Jazz Up Your Kitchen with the Best Walk In Pantry

walk in pantry

Pantries are gradually coming back into vogue in many cities across Australia. Pantries are especially useful for people who purchase their food items in bulk. Purchasing food items in bulk not only saves time but also money. Moreover, if you have a pull-out or a walk in pantry, you could simply use it for storing these items.


The Features of a Walk in Pantry and Other Kinds of Pantries

Several houses in Australia typically feature one of the following pantry designs:

  • Walk-in Pantries: These refer to rooms lined with drawers, shelves and countertops. Only the occupants of the house need access to the walk-in pantry. As such, you could create ample storage space quite cheaply by using cheaper open shelving. Provide an unobstructed walkway space ranging from 36 – 48 inches to enable two people to use the space simultaneously. In addition, ensure that your shelf depth is about 14 inches. For maximising storage space, reduce the vertical space between the shelves.
  • Butler’s Pantries: Located between the kitchen and the dining area, these pantries are ideal for storing fine china and glass. You could use these for transferring food from the kitchen on to the serving dishes for the table as well. These pantries usually have a high standard finish. This is because they are visible from the dining area.
  • Pull-out Pantries: This is useful when you don’t have a good location for a walk-in pantry. Pull-out pantry cabinets are part of the cabinetry in the main kitchen. These cabinets eliminate the need for cupboard doors that swing open. Instead, the front of the cabinet remains attached to shelves on rollers. When you pull the cabinet front, you would be able to access all the shelves from both sides. The mechanical gadgetry in these shelves makes them slightly more expensive.


Do You Need Assistance in Implementing Your Modern Kitchen Designs in Sydney?

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