Eco-friendly and Simpler Designs, A Timeless New Direction in Kitchen Design.

Nowadays it seems that anything goes in kitchen design, apart from making sure the spacial configurations work well and keeping in mind the importance of adhering to the sink/stove/refrigerator work space recipe. There are many possibilities in the designing a functional and stylish kitchen of your dreams.

Take for instance cabinetry, while over the past five years the more traditional style cabinets remained at the top of the most popular list, simpler Shaker-style cabinets have gained in popularity. Wood choices are changing as well. Cherry cabinets, which use to be the color of choice, are now being replaced by maple. Also if you plan to paint your current cabinets, choose an off-white or beige instead of bright white.

The design of cabinets has also taken a big turn away from the rigid, boxy cabinets of the past to a more fluid shape. When you are planning your design, select counter tops that give a sense of flow and cabinets and hardware that are shaped more organic. Use a few stand-alone furniture pieces to add a warm appearance. The goal is to have a look that’s both modern and inviting.

Energy saving is a the focus now when it comes to both the look of new lighting and appliances. LED lights continue to show up in both design and functional lighting. You may also find LED’s in other places such as inside the of a refrigerator, within the over hood of your stove or maybe providing illumination from beneath a glass counter top.

When thinking about design, don’t forget about appliances. They can be more than just a functional part of the kitchen. Look for appliances that multitask and offer more capabilities within one unit. The new trends in appliances can even add to the total look of the kitchen design.

Whether or not cabinets, counter tops and appliances are Eco-friendly is probably one of the most important factors guiding both remodeling and a new construction project. Green products are no longer a specialty item. Manufacturers are all striving to create products from sustainable resources, to meet consumers demand. Cabinets, counter tops, and even paints are now available in low-VOC formulas, which basically means your family doesn’t have to face possible gas emissions within the home.

Once you are ready to get the planning of your new kitchen underway, you need a professional team that can bring your concepts to reality. The Kitchen Broker Design Studio is a private kitchen design studio set within a lovely English garden. Whether you are looking for a classic kitchen or something more modern, the Kitchen Broker Design Studio put you with a personal designer who can assist you in selecting the right finishes and cuts.

The Kitchen Broker is your one-stop kitchen planner in Sydney. We are award winning experts who will help you create the kitchen of your dreams with top quality products that are affordable. We can save you literally thousands in the kitchen design process. When you visit our kitchen store we will do all the work to design your space, plus help you find an experienced kitchen manufacturer that will fit your needs in quality and budget.

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