Clever Storage Ideas that Can Be Significant for Homes with Small Kitchens

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Sizeable and expansive kitchens could well be a dream come true. Unfortunately, they might also be too good to be true. Not many homes across the country feature the airy and spacious kitchens that lifestyle magazines often depict. Smaller kitchens could well leave you feeling cramped. But, this does not mean that you cannot design a smaller kitchen to suit your requirements. Reputed kitchen designers could help you design the kitchen in a layout that works for you. In addition, the incorporation of some clever storage ideas could make your kitchen have sufficient space for storing all kinds of things as well.


Focus on Your Drawers and Cabinets When You Embark on Kitchen Renovations


Many homeowners feel that the size of their kitchens inhibits them in various ways. For instance, smaller kitchens will not have much space to meet all the storage requirements of the occupants. Moreover, smaller kitchens can often feel cramped to work in. In this scenario, it can be worth highlighting that the small size of a kitchen does not affects its organisational potential in the slightest. All kitchens will inevitably feature the essentials such as a sink, a stove, a fridge, countertops etc. Thereafter, all that remains for you to do involves utilising the space remaining optimally. For instance, drawers can become cluttered much faster than other spaces in the kitchen. To avoid this, consider an innovative drawer organisation system. Fully customisable sets of drawers can be a clever storage idea to incorporate in the kitchen. These sets will not only have space for holding bottles and utensils. They will also be deep enough to suit all the stacks of dishes that you have.


Turn the Blind Corners in Your Kitchen into Assets


Some people view blind corners in kitchens as disadvantages. These corners can limit your access to the space available. Even if you install cabinets, you might find it hard to locate items placed at the back. However, professionals fluent in kitchen design feel that homeowners can turn blind corners into assets. The incorporation of Le Mans cabinets in blind corners could make accessing items stored in these cabinets a breeze. In regular cabinets, you will need to crawl into the cabinet to access items stored at the back. In Le Mans cabinets, the mechanism will rotate its way around the cabinet door. So, you will be able to see and access anything placed in these cabinets.


Install a Pull-Out Pantry System to Meet Your Kitchen Storage Needs


A disorganised pantry can be a nightmare. However, not many homeowners can consider doing away with a pantry either. If you want to make optimal utilisation of the space available in a small kitchen, a pull-out pantry organisation system could be useful. This clever storage solution will use the entire dimension of the cabinet for extending and displaying the items stored. An alternative to consider might include a cabinet-style pantry where the shelves glide outwards. This arrangement will eliminate the need for you to feel items stored at the back of the shelf. Similarly, shelves placed on the door can make storing and accessing items very convenient too.


Other Innovative Ways to Make Optimum Utilisation of Space in Tiny Kitchens


Besides the measures recommended above, you could consider other viable alternatives as well. For instance, install a wire kitchen rack on the walls of your custom kitchen. Thereafter, hang some of your utensils from the hooks provided. This could free up invaluable countertop space. In addition, you could hang a storage kitchen rack on the side of your refrigerator. Use this for hanging your larger spoons, mugs etc. And, if you like the concept of storing your spices and herbs in magnetic spice tins, you could place them on the side of the fridge for easy access. A qualified kitchen designer could easily come up with numerous ways by which you would be able to meet your storage-related requirements easily.


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