scald themselves with hot water by turning on the wrong faucet
  • Selecting a countertop material such as quartz that is easy to clean, maintain and hygienic
  • Giving your countertop slab edges a rounded edge to protect your kids from hurting themselves when they bump their heads on the countertop edges and,
  • Installing an under-cabinet storage space meant primarily for your kids, where you can store their plates, bowls, cups etc.


The Kitchen Broker – Your One-Stop Destination for Peerless Kitchen Renovation Services in Sydney

At The Kitchen Broker, you will find a number of independent and award-winning kitchen designers. We specialise in helping our clients achieve the kitchens of their dreams. Naturally, this involves a lot of planning and attention to detail. We draw up our kitchen plans in our state-of-the-art design studio showroom. Our showroom features a comprehensive range of finishes, in addition to an extensive Sample Selection Centre. Our designers will understand your requirements. They will identify elements that will yield the desired benefits and value. Finally, they will take you directly to the manufacturers and give you the best outcome for your money. With us, you can savour a hassle-free experience. Check out some of our design tips here.



Custom Kitchens Sydney: 3 Tips to Design a Perfect Kitchen Island

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A well designed kitchen island accomplishes a number of goals in almost all efficient kitchen designs. It organises the space, provides an extra surface to eat and food prep and it can be used for additional storage as well. In addition to improving the visual appeal in custom kitchens in Sydney, a kitchen island and accompanying components like a kitchen island bench can do wonders to the functionality of your kitchen.

To maximise the return on investment, consider the purpose of your kitchen island before installation. For instance determine if you want to utilize it as an extra storage space or you want to free up space for other components like breakfast bar or a sink.

So, the fact of the matter is that a kitchen island is a functional component and it must serve some purpose. Otherwise, you won’t need to waste money on it. So, depending on the functionality you want to achieve from your island, here are a few things that your kitchen island must provide.

  1. As A Cleaning Station: If you want your kitchen island to serve as the clean up station, you’ll need to include several things in it to make it suitable for the purpose. For instance there should be enough storage space for dish soaps and dish towels. Compost bins or pull out trash cans should be easily accessible from the island.
  1. Cooking and Dining: For cooking purposes, install a heat resistant benchtop and put some basic furniture for eating area. Kitchen islands are extensively used by families for informal dining. For this purpose, including a standard size kitchen island bench and some stools and chairs is a good idea.
  1. Choosing The Right Style – You can make your kitchen island, including kitchen island bench, blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen or you can choose to make it stand out. Choose kitchen island components such as kitchen island bench and cabinets in the similar finish as used in the rest of your kitchen to create a seamless look throughout your entire kitchen. To make your island even more versatile, opt for dual height kitchen islands. These islands are great for creating informal dining areas and making kitchen designs more appealing.


For more guidance on modern kitchen designs, get in touch with experts at The Kitchen Broker today!


3 Simple Rules to Choose Kitchen Splashbacks

kitchen splashbacks

Stunning and protective, kitchen splashbacks are the statement pieces in any kitchen design. Whether your style is bold or minimalistic, kitchen splashbacks can help you achieve any desired look with modern kitchen designs in Sydney. However, it’s important to select splashbacks that can showcase the theme and colour scheme of your kitchen effectively. In many creative kitchens, splashbacks even form the focal point of design.

That being said, most people plan their splashbacks only at the last moment mainly because of the overwhelming number of choices available these days. To make the whole process of getting the right kitchen splashbacks easier, experts at The Kitchen Broker have prepared a handy list of some simple rules you can use while shopping for kitchen splashbacks in Sydney.

  1. Mix and match: If you’re finding it hard to visualise different colours of splashbacks in your kitchen, one of the best kitchen ideas you can try is to actually incorporate these colours in your kitchen. Use some tile samples and fix them to your walls. Observe them at different times of the day in varying amount of light. When it comes to choosing colour, go with one prominent colour and a few accent colours. In many modern kitchen designs in Sydney, designers select splashback colours on the basis of benchtop and fixtures like hardware and lighting present in the kitchen.
  1. Choose The Right Location: Install splashbacks at a location that can offer you the best returns. For instance space between sink and range has a huge visual impact. It also has sufficient area to display your creativity and make your kitchen stand out. You can make the most of this space by installing funky splashbacks and compliment them with minimalist splashbacks in the rest of the kitchen. This is a great way to create a stunning centrepiece to dramatically boost the visual appeal of your kitchen.
  1. Consider Your Budget: if you’re on a tight budget, there are still a number of options that can help you beautify your kitchen at quite a reasonable price. Classic options like white ceramic tiles can be used in place of modern tiles. However, never compromise on the strength and durability of your kitchen. Make sure that grout is used in an optimal manner so that the tiles can properly adhere to the walls.


For more kitchen ideas or to discuss your project, get in touch with the experts at The Kitchen Broker today!



A 3-Step Guide to Kitchen Renovations in Sydney

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Kitchen renovations in Sydney are often considered as the most complicated remodelling projects mainly because of the numerous difficult decisions involved in the process. As one of the most experienced kitchen designers in Sydney, we believe that a kitchen renovation project doesn’t have to be a complex job. With that in mind, our experts have prepared a short helpful guide to make the process a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

  1. Find A Trusted Company: However, make sure that you know your needs and goals well before picking the right renovation professionals for you. Consider things like how often your cook meals and how many people would use the kitchen and so on. Once you’ve a precise plan in your mind, research about the costs of various components you want to incorporate in your kitchen.This will ensure you that you’ll get the best value for your money. Choosing a trusted company such as The Kitchen Broker can help you save even more on your kitchen renovations in Sydney. These experienced companies are known for delivering flawless results every single time, and you can never go wrong with them.

  3. Specifications: it’s always a good idea to take notes and save the best kitchen images in Sydney you can find that suit your taste. If you’ve some idea about the style you want to achieve from your kitchen renovation project, half the battle is won. You can choose from a plethora of kitchen styles these days ranging from traditional, classic, modern or white kitchens, to name a few.
    Below is a checklist to select fixtures and finishes for your kitchen.

    • Type of doors
    • Cabinet construction
    • Placement of Appliances such as refrigerator and oven etc
    • Benchtop material
    • Backsplashes
    • Flooring
    • Faucet and sink
    • Decorative items


  4. Take Help from Professional Kitchen Designers in Sydney: Choosing professional kitchen designers at well established firms, such as The Kitchen Broker, is the best way to turn your vision into reality, and that too without exceeding your budget. Let’s have a look at some of the things kitchen designers in Sydney can help you with.
    • Setting goals
    • Setting Budget
    • Customization by keeping your exact needs and lifestyle in mind
    • Providing Inspiration with the best modern kitchen designs
    • Determining the amount of cabinetry and other materials required
    • Improving storage
    • Simplifying complex configurations


For more guidance, visit The Kitchen Broker today and discuss your project with some of the most experienced kitchen designers in Sydney!