Kitchen Design – Selling your house?

Kitchen Design is worth thinking about when it comes to marketing a house

There is no doubt that the most important room in the home is the kitchen. When planning your new kitchen take stock of your plans for the future. Your kitchen design could impact on your house price when you are going to sell it.

Before you get underway with your kitchen design you need to ask yourself, “is this the home you will be in forever or are you planning to move in 5 or 10 years?”

This is an important point to consider. You can drive your dollar further by making sure that your kitchen design; the colours & textures that you use will still be an asset to the home when you sell.

Firstly consider who would buy your house. Is it a home that would suit a growing family? If this is the case then the eating area is usually in the kitchen and a lot of the household activity will take place there.  Your kitchen design needs to incorporate kitchen tips and design ideas that reflect the type of family that might buy your house. Remember Patto’s triangle?  The idea is that the other members of the family can get into the kitchen to eat without disrupting the cook! The paths should never cross.

An important point to considered & remember is that the most popular colours in a kitchen are white & antique white. They are very safe colours for any kitchen design and an easy, neutral colour for when the house goes to market. However if you are into big, bright colours don’t despair! Many people choose the light colours for the bulk of the kitchen but you can trick it up with a splash of colour on the glass splashback or on a timber top island bench.  All these things are easily changed at a very cost effective price, unlike renovating the whole kitchen due to an inappropriate kitchen design and colour scheme.

So if you stick the tips above you will have a kitchen that will appeal to most buyers and if they want to add their own touch they can by changing the glass splashback or putting in a different island benchtop for a different look that will not break the bank.

Patto’s Tip:
It is very wise to think about the future sale of your home when it comes to kitchen design.