Clever Kitchen Storage

When doing your kitchen plans, storage is a top priority. In modern kitchen designs we talk about the cooks triangle and we talk about walk in pantries for bulk storage. But in kitchen renovations designed by top kitchen designers, clever convenient storage is a priority. Walk in pantries are great for bulk storage, but having everything at hand where you need and when you need, is better design.

Roller door 1

A clever storage solution that is rarely thought of is benchtop pantries set back so they seem to be at wall level. How do you achieve this? You design the benchtops 900mm deep, if the space is available, you then have roller doors flush with the back of the overhead cabinets with all your cooking and everyday needs conveniently available at bench level. A great almost seamless roller door product is available that delivers a good look and has dual opening capabilities. It can be opened either manually or electronically. A great thing about these doors is they can be very long and still work efficiently. (as displayed below)

Kitchen cabinets with this look and capability are a plus and can be achieved if you want to think outside the square. The extra storage can be quite significant, handy & easily seen. Unconventional as this type of storage is, it is a winner in all categories regarding ease of function.

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