Importance of Kitchen Splashbacks

If you look at any kitchen planner project, kitchen splashbacks will be one of the main features. They are essential to the hygiene and longevity of the kitchen. Internal walls in many homes are made from plaster, and this material is quite weak to heat and moisture common around kitchen cooktops. Kitchen splashbacks protect the walls of the kitchen from moisture and heat damage and make spills easy to clean. The ease of cleaning is also more hygienic as bacteria are removed quickly, making the kitchen safer and cleaner.

Kitchen splashbacks aren’t just a utility; it is one of the major influences on the aesthetic of your kitchen. The options for splashbacks are almost endless, ranging from simple and clean to a bold, vibrant centerpiece of the room. A kitchen planner can assist in deciding on the best splashback material, size, and colour to suit your design. The design of the rest of the kitchen and décor of the home will likely influence the choice of splashback. After all, a vibrant, modern splashback would be out of place in a traditional, old-style home.

One common design for kitchen splashbacks involves using the same material as the benchtop. This creates a look of the benchtop continuing up the wall. It can however be quite expensive with some benchtop materials and is advised against for laminate and timber-based benches. The most common material in more traditional kitchens is tiles, which can be almost infinitely customized by a kitchen planner to fit any style.

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