Incorporate the Best Elements of a Classic Kitchen in Your House

classic kitchen

When it comes to determining the best design layout for a kitchen, many homeowners seem singularly bereft of ideas. All spaces in the house can feature elements of different styles without appearing discordant. For instance, classic kitchens are perhaps one of the safest design layouts to consider. But, having a classic kitchen does not mean that you cannot fine-tune its appearance to suit your specific tastes and preferences.


What Are the Essential Characteristics of a Classic Kitchen?

Classic kitchens are both timeless and flexible. They typically feature neutral colour palettes and simple details. Individualists might find classic kitchens to be too safe, while purists might feel that classic kitchens are highly ornate. But, the fact remains that you can fine-tune the look of the kitchen further, to tailor it to your requirements. Classic kitchens will usually feature:

  • Simple Architecture: These kitchens will not be over-the-top or ornate like other styles of kitchens. Even so, they will feature simple panelled hoods, crown mouldings etc.
  • White Cabinets: Classic kitchens are both timeless and fresh. Thus, they will feature white or cream coloured cabinets.
  • Neutral Colours: Classic kitchens do not necessarily have to be all white. They could feature stained and painted cabinets and subway tiles too. Brown-and-white and black-and-white combinations are quite popular.
  • Simple Door Styles: Modern kitchens feature flat-panel cabinet doors. Similarly, classic kitchens feature simple shaker doors.
  • Black-and-White Countertops: Classic kitchens feature marble countertops as part of the cook’s triangle. The beauty of marble enhances the visual appeal of these kitchens. Honed black countertops are quite popular too.


Pick the Brains of the Best Kitchen Planners in Sydney to Obtain Your Dream Kitchen

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