Figure Out the Right Heights For Your Kitchen Designs Sydney

Kitchen Designs Sydney

As great as it may be to add all sorts of cabinets, appliances and other things into your Sydney kitchen, you have to make sure they are all things that are easily accessible. A kitchen planner will help you review the heights for all the items that you plan on using.


Check Countertops

Great kitchen designs Sydney often entail countertops that are about four feet off of the ground. This is enough to provide plenty of storage space underneath the countertop or room for all the plumbing and electric fixtures you might require. This is also good to where most people can easily access the surface without struggling to climb onto anything.

This could be a few inches shorter if you plan on preparing various foods on the countertop. Don’t make it too shallow though or else it might be easier for pets to jump up onto a surface and possibly scratch it up.


How High Are the Appliances?

Any appliances that you want to hang up on a wall should be checked carefully. A microwave can be added a few feet above the floor around your counter, for instance. Whatever the case, make sure the appliances are high enough to be easy to use while still being tall to where children or pets cannot easily touch or access them.

The appliances should especially be reviewed based on any connections you will require for getting them ready. A great appliance should be placed on a spot to where it won’t be too hard to access it while also ensuring that the connections don’t require any added bits of wiring.


Review Your Shelves and Cabinets

Any hanging shelves or cabinets should be high up to cover plenty of spots around your walls. These should still be low enough to where you can access them or open them up without having to use a stepping stool. Think about how well people can reach such items in your home when determining how high up things should be.

It is always good to keep your kitchen items accessible. Look out to see how the heights for things all around your kitchen in your Sydney home are organized.



Image Source: Pixabay

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