Helpful Tips to Transform a Drab Kitchen Into Your Dream Kitchen

Listing an entire plethora of kitchen ideas that you want to implement is the easy bit, when you want to re-model your kitchen. However, classifying and prioritising them is not as easy. For starters, you need to consider your budget. Oftentimes, homeowners have an unlimited range of ideas. Against this, they have a limited budget. Therefore, the choice ultimately boils down to prioritising the necessities as opposed to the wants or “good to have” features.

Kitchens Are Fast Becoming the Centrepiece of Many Homes Throughout the Country

Homeowners often neglect giving their kitchen the attention it needs. Thus, they focus on their bedrooms and living rooms. The kitchen generally remains low on their list of priorities. These individuals typically feel that as long as the kitchen is functional and easy to work in, it does not need any re-designing or re-modelling.

It is worth noting that many people throughout Australia no longer subscribe to this thinking. Rather, they are increasingly holding the view that of all the spaces in the house, the kitchen is the most important. The occupants of a house spend a significant part of their wakeful hours in the kitchen each day. This is why people are increasingly looking at giving their kitchens delightful makeovers. In fact, a visit to many houses in your Sydney neighbourhood would reveal the extent to which custom kitchens are popular in Sydney.

Designing Your Kitchen – The Starting Point for All Kitchen Re-modelling Projects

Finding attractive ideas to implement in your kitchen is easy. All you need to do is to go through the relevant magazines that offer advice on ways to transform your kitchen. Or, even consider doing a simple search on the internet. This will give you tons of ideas in simple, budget-friendly ways for renovating your kitchen. Similarly, you could even consider visiting the stores of cabinetmakers, retailers of kitchen appliances, countertop makers etc.

Finding ideas – and putting them together – is the cornerstone for all kitchen renovation projects. The sources listed above could help you visualise exactly the right kind of kitchen for your needs. From splashbacks to cabinets, even the smallest of designs and tips could be invaluable. It is worth remembering that many homeowners are not experts. Thus, they will not be able to ascertain the kitchen design ideas that offer them the best value. In this scenario, they might require the help offered by professionals in the domain. For instance, another option that they must consider is that of hiring a kitchen planner.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Kitchen Designer?

Kitchen designers and planners are adept in all areas of kitchen designing and styling. The modern homeowner has no dearth of options in kitchen designs. This is especially so when it comes to finding the best design for the kitchen. From classic kitchens to country kitchens, the options are numerous. The average homeowners might have a vague idea of the kind of the kitchen they require. However, kitchen designers can help them understand the benefits and shortcomings of each of the designs available.

Thereafter, these professionals will assimilate all the requirements of the homeowners and brainstorm. They will incorporate design elements that complement the look of your kitchen. Occasionally, they might even have to discard some ideas that do not offer the value you seek. In short, their unique expertise will help them create a kitchen design that is unique, stylish and functional.

Hiring these professionals has another merit. These professionals often have immense experience in handling projects that meet all kinds of budgets. As a result, you will not have nightmares about busting your budget when you begin re-modelling your kitchen. Moreover, these individuals will deal with all the suppliers and tradespeople on your behalf. Thus, you can simply sit back and relish a hassle-free experience.

Some Simple Kitchen Ideas and Designs to Incorporate in Your Homes in Sydney

If you’re looking for some simple ways to give your kitchen a makeover, here’s a list of tips you could consider.

  • If having too many colours in the kitchen unnerves you, consider a monochromatic pattern e.g. a black-and-white palette on your splashback or countertop could provide an effective look to the kitchen
  • On the other hand, if an all-white or neutral kitchen depresses you, consider painting your cabinets a pale shade of blue and using different shades to enliven the kitchen e.g. grey, cream, ivory etc.
  • If you don’t have the cabinet space you need, consider using floating shelves for meeting your storage needs, or building hidden cabinets or compartments in your kitchen islands
  • Instead of hanging shelves, consider purchasing shelving units that offer as many shelves as you need for utilising your space effectively
  • For smaller kitchens, consider incorporating elements such as large vaulted ceilings and multiple windows that make your kitchen appear larger than it actually is
  • Use your splashbacks and countertops to add a dash of colour to the kitchen
  • Hang frequently used pots and pans from storage racks to make your kitchen appear homely and functional
  • Use the lighting options available for emphasising the visual appeal of the kitchen – from chandeliers to recessed lighting
  • Consider placing bar stools in the kitchen for seating instead of chairs, especially in smaller kitchens

The Kitchen Broker – Kitchen Designers Par Excellence in Your Neighbourhood in Sydney

At The Kitchen Broker, we have an award winning team of kitchen designers. Each of these professionals has several years of experience in every aspect of kitchen designing. Our forte lies in providing an effective fusion of intelligent design and stylish elegance. As a result, you do not just get a kitchen that resembles others in the vicinity. Instead, you get a unique kitchen with an unmistakable personal touch that complements the comfort and visual appeal of your home.

Many homes in Sydney are proof of how we have made families happier. Our kitchen designs have made kitchens both, functional and stylish. This is why many clients believe that we have enriched their lives significantly. If you want to transform your existing kitchen to the one you’ve always dreamed of having, call us at (02) 9484 3464.

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