Does Your House Need an Outdoor Kitchen?

Kitchens, for long, have served as the place where the occupants of a house prepare and cook food. Many people view cooking as just one of the chores that they need to get over with each day. As a result, the kitchen often remains on the fringes of their minds. It is useful to have a kitchen that provides clever storage space and ample space for movement. However, not many homeowners expect more of their kitchens other than these basic requirements. Thankfully, this trend is fast becoming obsolete.

The Metamorphosis of the Humble Kitchen

In recent times, homeowners have woken up to the immense value and benefits that their kitchens provide. Thus, it is hardly surprising that modern kitchens do not merely offer ample storage and working space. They also offer simple novelties that enhance the benefits of the kitchen manifold. For example, many contemporary kitchens have seating areas. People can use these for having a quick bite, for chatting with friends while cooking or even, for supervising the homework of the kids.

In addition, modern kitchen designs also seek to utilise the space available as effectively as possible. Therefore, recesses in walls will be able to store kitchen appliances, utensils etc. when not in use. As a result, not only does this feature provide effective utilisation of space, so vital in smaller kitchens. It also keeps the kitchen appear spacious and uncluttered. Other design elements such as kitchen islands, colourful splashbacks and countertops etc. also serve to enliven the kitchen further. This is why the kitchens of today are not just functional and spacious. They are stylish and aesthetically appealing as well. Recent as these developments might be, yet another trend is fast catching on in many cities throughout the country. This trend develops the kitchen concept even further and takes it outdoors too.

What are Outdoor Kitchens?

Some privileged and canny homeowners know that their outdoor kitchens are fabulous additions to their homes. Outdoor kitchens build upon and develop the concept of the outdoor barbecue experience. Outdoor barbecues, while enjoyable, often offer none of the conveniences that the hosts typically enjoy in the confines of their kitchen. Outdoor barbecues are not elegant or comfortable either. Looking to blend comfort, elegance, functionality and innovation, kitchen designers came up with the concept of the outdoor kitchen.

The outdoor kitchen is one of the most novel kitchen ideas in recent times. The trend is fast catching on in many of the major cities in Australia. You might feel that the concept of the outdoor kitchen is worthwhile for entertaining your guests at parties. However, it is worth reflecting that you could use your outdoor kitchen on an everyday basis too. For instance, dining indoors, especially in fine weather, can be quite dull and monotonous. With an outdoor kitchen though, you could partake of a delightful experience in the open air. Even dining out might not appear as appealing as much as dining in your outdoor kitchen

What are the Essential Aspects of Designing an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen typically comprises a space for grilling food. It also comprises a hearth product such as a fireplace or a fire pit. In recent times, kitchen planners have fitted the outdoor kitchen with all the necessary accoutrements of the indoor kitchen. Therefore, your outdoor kitchen could have other essentials including:

  • A raised bar that serves as an eating area as well
  • An expansive counter space that makes it easy to prepare food
  • A counter that comes fitted with sinks, cutting boards, trash bins etc.
  • A storage space
  • Outdoor kitchen appliances including an outdoor grill, an outdoor refrigerator etc.

Before you venture into designing an outdoor kitchen, consider the space you have to work with. Assess whether you want to use it for entertaining a large number of guests or whether you would prefer that it appear secluded and relaxing. Similarly, consider how you would want to use the space. For instance, do you want to use the outdoor kitchen only for preparing food? Or, do you want to incorporate an eating area as well?

The budgetary consideration is another aspect that you need to focus on. For all its benefits, it is worth giving the concept of having an outdoor kitchen immense thought. Such projects can be quite complicated. Depending on your requirements and tastes, such projects might involve a lot of money too. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to hire a reputed local kitchen planner. For example, a kitchen planner in Sydney would be able to build upon your requirements for an outdoor kitchen in a cost effective manner.

What are the Benefits of Having an Outdoor Kitchen on Your Property?

Having an outdoor kitchen can be quite beneficial. With an outdoor kitchen:

  • Cooking and dining outside can become an enjoyable experience for the entire family
  • Entertaining your visitors becomes easier and more convenient (outdoor parties will usually not make the main kitchen or house messy, for instance)
  • You can utilise your outdoor space effectively
  • You would not need to spend a lot of money for creating a second kitchen or breaking down your existing kitchen to re-model or re-design it
  • You can enhance the re-sale value of your property and,
  • You could enhance your social life

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