Using the Kitchen Broker

Kitchen Design & Renovation Using The Kitchen Broker

We do the hard work of creating kitchens and you enjoy the result. It is a simple process.

  1. The Kitchen Broker charges a broker fee to design your kitchen in consultation with you.
  2. We supply detailed plans to various suppliers and negotiate a deal on your behalf for all aspects of the kitchen project.
  3. We manage and negotiate the delivery and installation of your new kitchen.
  4. We maintain ongoing contact with tradespeople to ensure the finished product is completed well.

Still not sure? Contact us to discuss our services further, you will be surprised at what a good investment it is!

We guarantee you will save more than your broker fee. We will drive your dollar further, saving you time and taking the hassle out of the many decisions that need to be made.

The Kitchen Broker makes creating kitchens a pleasant experience because they know how to bring home the desired result.