Five of the Best Kitchen Cabinet Fronts to Incorporate in Your Kitchen Renovation



People considering renovating or remodeling their kitchens often find themselves facing a dilemma concerning their kitchen cabinets. They will usually find it hard to ascertain whether they need to repair or replace their existing cabinetry. Replacing your existing cabinets will consume a significant part of the budget of your kitchen remodeling project. So, if you plan to redesign the kitchen to enhance its functionality, the cost of new cabinets could make you bust your budget. In such situations, it might be prudent to consider repairing the cabinets if possible. On the other hand, if you plan to carry out superficial or cosmetic changes in your kitchen, replacing the cabinetry could be a worthwhile consideration. This can be especially so if you find that your cabinet doors seem to be manifesting signs of wear and tear. Or, replacing the cabinetry might be useful if the hardware elements have lost their lustre and functionality.


Closed Front Cabinets Can Enhance the Look of Your Kitchen Cabinets


In any kitchen, people will often notice the cabinets before anything else. Cabinets typically line the walls in kitchens. As such, they will become the focal point of the kitchen. Naturally, if your cabinets look visually appealing, they will complement the overall look of the kitchen. As mentioned previously, if the cabinets look shabby or have lost their functionality, don’t think twice about replacing them. But, if they only look a little worn and function properly otherwise, a simple makeover could do the trick.

For instance, consider altering the front of the cabinets to complement your modern kitchen design. Closed fronts for cabinets come in a diverse selection of materials. Consider replacing the existing cabinet fronts with wooden closed cabinet fronts. These fronts will conceal your dishes and cookware. They will also ooze class and elegance. In terms of options, wooden closed cabinet fronts come with frames, flat panels or even, louvres. Moreover, depending on your budget, you could opt for a basic hinge design or a fancier track system.


Use Glass Front Cabinets to Make Your Small Kitchens Look More Spacious and Elegant


When people opt for having custom kitchens in their Sydney homes, they will not think twice about revamping their cabinetry. Cabinets do not merely offer superb storage solutions in kitchens. Their style and looks can enhance the aesthetic quotient of the kitchen too. In particular, glass front cabinets can make any kitchen look exquisite. But, they can also make a small kitchen look much larger.

To enhance this illusion of space, you could combine your glass front cabinetry with open shelving. And, you can mix-and-match with the glass of the cabinet fronts too. Oftentimes, homeowners prefer cabinet fronts made of clear glass. These make it easier to display your cookware elegantly. However, an option that you might want to consider could be frosted glass fronts. Frosted glass comes in different levels of opaqueness. Despite this, you will still be able to see things stored inside the cabinets, albeit not as clearly as compared to clear glass kitchen cabinet fronts.


Can Metallic Cabinet Fronts Present a Viable Alternative to Glass and Wood?


Modern kitchen designs often feature clean lines and exude a minimalist look. The use of metals such as stainless steel in these kitchens can be one of their most definitive features. The use of glass and wooden cabinet fronts might not suit your specific kitchen. So, if you want to revamp your cabinetry fronts, you might want to explore the options available. Stainless steel cabinet fronts exude a clean and modern look. They will suit the stainless-steel appliances present in your kitchen perfectly. Together, they can give your kitchen a striking look. You could even consider stainless steel frames with solid, framed or multiple panels to make your cabinet fronts look unique.

Another metallic alternative to consider could be punched tin cabinet fronts. These typically suit country kitchens more than modern ones. But, they come in a wide selection of colours. Hence, if you want to add some colour to your kitchen, these cabinet fronts might be just what you need. It can be worth mentioning that these cabinet fronts feature an assortment of designs too. From elegant filigree patterns to simpler star patterns, you could opt for a cabinet front that makes the statement you desire.


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