Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Kitchen Broker different from a Kitchen Company?
The Kitchen Broker is independent and works for you like an Architect. You pay the Architect to design your house then they find a quality Builder to do the project within your allocated budget. The Kitchen Broker does the same.
Will we save by using The Kitchen Broker?
There will be considerable savings, as The Kitchen Broker bypasses the many costs of retail shop fronts. We take you direct to quality suppliers and craftsman to achieve a wholesale solution for you.
I am time poor, is it more efficient to use The Kitchen Broker?
We save you time running around talking to sales people, trying to educate yourself with the best solutions in design, costs, installation and finishes. The Kitchen Broker offers you Award Winning Designers at first base, who will counsel you expertly on all levels.
Why am I safe with The Kitchen Broker?
The Kitchen Broker is lead and owned by Brian Patterson. Brian has twenty five years of Industry experience. Brian has owned one of Sydney’s leading Kitchen Design Companies. He has a trusted reputation in the Kitchen Industry and is one of Sydney’s most Awarded Kitchen Designers.
Why do I need a Designer?
You need a C.K.D. (Certified Kitchen Designer). A C.K.D. will counsel you in all aspects of correct design. They are experts in colour, finishes and understand all the inclusions that will suit your particular needs.
They are also experts in helping you achieve the right result when budgets are tight.
Why is The Kitchen Broker my best option?
The Kitchen Broker works for you and is responsible for producing for you the best design and a quality installation for the right price. There are no surprises for you as we are in the business of saving you time and money and delivering for you the very best out-come on all levels.
What are the possibilities of hidden costs?
We at The Kitchen Broker are responsible for working within your allocated budget. We are working for you and if we can save you more, we will. Any variation will only be incurred if you add to the work contracted.
How much does The Kitchen Broker cost?
The Kitchen Broker has a one only fee. That fee covers consultation, design, finished plans and negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers. Half the fee is paid at initial consultation and the second half is paid on finished plans and pricing. Our fee is not on top of your allocated budget.
Note: Designers from Kitchen Companies are paid a commission that is added onto the cost of your kitchen.
What if I only want a design?
The Kitchen Broker offers a design service. We have a computer design package that has a 3D and “walk-through” presentation. If you plan to buy flat-pack and install yourself or you do not live in Sydney, we can design off your measurements or off your home plans. Beware; you may think that you can design your own kitchen but you will never achieve the result that an experienced Designer can do for you.
Where are you?
The Kitchen Broker is in Pennant Hills. We are 200 meters from Pennant Hills Station and 100 meters from the shopping centre. Parking is easy.
Do you cover all of Sydney and surrounding areas?
The Kitchen Broker covers all of Sydney and Regional areas.
How do I contact The Kitchen Broker for further information?
We can be contacted via our Contact Form on our Web Site or ring us on 02 94843464.