How Are Kitchen Renovations Different from Kitchen Remodelling Projects?

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Using two terms interchangeably is one of the most frequent errors that people make. For instance, many people use the terms ‘kitchen remodelling’ and ‘kitchen renovations’ interchangeably. However, both the terms refer to completely different things. When you renovate something, you are restoring or reviving something to a good condition. In contrast, if you remodel something, you will likely be making significant changes to or altering the structure of something.


The Difference Between Kitchen Renovation and Kitchen Remodelling Projects

Renovations typically accomplish two objectives. They aim to restore the style and functionality of a room. In addition, they aim to freshen up a dull or old room. This will usually involve fixing or replacing broken objects. It might also involve giving the room a fresh coat of paint, refacing old cabinets, updating old hardware etc. However, none of these alterations will end up changing the layout or the function of the room. In other words, a kitchen renovation will make your kitchen just like new again.

Remodelling a kitchen will usually involve making changes that are more drastic in nature. For instance, you might have come across exquisite kitchen images of kitchen islands. These images might compel you to add this feature to your kitchen. But, adding this feature might mean that you might start cooking over a new induction stove built into the island rather than using stoves placed elsewhere in the kitchen.

Kitchen remodelling projects enhance the functionality of your kitchen. This is why they will usually be more expensive too. If you are planning to put the house up for resale soon, a renovation might help you get a better price. In contrast, if you want to stay in the house for years to come, remodelling it might be worthwhile.


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