Implementing Universal Renovation Design Ideas in Your Kitchen Could Make It a Delight to Work In

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Kitchens are no longer spaces where you only prepare meals and wash the dishes. In many houses across Australia, the kitchen has become the central area of the house. People spend large amounts of time in their kitchens not only for preparing meals or their favourite beverages. But, they use their kitchens for monitoring their kids’ homework or interacting with their guests too. Bearing this in mind, it becomes natural that people of all ages will be doing some work in the kitchen at various intervals. This is why the principles of universal design are fast becoming popular when it comes to kitchen renovation design ideas.


The Best Ways to Incorporate Universal Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas in Your Kitchens

For the uninitiated, the concept of universal design involves making your kitchen accessible to people of all ages, sizes and abilities. You might feel that creating such kitchens will involve a considerable amount of expenses. However, this is not the case. You could create a kitchen with a universal design by:

  • Installing solid-surfacing countertops (e.g. granite, laminate etc.) that can withstand wear and tear whilst being easy to clean
  • Ensuring that your kitchens have one large window to facilitate the entry of natural light, in addition to using task lighting above your kitchen islands and cooktops
  • Installing cork or linoleum flooring, which is slip-resistant and comfortable
  • Keeping your cleaning supplies behind closed cabinet doors fitted with safety locks to keep them out of reach of your kids
  • Using single-lever faucets that people can use with closed fists or open hands – ideal if the family members are suffering from arthritis and,
  • Installing open shelves to make it easier to find things


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