The Big Picture

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Where do you start? There are hundreds of kitchen suppliers putting up their hands saying look at us. They all make promises of service and quality, but how do you know who is the right company for your needs? How do you sought out the supplier who can do the job that meets your expectations in regard to quality, service & budget? How much time do you have to invest in design sits and running around various showrooms assessing quality and expertise? How long does it take to assess the numerous combinations of colours, textures and finishes?

Referral is a good thing, it is good to know a friend, acquaintance or family member who has had a kitchen installed and were happy with the overall project. But you may look at their finished kitchen and be saying to yourself , well they may have installed the kitchen on time and on budget but the design and install quality is very ordinary. People generally have different levels of expectation, what some consider acceptable other consider below standard.

Many people think they will play it safe and go to a major supplier, they believe that if they get two or three companies to compete for the job they should get the right outcome. This is not necessarily so, most companies have designers who are commission sales people, if they don’t sell they don’t eat. This competition sometimes means that the salesman designs to a budget and not to a need and at the end you are the loser because things have been left out that could have made the space more efficient. Design details have been bypassed that could have given the space the wow factor.

Also remember, that experienced qualified designers that are CKD’s (Certified Kitchen Designer) are pretty hard to find. Don’t think because you are dealing with an established company it necessarily means you get the best job, this is not so. Top designers maximise the benefits, they understand function and the design brief. They get the very best out of the space according to your needs and they help choose the colours and textures that suit the setting.

You need The Kitchen Broker because it’s experienced team knows the industry. We know the top operators and some of them do not have shopfronts but they do excellent work. Some of the top joiners and installation teams that are available to us, most people would never find themselves. We are independant, we are a one stop shop, we represent you to the kitchen industry. We save you heaps of time and the frustrating hours of trudging around showrooms trying to weigh up what you need in finish and design. We are the experts and we allow you the luxury of flexibility and choice.