Drawbacks of Marble Floors to Discuss with Your Kitchen Designers

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There’s no doubt that marble is one of the most beautiful flooring materials ever. They can make any space look more sophisticated and luxurious than they actually are. This is why so many well-to-do homeowners ask their kitchen designers to incorporate marble floors into their kitchen renovations.


All kitchen designers will tell you that marble is one of the most expensive flooring materials available in the market. So if you’re working under a strict budget, you may want to consider other flooring materials. Still, if you’re dead-set on having marble floors installed in your kitchen, make sure that you factor in both the material and installation costs in your budget.


Another thing to consider is the maintenance. In general, marble floors can be labour-intensive where maintenance is concerned. For example, marble floors will require periodic application of sealants to protect them from stains. Most kitchen designers recommend applying sealant on marble floors every six or twelve months. This process is one you shouldn’t skimp if you want to maintain the clean and elegant look of marble floors.

Prone to Scratching

Marble is a tough and hard material; however, they are still prone to scratching. This is especially true if you neglect their proper care and maintenance. For example, dragging heavy objects like tables and chairs over them is prone to leave scratch marks on its surface. If you are not careful, you may find yourself wanting a kitchen make over or maybe a new floor. Fortunately, scratch marks can still be repaired, though much still depends on the degree of damage. Also, such repairs require the aid of a professional, which can be rather costly.

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Marble is indeed one of the most beautiful flooring materials available. They’re elegant and can make your kitchen really stand out. Still, it is beyond perfect as evidenced by its different nuances as mentioned above. As such, be sure to take these considerations before committing to using marble in your kitchen make over or renovations.

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