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Kitchen Splashbacks

So you have your kitchen design and are now considering your kitchen surfaces and colours. With so many choices out there it can be a daunting job, not just picking colours but textures, surfaces and finishes.

Top Kitchen Design Tips To Consider

A great kitchen design is paramount in a house not only for the people cooking and preparing food in the kitchen but for the whole family. A well laid out kitchen design makes life easier. Here are my top kitchen design tips to consider when building or renovating.

Small Kitchen Designs | Custom Kitchen Design

A great kitchen designer can get the most out of small spaces with a well thought out and planned small kitchen design. They know all the cleaver solutions to maximise storage and ease of use.

Good Option For Lower Kitchen Cabinets – Drawers!

The biggest advantage of utilising drawers in your lower kitchen cabinets is convenience. Reaching into the back of a cupboard to retrieve an item can be a challenge to say the least.

Kitchen Design Ideas | Kitchen Sink Position

Most kitchen designs and layouts put the kitchen sink bang in the middle of the kitchen window. A simple re-location of your kitchen sink can offer more kitchen bench top space and more storage.

Kitchen Design Ideas | Kitchen Layout

When it comes to kitchen design and layout many people feel that they need the walk in pantry that houses everything. This is a huge mistake in modern kitchen design.

Marble Kitchen Bench Tops

Marble has always been a favorite for many as a kitchen bench top, but there has always been dangers when using it as a work surface in kitchens. Why? Because marble is porous and is likely to stain if you are not careful.

Making The Most Of Your Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen is no small job and to get it right it is important to engage designers who are CKD’s (Certified Kitchen Designers) as significant expertise is needed to gain the ultimate result.

Kitchen Renovation Tips

Kitchen Renovation Ideas and Tips Many despair as to what they need when commissioning a new kitchen or undertaking a kitchen renovation. There are a few choices when it comes to kitchen layout and it really boils down to the space you have and the layout you like.

5 Questions Before Selecting A Kitchen Designer

With so many options out there how do you go about selecting a kitchen designer? So you are about to embark down the path of either a brand new kitchen in a brand new house/apartment, a kitchen replacement in an older house/apartment or a renovation job on your original kitchen. You obviously want someone who… Read more »