Include the Right Kitchen Island in Your Renovation Design Ideas


Sleek and functional kitchens can be a delight to work in. Unfortunately, not all homeowners have such perfect kitchens in their homes. So, if your kitchen requires renovation or remodelling, you will need to enlist all your renovation design ideas. Implementing all the ideas in one go might not be viable. In this scenario, you will need to prioritise your requirements.


The Right Kitchen Islands Can Bring Many of Your Renovation Design Ideas and Requirements to Fruition

Oftentimes, in renovation projects, it is easy to accomplish two objectives simultaneously. For instance, if you want sitting space in the kitchen, you could install a table with some barstools. But, this would only suffice your seating requirements. Install a kitchen island instead. You could use the additional countertop space for preparing meals or handling various activities. Then, simply place barstools or chairs around the island to utilise it as a table. You could build cabinets in the island to get additional storage space too.

Kitchen islands are an essential element in modern kitchen designs. Some of the most popular varieties of kitchen islands include:

  • The Rectangular Island: This island will usually suit kitchens of all sizes. If you require mobility, place wheels beneath the island. Then, you’ll be able to place it against the wall when you don’t need it.
  • The Angular Island: This island suits kitchens that are narrower at one end. Place the widest part of the island at the side that offers maximal space.
  • The Square Island: In smaller kitchens, the square island is ideal. Some varieties come with wheels for providing mobility too.
  • The Circular Island: For large kitchens, circular islands are apt. You could place a griddle or a stove on top of the island. Or, you could use it as an additional food preparation area too.


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