How to Avoid 3 Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes?

When it comes to kitchen renovations, getting custom kitchens in Sydney is the most popular option among homeowners. Getting a new custom kitchen is a wonderful idea especially if you’re bored of your existing kitchen and the way it functions.

However, a kitchen renovation is a kind of project that requires careful planning and attention to detail. There are a number of issues one can encounter while renovating their kitchen.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to know about such mistakes so that you can avoid them in your kitchen renovations. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of these pitfalls and some effective tips to deal with these problems.

Kitchen Renovation Mistake #1: Buying appliances that do not suit your kitchen design

Appliances play an important role in any kitchen, and they can make or break its functionality. To perform at their best, appliances should fit flawlessly in the kitchen. That’s why; it’s recommended to buy most of your appliances before you even start the design process. Decide on the placement of these appliances before planning for other components like cabinets and benchtops.

Kitchen Renovation Mistake #2: Insufficient Storage 

Sometimes, poor planning can result in insufficient storage space. This can make your kitchen look messy and cramped regardless of how large your kitchen actually is. On the other hand, with some clever storage, you can make even a small kitchen look spacious and clutter-free with ease.

For instance corner storage units can help you utilize the unused corner spaces of your kitchen and choosing drawers for utensils and pans is a better option than cabinets. To utilize the wall space, you can install upper cabinets. Vertical storage can be used to store rarely used items.

So, think carefully about your requirements right at the start of your kitchen renovations project, and you can rest assured that you’ll be able to maximise the space beyond your expectations.

Kitchen Renovation Mistake #3: Cluttered Working Area

The working area should be free from any unnecessary traffic. Your guests should be able to access oven, sink and fridge without causing any disturbance to the person who’s working at the benchtop. In addition, you’ll need to ensure that children do not come near sharp utensils and hot food. A secluded working area can be achieved with properly planned custom kitchens in Sydney.

Sometimes, common kitchen mistakes are simply unavoidable especially if you’re inexperienced in kitchen renovations. If it feels too complicated, don’t fret! Let the experts from The Kitchen Broker handle everything instead. We’re aware of the all the common issues and how to prevent them when it comes to custom kitchens in Sydney. For more information, visit The Kitchen Broker or simply give us a call at (02) 9484 3464 now!

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