Design Your Kitchen to Perfection with the Best Kitchen Plans and Layouts

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Kitchens seldom provide the space and convenience that the homeowners often require. In many cases, the kitchen does not suit the working style of the homeowner. As a result, the homeowners will look at various kitchen plans for remodelling or altering their existing kitchens. The lack of finances (or other considerations) might put paid to the immediate implementation of these plans. But, beyond a point, the homeowners would not be able to ignore the inherent flaws in their kitchens.


What are Some of the Most Popular Kitchen Plans and Layouts that Kitchen Designers Typically Offer?

The layout of the kitchen is the bedrock upon which every other aspect typically depends. Some of the most popular kitchen layouts that kitchen planners in Sydney and other cities typically recommend include:

  • The One-Wall Layout: This layout suits kitchens that are either extremely small or very large. Designers will place the fridge, the stove, the sink, the countertop and the cabinets on one wall. This layout provides optimal levels of openness, Moreover, its simplicity promotes the unhindered flow of traffic.
  • The Galley-Style (or Corridor) Layout: For narrow and confined spaces, this layout is ideal. The two walls of the kitchen will have all the services. This layout uses the classic kitchen triangle to provide higher levels of functionality.
  • The L-Shaped Layout: This is among the most popular kitchen layouts. The countertops and the kitchen services occupy two walls, with the other two walls remaining open. This layout offers more countertop space. And, it makes optimal use of the kitchen triangle too.
  • The U-Shaped Layout: This layout blends an L-shaped kitchen with a kitchen island that comprises a cooktop, a sink or both. This layout offers two workstations. Thus, two people can work simultaneously in the kitchen.


Do You Require Professional Assistance with Your Kitchen Renovations in Sydney?

If you want to make the most of your kitchen renovation, it’s best to engage a professional kitchen designer. At The Kitchen Broker, you will get independent designers who can represent you. Our award-winning designers will manage the entire renovation project for you to your satisfaction. We will not only take you directly to the leading manufacturers and trades. We will also ensure that you get a high-quality kitchen that matches your needs. Our expertise will enable you to bring your kitchen plans to life. Click here for some useful design tips.

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