Check Out These 3 Pro Tips for Designing Modern Kitchens

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More and more people prefer to choose modern kitchens over traditional ones mainly because of function, practicality and clean minimalistic design of these kitchens. At The Kitchen Broker, we design all types of kitchens for new constructions as well as for remodelling projects. As one of the most experienced kitchen designers in Sydney, our portfolio is jam-packed with a variety of kitchen designs. This knowledge and experience help us design new kitchens faster and more efficiently.

Apart from gaining useful information from our past designs, our experts like to share new ideas with people who’re looking to build custom kitchens in Sydney. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most effective tips you can use to achieve aesthetically pleasing and functional modern kitchens without breaking a bank.

Importance of Work Triangle in Modern Kitchens

The work triangle has a big impact on the practical value of any kitchen. For the initiated, it’s a triangle formed by sink, range and refrigerator. Ideally, it should be small enough to allow chef to move conveniently and quickly between these three important components. At the same time, it should also allow at least two people access these resources without bumping into each other. Lastly, the work triangle should be separate from kitchen islands and cabinets.

Modern Kitchens: Make It Clutter-Free

Modern kitchens are minimalist in design. So, there’s no need to place a lot of appliances and other items on your benchtop. These kitchens are meant to be sleek, spacious and clutter-free. Don’t waste money on things you do not need. Get rid of as many items as possible from the visible surfaces and tuck them away in some clever storage systems.

Not only can modern kitchens help you achieve a clean design, it offers you a number of other advantages as well. It creates a serene and open environment in your kitchen where you’ll just love to cook healthy and nutritious food.

Consider Ergonomics While Designing Modern Kitchens

Experienced kitchen designers in Sydney know the importance of ergonomics in a functional kitchen design.  Before starting the design process, they usually want to know, how homeowners use their kitchens. For instance they like to discuss things like – from where people enter their kitchens, how they access their groceries and in what order they use various components like sink, trash and dishwasher etc. These are important considerations in ergonomic modern kitchen designs.

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