Join Forces with the Best Kitchen Planners to Get an Ergonomic Kitchen

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Level-headed homeowners will not rant and rave about the inefficient layouts of their kitchens. Instead, they will prepare a list of all the changes that they wish to make. They will prioritise these changes and consult the best kitchen planners in the vicinity. They will obtain quotes and compare the quality of the services offered. Thereafter, they will engage the firm that offers the best value for their money.


How Your Kitchen Planners Can Give You an Elegant and Ergonomic Kitchen

Kitchen planners are professionals who can make dream kitchens a splendid reality. These professionals have years of experience in designing kitchens. Their extensive knowledge enables them to acquire the best materials, products and finishes at cost-effective rates. Thus, they will be able to offer practical insights that significantly enhance the visual appeal and the functionality of your new kitchen.

Even standard-size kitchens can be tough to work in. This is especially so if the people working in the kitchen are taller or shorter than average. To overcome issues of having to bend, climb or stretch frequently in the kitchen, you could consider:

  • Raising the level of the dishwasher by adding a drawer beneath the appliance
  • Raising the hood of your cooktop by the maximum allowable distance to stir food easily
  • Placing the microwave in a cabinet
  • Using cabinets that come with pull-down shelf mechanisms to make your cabinetry more accessible
  • Installing pull-out shelves in your base cabinets
  • Purchasing a fridge with the freezer at the bottom and,
  • Organising your storage more effectively by storing heavy items between hip and shoulder height, medium-weight items at eye-level or below the knees and the lightest items below the knees


The Kitchen Broker – The Experts Who Can Bring the Best Kitchen Designs to Life in Sydney

Not all kitchen planners are equal. So, hiring the wrong outfit could prove to be costly. The Kitchen Broker is an award-winning team of kitchen designers. Our forte lies in making your dream kitchen a reality. Once you commission our services, we will leave no stone unturned towards giving you a kitchen that you can rightfully be proud of. We will design your kitchen to suit your requirements. And, we will acquire the best materials and finishes based on our interactions with various manufacturers. Click here to see why we’re the kitchen designing firm that you should associate with.


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