Custom Kitchens Sydney: 3 Tips to Design a Perfect Kitchen Island

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A well designed kitchen island accomplishes a number of goals in almost all efficient kitchen designs. It organises the space, provides an extra surface to eat and food prep and it can be used for additional storage as well. In addition to improving the visual appeal in custom kitchens in Sydney, a kitchen island and accompanying components like a kitchen island bench can do wonders to the functionality of your kitchen.

To maximise the return on investment, consider the purpose of your kitchen island before installation. For instance determine if you want to utilize it as an extra storage space or you want to free up space for other components like breakfast bar or a sink.

So, the fact of the matter is that a kitchen island is a functional component and it must serve some purpose. Otherwise, you won’t need to waste money on it. So, depending on the functionality you want to achieve from your island, here are a few things that your kitchen island must provide.

  1. As A Cleaning Station: If you want your kitchen island to serve as the clean up station, you’ll need to include several things in it to make it suitable for the purpose. For instance there should be enough storage space for dish soaps and dish towels. Compost bins or pull out trash cans should be easily accessible from the island.
  1. Cooking and Dining: For cooking purposes, install a heat resistant benchtop and put some basic furniture for eating area. Kitchen islands are extensively used by families for informal dining. For this purpose, including a standard size kitchen island bench and some stools and chairs is a good idea.
  1. Choosing The Right Style – You can make your kitchen island, including kitchen island bench, blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen or you can choose to make it stand out. Choose kitchen island components such as kitchen island bench and cabinets in the similar finish as used in the rest of your kitchen to create a seamless look throughout your entire kitchen. To make your island even more versatile, opt for dual height kitchen islands. These islands are great for creating informal dining areas and making kitchen designs more appealing.


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