Heighten the Functionality and Beauty of Your Kitchen with the Best Walk In Pantry

walk in pantry
Going by recent trends, the kitchen has become the centre of the modern house. Homeowners often look for ways to make their kitchens more functional and appealing. In recent times, homeowners have felt the need for creating additional space in the kitchen. This has led to an increase in the popularity of walk in pantries. A walk in pantry is ideal for reducing the frequency of your shopping trips. It’s perfect when you want to capitalise on making bulk purchases as well.

How to Plan the Inclusion of a Walk In Pantry to Your Kitchen

Planning your walk-in pantry is very important. Consider the following aspects when you’re keen on adding a walk-in pantry to your existing kitchen.

  • The Dimensions: In many cases, the best location for the pantry could be in a hallway, the garage or on a stair landing. Therefore, consider how you’ll be approaching the pantry. For instance, do you need to step up or down. In addition, consider the sweep of the door and the space available when you select the pantry doors.
  • The Traffic: Measure your existing space meticulously. This would help prevent the pantry from blocking access to other areas in the kitchen.
  • The Storage: Consider the items that you’ll be purchasing in bulk for customising your storage requirements accordingly. Measuring the size of frequently stored items is essential for designing the shelves.
  • The Storage Conditions: Ensure that your pantry remains cool and dry for storing an assortment of canned, packaged and dried foods – from homemade preserves to spices.
  • The Lighting and Ventilation: Ensure that the pantry has ample lighting to find what you need easily. In addition, consider incorporating passive ventilation in the pantry. This will keep the air fresh while minimising odours.

Get the Best Kitchen Designers to Bring Your Modern Kitchen Designs to Life in Sydney

Whether your kitchen needs a walk in pantry or some elegant kitchen cabinets, it’s best to hire an experienced kitchen designer. At The Kitchen Broker, we have an award-winning team of kitchen designers. Each of these experts can design your kitchen and help you choose the right finishes for it. Thereafter, we will liaise with the manufacturing industry and help you get the best value for your kitchen – both in price and quality. Check out some of the ideas you could use in your kitchen here.

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