How to Plan Your Kitchen Design for Achieving a More Functional and Stylish Look

You might have fond memories of the kitchen in your parent’s house. It might bring back the memories of exciting smells wafting through the house. Or, you might even have memories of constantly getting in the way of your mother. In fact, you might even remember your parents scolding you for “getting in the way”. At the time, you might have felt that it was your fault for coming in the way of your parents, while they were working in the kitchen. However, in retrospect, it might not entirely have been your fault.

Why Conventional Kitchen Plans are not Viable in Contemporary Times

Most kitchen ideas in the past revolved around the classic work triangle in kitchens. Therefore, most builders of the time designed kitchens based on the three major components of a kitchen i.e. the refrigerator, the stove and the kitchen sink. However, their focus on creating an efficient triangle in the kitchen often resulted in consuming all the space. At the time, the work triangle served its intended purpose. It certainly made cooking, cleaning and storing a lot easier. A compact work triangle reduced the distance between the key kitchen components. As a result, food preparation became much faster and more convenient.

In contemporary times however, both the parents are working outside the house. They share the cooking responsibilities and typically, prepare very few meals from scratch. In addition, they usually need large amounts of storage space. However, contemporary kitchens are no longer places used merely for preparing and cooking sumptuous dishes. These days, people use their kitchens for various non-cooking activities. These include activities like laundry, casual entertaining, sitting, reading or even, for supervising the children, while working in the kitchen. As a result, while the basic concept of the working triangle still has its merits, the layouts of kitchen design have become more flexible.

Therefore, modern kitchen designers tend to think in terms of utilising space optimally. In addition, they also consider providing multiple workstations in the kitchen. This will enable more than one person to work in the kitchen at the same time. That too, without getting in each other’s way. Typically, designers usually create workstations in areas that have a reasonable amount of counter space. This is especially so, if the space available is near a major appliance or the sink. Oftentimes, designing a kitchen island is the most effective way for creating multiple workstations in the kitchen.

The Importance of Planning Your Kitchen Design

Any renovation or remodelling project typically costs a lot of money. When it comes to remodelling kitchens or bathrooms, the requirements (and the expenses) can end up spiralling out of control. These rooms have to be practical and functional. At the same time, they also need to be stylish and contemporary. They also involve looking at various details such as:

  • The lighting
  • The ventilation
  • The flooring
  • The tiling and,
  • The electrical wiring

Oftentimes, once you’ve achieved a specific look, making any changes could lead to a lot of hassles. Therefore, before you plan your kitchen design or remodelling project, ensure that you spend sufficient time in planning it well.

These days, people use computer-aided software for planning their kitchens. These applications help people in simulating the look of their kitchens before they begin the renovation project. Typically, the software takes in details such as the dimensions of the room, the measurements of the furniture etc. By feeding these details, you would easily be able to visualise what your potential kitchen would look like.

How to Go About Planning Your Kitchen Design

As mentioned earlier, planning a kitchen design can be very intimidating. It involves so many details and decisions that you might wonder where to begin. To make it simpler for you, here’s how to go about planning your kitchen design in three easy steps:

  • Do Your Homework: You would need to have all the precise measurements of the dimensions of your kitchen. Take some scale drawings of the floor and the wall space available. Consider using some kitchen design software if you cannot draw. Free versions of such applications are easily available online.
  • Make Your Plans: Make a list of all the things you want to fit into your kitchen. Visit the kitchen shop for getting some ideas. For example, your list might include things like a kitchen island bench, kitchen cabinets, a walk in pantry etc. In addition, also jot down the spaces where you plan to place these fittings. Before proceeding to the next step however, ensure that you have a good idea of the money you can spend on the remodelling project. You could even browse the internet to get some good ideas on modern kitchen designs.
  • Do Your Shopping: Visit as many kitchen design companies as possible. Finding a kitchen planner in Sydney or other major cities is hardly difficult these days. Many companies that provide these services even offer free consultations. Obtain a quote based on your requirements and do a quick comparison of costs and services. Then, select the best kitchen planner to transform the kitchen of your dreams into a reality.

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