Kitchen Design – The Double Triangle

The secret behind the double triangle in kitchen layout & design

Most cooks know that the kitchen layout that is efficient has a triangle that is no more than 7 metres between the sink, cooktop & fridge. But did you know that there is a second triangle (known as Patto’s second triangle) that makes a very workable kitchen layout if it can be achieved within the space that is available.

The second triangle is between the pantry, fridge and cutlery & crockery space. The idea is that the rest of the household is usually in the kitchen to get something to eat or drink, not to cook or prepare food. If the two triangles meet at the fridge then you have the perfect kitchen layout solution. The rest of the house can do it’s thing without crossing the cooks triangle, clever isn’t it….So think about this when you are designing your ideal kitchen.

Patto’s Tip:
Kitchen layout is important when it comes to a functional kitchen for both cook and family members.