How to Go About Designing a Superb White Kitchen

Kitchen Design

Quality kitchens can be a delight to work in. At the same time, they will easily serve you for many years. Kitchen trends keep changing with time. But, white kitchens can be timelessly eternal. They will never go out of style. And, in some cases, they might even fetch you a higher price should you consider selling your house. White kitchens can exude a clean and fresh look. Moreover, if you have a small kitchen, transforming it into a white kitchen could create the illusion of spaciousness. One of the most important reasons for the popularity of these kitchens lies in their versatility. A white kitchen will work with almost any decorating style – whether modern or traditional. Thus, it hardly comes as a surprise that many homeowners do not look beyond white kitchens when they remodel or renovate their kitchens.


Kitchen Plans Will Always Focus on the Cabinets First-Up During Renovations or Remodels


Kitchen cabinets will invariably consume a large amount of space in the kitchen. At the same time, they will also be useful for meeting your storage requirements. The cabinetry will usually be the single largest head of expense in any remodelling project. This makes it imperative to pick your cabinets wisely. Enlist the aspects that you like and don’t like about your existing cabinets. Also, consider whether you really need to replace your cabinets at all. For instance, if your cabinets look good overall, you could simply give them a makeover instead of replacing them altogether. Consider painting your cabinets. Update the hardware wherever necessary. Or, if you want a white kitchen, you could replace the cabinet fronts and hinges to enhance their look.


Your Kitchen Island Bench and Counters Make it Easier to Acquire an All-White Kitchen


Kitchen counters will often be the next highest heads of expense in kitchen renovations. In terms of countertop materials, you could find yourself swamped with options. Marble countertops have always been quite popular among homeowners. While it can be pricey, the look it exudes can be superlative. For modern kitchens, countertops made of white concrete could be worthwhile. Solid materials such as quartz can be highly cost effective. Regardless of the material you finally select, ensure that the material offers high levels of durability. In addition, you will do well to remember that your countertop can be suitable for incorporating a myriad of clever storage ideas as well.  It can be worth mentioning that having a white-coloured kitchen does not mean that you cannot have a countertop of a contrasting colour.


Some Other Aspects to Focus on for a Swanky New Kitchen


The flooring will be one of the most important considerations in a white kitchen. Some homeowners use their floors to add a little contrast to the kitchen. So, if you want your kitchen to exude a warm look, opt for a rich wooden flooring. The use of dark slate flooring could be useful if you want to hide dirt. Alternatively, you could make the floor feel comfortable underfoot with cork flooring. Similarly, you might want to consider the use of tiles in the kitchen. Some people will use tiles in their floors. Others might prefer using tiles on their counters or splashbacks. The colour of the grout might be another option to consider.



Match the colour of the grout with the colour of the tile to create a seamless look. Or, you could even use the colour of the grout to provide a contrast. Some people feel that white kitchens can get dirty and thus, look dirty all too quickly. In this scenario, a darker shade on the floor and grout could help in concealing the dirt well. If you find that your kitchen appears too white, consider adding a dash of colour. Use patterned curtains to accent the look of the kitchen. Similarly, adorn your open shelves with colourful plates, bowls etc. These finishing touches could make your new kitchen look exquisite.


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