How to Design the Cook’s Triangle in Your Kitchen

the cooks triangle


Few homeowners would be aware that the concept of the cook’s triangle emerged during the 1940s. At the time, kitchens used to be very small. In addition, the appliances used in kitchens were usually quite large. As such, people only used their kitchens for cooking meals. To make this activity easier, builders used the kitchen work triangle to connect the three main work areas in the kitchen i.e. the sink, the cooking range and the refrigerator. Estimates suggest that the distance between these areas must range from four to nine feet. Or, the sum of all three sides of this triangle must range from 13 to 26 feet. Any smaller and your kitchen could feel cramped and blocked. Any larger and you would find it hard to cook inside the kitchen regularly.

Tips for Designing the Cook’s Triangle in Your Kitchen

In recent times, kitchens often share space with the dining and living areas for easy entertaining. This is why modern kitchens will be much larger. When you’re looking at redesigning your kitchen, consider how well you get around in your existing kitchen. This would help you ascertain how best to organise your kitchen workspace within the cook’s triangle layout. The triangle will typically confine your cooking areas to one side of the kitchen. Therefore, you’ll be able to utilise the remaining space for entertaining, eating or doing homework.

It’s worth highlighting that the shape of your kitchen will influence the shape of your kitchen triangle. As such, the likelihood exists that the lengths of the triangle might not be completely even. Always ensure that nothing blocks the lines of the triangle. Objects such as trashcans could make working in the kitchen more difficult. In addition, ensure that the kitchen has adequate preparation space for easier cooking. Use this for placing your spices and utensils near the stove.

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